The Secret of My Success


1% is my God given talent-that’s grace
98.5% is the fantastic innate intelligence of the practic member’s body-that’s a gift to them.
.5% is the technique I learned and earned-that’s sometthing I paid for in time and money.
Less than 1% is based upon my own efforts.

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  1. Steve 05/15/2013, 5:07 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    I guess the secret’s out now. I think you are short changing yourself. Go ahead and take a whole percent, why don’t cha.

    • Joe D. 05/16/2013, 1:28 am:

      Where would I put the 5% dumb luck in that equation???? lol….

      • Claude Lessard 05/16/2013, 2:35 pm:

        From the point of view of September 18, 1895, its probably 99% dumb luck!!! 😉

        • Steve 05/17/2013, 5:07 pm:

          Hey Claude,
          I’m Sorry, but every time I read this thread it seems so disrespectful. Had DD fallen on Harvey and restored his hearing that would have been dumb luck. From what I remember reading, DD’s evolution from Magnetic Healer to Chiropractor was a logical progression. As an outside the box thinker and being well versed in anatomy he reversed the chain of events experienced by Harvey with a logical goal. Yes the technique and possibly the expectations were crude by our standards today but hey, the Wright brothers did not “fly” to the moon either. What we have today is a fine distillation of what I think DD did discover, Innate Intelligence. Restoring TONE to nerves and enabling the restoration of Innate Force are both done with the hopes of reconnecting Intelligence and Matter.
          September 18, 1895 was a lucky day for mankind. It did however take the right man, with the right background, and the right mindset, in the right situation, to all come together at the right time. Dumb luck, I think not.

          • Claude Lessard 05/17/2013, 6:58 pm:


            It is you WHO chose to tell Joseph to take a whole 1%. I’m giving DD the same whole 1% for 1895 with NO disrespect. Of course, it took the right man, with the right background, and the right mind set, in the right situation, to all come at the right time. And that amounts to about 1%. Pretty humbling isn’t it? 😉

  2. Chris 05/15/2013, 9:13 pm:

    Hey Joe,

    Interesting percentage split!!

    What technique have you found over time to be suited to? Is it a mix of this and that to create your own that responds to your innate intuition? or is it structured with indicators and analysis?

    Curious Chiro Chris

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