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Human beings have a deep abiding need to have lives make sense Most say their belief system is a compelling force in making decisions. But we are told that while religion or belief systems are okay they should be kept private. When you parade it you are somehow less than you should be, for, they say belief systems like an ADIO viewpoint have nothing to do with the real world.

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  1. Jamie 04/05/2013, 6:41 pm:

    Joe – is there a text or document that clearly lays out the ADIO philosophy? It seems we use the word and have a general sense of what it is – but has the philosophy really been clarified and documented somewhere?

    • Claude 04/08/2013, 2:59 pm:


      Before reading Joseph’s NEW book, let us, together without condemnation, inquire into the ADIO view point. –

      – What would a statement articulating the ADIO view point look like?

      • jamie 04/08/2013, 5:51 pm:

        A definition would be a good start. From there – clarifying and discussing the main principles of ADIO and how they formulate a philosophy that can be applied to all things.

        Basically I’m looking for what any well defined philosophy has – a detailed overview.


        • Claude Lessard 04/08/2013, 6:58 pm:


          On this blog, at several times, we have mentioned the content of ADIO view point. ADIO is NOT a philosophy. ADIO a way of looking at life. Chiropractic Philosophy happens to be falling under the world view that we call ADIO. Yet, the majority of chiropractors uses the OIBU world view when relating to chiropractic philosophy. –

          – The definition of ADIO as far as I understand is: –

          – ADIO: ADIO is a positioning world view, looking at WHAT is going on from ABOVE (intelligence) — DOWN (forces) — INSIDE (matter) — OUT (motion). ADIO is an understanding of life based upon a continuum FLOW of information from intelligence which is manifested by motion in matter forming the law of active organization. –

          – The question is for ALL of us: WHO do we choose to BE, as chiropractors, in relationship to life?

        • Steve 04/08/2013, 9:58 pm:

          Hey Jamie,
          There was also an E-book available on Joe’s website, check it out.

  2. Diane Schroeder 04/07/2013, 10:29 pm:

    It seems to me that this attitude of keeping your beliefs to yourself is due to a rampant inability of society to accept another person’s view and allow harmony between varied thoughts. If we don’t share what is most important to us, we hide our purpose for life and somehow devalue the depths of human interaction. And finally, how can we learn from each other if we don’t share our thoughts in peace and harmony? I must say I value a depth of human interaction, not superficial conversation.

    • JStraussDC 04/10/2013, 9:58 pm:

      Diane, thanks for your input. It seems to me that it is just the opposite. Today we accept everybody’s opinion. (“That’s your truth but not mine.”as if everyone is entitled to their own truth….everyone is entitled to their own error but not truth.) Perhaps that’s because we no longer have standards, principles or absolutes by which we can evaluate people’s opinions/”truth”. The problem is (and what I think you are intimating is that we cannot seem reject people’s ideas and not condemn/reject the individual. I find a lot of ideas that I condemn, but I do not condemn the person holding those ideas. . Let Someone else judge them after they die… that’s not my job. We don’t need harmony between thoughts, just harmony between people. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Dan Sevier 04/08/2013, 11:29 pm:

    I’m wondering, who is “they” in your post Joe?

    • JStraussDC 04/10/2013, 10:00 pm:

      Dan,outside-in thinkers.

      • Dan Sevier 04/11/2013, 12:09 pm:

        Ah, thank you Joe. Specifically I assume you refer to those in our profession who want to be taken seriously by the public as “Physicians”? Those who don’t want to be embarrassed by the underlying Truth? Personally I haven’t been able to figure out why anybody who wants to diagnose and treat pathology would go to the trouble of becoming a Chiropractor in the first place; it’s not like there’s a lack of professions and schools for the practitioners of outside in. It appears to me that the “Real World” wants one to declare where one stands and why, but, then, maybe I’m naive.

  4. jamie 04/13/2013, 4:15 pm:

    Based on the definition of a philosophy – a worldview such as ADIO which can be applied to things outside the scope of chiropractic – seems much more to be a philosophy than Chiropractic.

    What we call Chiropractic philosophy is really the philosophy of chiropractic – how we apply ADIO to the spine, nerve system, information flow and a handful of other principles. Much as there would be a philosophy of law or any other profession.

    For something to be a philosophy it must give direction and possible answers in all areas of life when applied. ADIO fits that definition but Chiropractic does not.

    What is the chiropractic position on abortion? There isn’t one. How can it be a philosophy? What is the chiropractic position on home birth, medication use etc.

    Is it not our ADIO viewpoint (philosophy) that gives many of us direction in making those choices? Chiropractic only gives us direction as to expression of intelligent information via the nerve system and how to address it as chiropractors.

  5. Don 04/13/2013, 5:48 pm:

    Maybe it is just me but I am not sure about the definition of philosophy being used in this thread? Webster defines it many ways.

  6. Claude Lessard 04/14/2013, 4:08 am:


    – Let us inquire, together without condemnation, into ADIO world view and chiropractic philosophy. –

    – Let’s begin our inquiry with the question: WHAT is the definition of Chiropractic?

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