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Do we need the terms principled chiropractors, straight chiropractors, OSCor, non-therapeutic chiropractors? Actually we need chiropractors. But perhaps we need some of these terms until everyone knows what we do. What do you think?

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  1. Claude Lessard 03/26/2013, 4:00 am:


    If you were to re-read the thread of 3/14/2013 following the NEW glossary, you will find out that we have inquired deeply into that very question and we concluded together that the term OBJECTIVE CHIROPRACTOR was a description of WHO we are choosing to BE, as opposed to non-therapeutic and non-medical which are descriptions of WHO we are NOT. We also, concluded that the term “straight” did not help the public understand in the past and is not helping the public understand any better – The participants in the thread, together without condemnation, conclude was I surmised in the this post: –

    – The chiropractic objective is accurately defined as stated in #26 above, is it not? It is those WHO choose to promote a DIFFERENT objective, WHO choose to act accordingly, is it not? It’s not about the WHAT, it’s about the WHO! Right? (there are MANY threads about the WHO in the archives).
    – In order to define chiropractors WHO choose to practice the chiropractic objective for WHO they are instead of WHO they are not, the term OBJECTIVE CHIROPRACTOR satisfies the criteria accurately, does it not? –
    – Then, when people ask you: What kind of professional are you or what do you do? You respond: I am an objective chiropractor! If they reply: What’s that? This question becomes your access to their inquiry and you proceed to tell them that you are a chiropractor WHO chooses to practice the chiropractic objective…. would you like to know what the chiropractic objective is? If they say yes, you take it from there, with your creativity and tell the story over and over and over and over again, in as many creative ways as you can. From the very beginning of the conversation, you invent the possibility to ORIENT them in the direction of WHAT CHIROPRACTIC IS, WHAT CHIROPRACTIC IS NOT; WHAT CHIROPRACTIC DOES, WHAT CHIROPRACTIC DOES NOT; HOW AND WHY CHIROPRACTIC DOES WHAT IT DOES. –

    – It is as simple as that… 😉

    … this addresses the CAUSE of the problem, which is “self interest”. It provides a solution… one objective chiropractor at time, explaining the objective of chiropractic… to one person at a time whether individually, to groups, organizations, through professional or lay articles, on-line, advertising, marketing, radio/tv/You Tube interviews, CDs, DVDs… etc…etc. –
    – It all begins with a tiny whisper and gets louder and louder and louder, one person at a time. Just like cellular replacement, 0.00002% (500 billion cells turn around per day over 25-40 quadrillion cells) is enough to provide an earthly continuum of procreative life at all levels in order to MOVE the species. It ALL begins with a small step. Our history can attest to that fact. A deaf Black janitor and a magnetic healer. One WHO chose to BE a receiver and one WHO chose to Be a giver. DD had to DROP his “falsehoods” his “old” method of magnetic healing and accept the NEW life giving of chiropractic and MOVE forward from where he was WITHOUT looking back. Also, read HOW the developer narrates his “finding himself” at the tender age of 17. BJ’s story of his chiropractic “re-birth” started in a flash, in an instant. He “DROPPED” his “old” way of thinking and began his difficult and flamboyant journey, picking “old” scraps” scribbled notes of paper (read junk mail) in his father’s waste basket . These scribbles were NEW to BJ’s and chiropractic MOVED forward. Same sort of incredible stories with Reggie, Gelardi, Flesia, Strauss, Sherman College, Pennsylvania College (for its short life graduated 403 chiropractors), even with this two year old “toddler” blog. All of these stories, got us to where we are today. Not to shabby indeed. The remnant is on the MOVE. –
    – It is me WHO choose to invite YOU to invent a NEW possibility for yourself and your life. You, NOW… RIGHT NOW… might just be “SEIZED” by this invitation and you may IMMEDIATELY DROP your “old” way and pick up this NEW way, joining, TOGETHER WITHOUT CONDEMNATION, in the MARCH of the “tiny whisper” which is on the MOVE writing a NEW chapter in the history of CHIROPRACTIC. –
    – We, together without condemnation, are inventing this NEW possibility for ourselves and our lives. Our choice, together without condemnation, has intrinsic within itself the seed of MOVING mountains one person at a time. The question is: –

    WHO will you choose to BE? –

    – Let us carry on. ADIO.

    • Claude Lessard 03/26/2013, 10:30 am:

      … actually, we need chiropractors WHO choose to BE practicing the objective of chiropractic and WHO choose to BE engaging, orienting and moving people toward the chiropractic objective. We need OBJECTIVE CHIROPRACTORS!!!

  2. Bryson 03/26/2013, 6:26 pm:

    Dr. Lessard; well stated. :~)

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