The Mental Impulse


“Force” in chiropractic thinking is not the nerve impulse. It is the ”wish” of the innate intelligence that is being carried out by the mental impulse. That is why it is called a “mental impulse.” It is different from a nerve impulse.
It is analogous to flipping a switch to turn on a lamp. It is not just electricity. Elecricity can travel to the microwave, TV or in the form of a lightning bolt. But when you flip a light switch, it is different. That electricity is carrying your “light purpose.” Is it the same as the electricity going to the television? No! It has a different purpose. It is different. Force is always different. Energy, on the other hand, is always the same. The energy which is released by the splitting of the Uranium 235 atom is the same as the energy released by the splitting of an H atom or a Na atom or anything else. Energy and matter may be the same thing in a different state. But matter and force are not the same. Energy and force are not the same.

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