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The problem is not with the ADIO philosophy. The problem is that with few exceptions we have been inadequate at articulating that philososphy.

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  1. Steve 04/03/2013, 7:53 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    It is an uphill battle in this OIBU world. Also, as you write in the Refined By Fire Intro this philosophy has only recently become strong enough to withstand intra-professional friction. I believe you used the word purified.

  2. Eric S. Jones 04/04/2013, 4:22 pm:

    Hello Joe,

    You are so right in this statement. Recently I read an article in “Spizz” magazine telling a story about the dental industry (please forgive me as I don’t remember the exact issue or the author’s name). In the early 1900’s population studies showed that about 7% of the US population brushed their teeth on a regular basis. Now, this wasn’t due to a lack of toothbrushes, tooth paste, or even dental companies attempting to promote their products. In an effort to increase marketing Pepsodent hired a brand marketer. This marketer coined the term “plaque”. The medical and dental field had not yet even published such a concept. Pepsodent and this marketing genius went to work on making the word “plaque” a house hold word. 100 years later, population studies so that over 95% of the US population brush their teeth on a regular basis to avoid “plaque”. Ask any elementary school child if they brush their teeth and why and you will quickly learn how brilliant this marketing strategy was 100 years ago. Now, population studies show that approx. 7% of the US population go to a Chiropractor, and this is 118 years after the inception of our great profession. Ask anyone on the street what a VS is and you will get a blank stare. How can we expect the public to respect what we have to offer (the ADIO principle) and to use our services regularly if they don’t even know what a VS is and how it effects their lives on every level? Great NTOSC’s are getting it done in their offices daily, but at some point we need to go global with the ADIO message, and make VS as common a household term as “plaque”.

    • Steve 04/05/2013, 3:49 pm:

      Hey Eric,
      Let’s think about this for a while. The word cavity has been around for a long time, yet not motivating people into compliance. Painful and destructive as they are, they are usually out of sight. Plaque on the other hand is, or is perceived as, unpleasant visually. Plaque is right there in your face.(pun intended) If we could think of a way to get subluxations out of the back(again pun intended) and into the front where they could be seen and recognized as socially unacceptable we would have it made. Or maybe someone can invent one of those little red tablets that when you chew them your subluxations turn red.

      • JStraussDC 04/06/2013, 1:26 pm:

        Jamie, My newst book Conflict of Philosophy, pretty much explains it. It is at the printer as we speak. (how’s that for a blatant advertisement?) I think BJ saw it and chiropractic philosophy as synonomous. I think the ADIO philosophy encompases much more than just chiropractic, especially as OC defines chiropractic, as those who read the book will find out.

        • jamie 04/10/2013, 6:19 pm:

          Thanks Joe! I can’t wait to read it!!! It’s a topic that we need addressed in a text – so thank you.

          I agree with you and I integrated some of our earlier discussions re: ADIO into my presentation at NZCC Lyceum – Chiropractic is ADIO applied to the spine and nerve system. ADIO is the philosophy not chiropractic. I can’t wait to read your book.

          When can I order it?

          • Claude 04/10/2013, 8:44 pm:


            Please explain your statement: “ADIO is the philosophy not chiropractic.”

      • JStraussDC 04/06/2013, 1:42 pm:

        That’s a good point Steve. The problem is that VS represents the absense of something , rather than the presence of something. It’s easier to demonstrate the presense of something like disease than it is the absense of something. How do you measure how much darkness is in a room or how much “coldness”? Perhaps that is one reason why Joe Flesia thought up and promoted the idea of the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC). It is an entity, leaving out the interference to the metaphysical mental impulse,the absense of life (the expression of intelligence through matter).

        • Claude 04/06/2013, 3:47 pm:


          And may I add, that VSC with its 5 observable components (spinal kinesiopathology, neuropathophysiology, myopathophysiology, histopathophysiology, and pathophysiology) and with ALL of its 496 references, has NOT been accepted as a model by the scientific community. This was a breakthrough for Flesia. We had numerous conversations about this phenomenon. Even though, it was he WHO chose to leave, the metaphysical component of VS, out of the equation, he realized that, after ALL of his gargantuan work, the scientific community was on a “train” following an irreversible course and heading down the WALL of traditionalism as opposed to “inquiring” into the traditions of our ancestors. In my humble opinion, it may be the most significant contribution that JOE FLESIA left us as legacy. He poetically articulates it, with brilliance, in his “DANCE OF MORE”. –

          – There is no need for the train (educated mind) to go on that track any longer. We need to invent for people a NEW possibility to lay NEW tracks for themselves in their own minds, with the HOPE that, it is they WHO will choose an elegant and intelligent direction that will CURVE, and SET OUT that NEW direction, back to the source of the CAUSE. –

          – WHAT is needed, is a TRANSFORMATION, one chiropractor at a time, one person at a time, one “railroad tie at a time”, based on a solid foundation of rational logic for those WHO choose to INQUIRE, together without condemnation, into the nature of ADIO- – versus–OIBU and chiropractic philosophy.

          – Joseph, from the on going CONVERSATION that you and I choose to engage in, at this time, it is my understanding, this NEW blue book will begin an inquiry into this very much needed step. It has the potential to MOVE chiropractic from traditionalism, which is the DEAD traditional philosophy of today’s LIVING chiropractors based on dogma of the past, toward the LIVING philosophy of our dead ancestors which is today’s chiropractic’s foundational tradition. It is about MOVING chiropractic closer to its TRUE nature which is to address the source of the CAUSE (subluxation) of the effect (ADIO) rather that the already expressed effect of the CAUSE (OIBU). This is the challenge facing ALL of us today. –

          – Let us carry on. ADIO.

