Programs, Procedures, and Techniques affecting the Educated Brain


The problem with all the programs, practices, and techniques that try to dictate to the body through the educated brain is that if the body is not working properly then the educated brain is as sick as the rest of it. Being “matter”, the educated brain is as limited as the rest of the body. Nobody’s educated intelligence is worthy of that role. The educated intelligence cannot dictate to the innate intelligence. It can overcome the innate intelligence of the body’s expression but cannot change, influence or negate it.

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  1. Bret 04/01/2013, 11:51 am:

    So what your saying in short is, our educated brain is interfering what II is trying to do in and through us in our lives and practice? By listening through EB to the EB of others is interfering with our expression of II in our lives and practices? So how do we remove the interference of EB of programs, practices and techniques if I understand you correctly?

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