What is the medical philosophy (0utside-in viewpoint) concerning germs? Obviously a surgeon’s mask is not going to wipe them out, just reduce their number in the air to a manageable rate. Vaccination is not meant to only give temporary individual immunity but to reduce the number of microorganisms proliferating and being passed around until the number is so small they become extinct. The thinking is that it is not the existence of the germs but the numbers of them that make you sick. Is that a fair assessment? How does that relate to our philosophy?

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  1. Steve 05/06/2013, 3:46 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    Germs are living things supported by Innate Intelligence. I see no further connection. Do you?

  2. Michael Duncan 05/06/2013, 7:36 pm:

    I am not sure that I would think that the medical/OIDU viewpoint is concerned with just the sheer numbers of a germ/microorganism as the only culprit to sickness or disease. I think that concern is likely secondary. I think that they fully believe that the germs themselves, and therefore their “existence” is responsible. They think that germs make you sick. And while they acknowledge the fact that greater or lesser numbers or the virility of the organism plays a factor, I think they put that to the wayside along with the other things they can’t explain well. Kind of like the body healing itself of a disease and calling it a spontaneous remission. They have no other “scientific” explanation, yet they can’t deny it, so they lend it as little “passable” societal credibility they can.

    Within our philosophy, it is neither the existence of the microorganism, nor the numbers that are the deciding factor. Microorganisms can be either/both external invasive forces or they can be internal resistive forces. So, to me it really comes down to whether the internal resistive forces are sufficient enough to resist the external invasive forces, regardless of what that force is.

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