        • Steve 04/06/2013, 11:17 pm:

          Hey Joe,
          That’s cool, we just need to find the darkroom engineer that knows how to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. All advertising appeals to a lack of something does it not? A lack of fun, a lack of sleep, a lack of the latest greatest gadget, a lack of companionship. What could be bigger than a lack of life? On the other hand, individual and mass education would have to make the benefits tangible as well.

          • Claude 04/08/2013, 2:16 pm:


            You stated: “All advertising appeals to a lack of something does it not? A lack of fun, a lack of sleep, a lack of the latest greatest gadget, a lack of companionship. What could be bigger than a lack of life?” –

            – Let’s face a FACT: People find security in illusions. –

            -The question is: WHAT are those illusions?

      • Eric S. Jones 04/25/2013, 4:33 pm:

        Hey Steve,

        Great points!! Let’s move from the teeth for a bit and go to the heart. I personally have never seen a clogged artery. Now, I have seen computer generated pictures advertised on drug commercials, and I have seen copies of angiograms and functional MRI’s that PM’s have brought into my office showing a white line that makes a turn and immediately narrows to some extent. I have seen pictures in textbooks of cadaver specimens, but I have never SEEN a clogged artery. Now, this idea has been given a complicated, multi-syllable name, and has been mass marketed to a lay public. This lay public has made this complicated disease a common household word, and people have flocked to their doctors for routine screenings, to the point where cholesterol medication has been in the top 5 most consumed drugs in the USA since their development and inception. Now to compare, everyone argues that you cannot SEE a VS. We can show them pictures. We can take xrays and show them components of the VS. Yet, for some reason VS, as complex as it is, has NOT become a houshold word. People ARE NOT flocking to NTOSC’s to have their spines checked. Therefore, Chiro’s are only servicing about 7-10% of the American lay public. I personally believe this has been, and is our responsibility. I guess my question for cyber-land out there is why are we so scared (if I can use this word) to put VS on every billboard and roadside sign in the country? “Many hands make light work”

        • Claude Lessard 04/25/2013, 10:00 pm:

          Eric S. Jones,

          WHY is it, that FEAR is a very good motivator? And WHY are we told (so many times) to NOT be “afraid” … meaning WHY are we told to NOT use FEAR as a way to influence others?

        • Steve 04/26/2013, 5:12 pm:

          Hey Eric,
          I’m thinking simpler still…Spinal Subluxation or just Subluxation. Better yet, something the grade schooler could understand..nerve interference. I know this is too generic for some and to general for others, but think of your own example did you have to go to the dictionary for “clogged” or “artery”. What percentage of the population do you think knows what a vertebrae is? Heck, I have met many former and present chiropractic patients (from other chiro. offices of course) that have no idea what a subluxation is. Ask your staff if they know what dental caries are? (I did, they didn’t) Yes that is the technical name for tooth degeneration or cavities. We must KISS the public.(Keep It Super Simple) At least in the beginning. What was the old education motto, meet them where they are and bring them to where they need to be. ADIO, step by step.

  3. Steve 04/08/2013, 3:26 pm:

    Hey Claude,
    That’s the 64,000 dollar question. My first guess would be, the illusion of fulfillment. Is that not exactly what Chiropractic offers, fulfillment of your Innate potential?

    • Claude 04/08/2013, 4:25 pm:


      Yes it is! And WHAT is “fulfillment of your innate potential”?

      • Steve 04/08/2013, 5:02 pm:

        Hey Claude,
        Don’t you ever get tired of answering a question with another question?:) So now you’re off the WHOs and on to the WHATs eh. Lets see, fulfillment of my Innate potential would mean maximum expression of Innate Intelligence. 100% however is impossible due to LOM. So does that mean Chiropractic offers an illusion also?

        • Claude Lessard 04/08/2013, 5:20 pm:


          Principle 22 states that innate intelligence is ALWAYS 100%. Therefore there’s ALWAYS 100% of innate intelligence organizing the matter of the living body according LOM. –

          – Once again, let me ask in a different way: WHAT (not WHO) is being expressed by matter to fulfill its potential?

  4. Steve 04/08/2013, 8:28 pm:

    Hey Claude,
    Matter expresses Innate Force, no?
    So Intellectual Adaptation is perfect, Foruns created are perfect, Mental Impulse is perfect, Innate Force is perfect, however the medium of conduction (nerve) is matter therefore imperfect, leading to a tissue which is also matter which is also imperfect. This leads one to think Innate Intelligence or it’s associated force will never be expressed perfectly even if Subluxation free.
    In Joe’s original opener he states,”The problem is that with few exceptions we have been inadequate at articulating that philosophy”. ADIO may be perfect but if words are the medium of conduction and the public are the tissue, perfection is unobtainable. Tell Joe to stop beating himself up over it.;)
    We will however stay the course…ADIO

    • Claude 04/08/2013, 9:02 pm:


      Therefore, one’s innate potential is the potential of one’s matter, which is predicated on the information (force) it receives from intelligence as it expresses that information (force) as motion. –

      – I do like your analogy of the ADIO view point. Words are indeed information created into a medium of conduction and as such, words communicate thoughts. Thoughts are forces that have power to create “movement” between people. –

      – The question is: Is it important to choose BE chiropractors WHO choose carefully HOW to BE clear in our communication of the story over and over and over and over again?

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