Natural Law


Natural law is based upon the value of the individual.

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  1. todd galley 05/25/2013, 3:48 am:

    any interpretation of law is based on the values/observations/insights of the individuals perceiving it… but the results of any action, the effects of any cause, will occur- whether or not an individual perceives, understands, appreciates, believes, or values it.

    • Don 05/25/2013, 3:16 pm:

      Well said Dr. Galley!

      • Claude Lessard 05/25/2013, 4:51 pm:

        That is WHY it is IMPERATIVE to “own” the philosophy, so that our “values/observations/insights guide us in perceiving reasonably, logically and with clarity. Then and ONLY then will we be able to perceive fully and make the elegant choice of choosing WHO we choose to BE in relation to “natural law”.

        • Claude Lessard 05/25/2013, 9:20 pm:

          … as an example: 😉 –

          – Too many times we are told that “perception is reality”. Perhaps it’s true with public relations, yet as a private pilot, I can assure you that reality beats perception EVERY time when it comes to aviation. When it is i WHO choose to fly my aircraft by instruments, there is an added exponential level of safety to the flight. After all, I am not a bird, and my human matter is quite limited when it comes to my perception of airborne reality. The natural law of gravity works with the natural law of aerodynamic. With both laws working together in tandem, as Todd mentioned: “the results of any action, the effects of any cause, will occur- whether or not an individual perceives, understands, appreciates, believes, or values it.” The cockpit instruments are designed specifically to interpret for me the attitude and status of the aircraft. Again as Todd mentioned: “any interpretation of law is based on the values/observations/insights of the individuals perceiving it”. When I am pilot in command, the instruments provide accurate information about the quality of the flight. That information deconstructs my “gut perception” of aviation reality and constructs precisely the actual reality of the airplane in flight moment to moment. –

          – During my training as student pilot, my veteran instructor Louis, from Antwerp in Belgium, DRILLED into me to NOT trust my “feelings or intuitive interpretations” while I am the pilot in command. He used to say: “Claude, trust ONLY the instruments, you fly INSIDE a skylark, you are NOT the skylark… YOU HUMAN! YOU HUMAN! YOU HUMAN! –

          – Then one day, he gave me the lesson of a lifetime. He put a large paper bag over my head and ask me to let go of the controls and wait. After a few seconds, the aircraft started to go off course and began, to what I felt was, a descending left turn, followed by ascending right turn. Louis said to me: “Your airplane”. that meant that, with the paper bag over my head, I was taking over the controls. As I did, something was not right in my mind. The engine was “revving up” even though I was perceiving that we were climbing, since I was pulling on the yoke. Louis said: “Take the off the bag before you kill us”. I ripped the bag off my head and to my horrified surprise, I realized that we were in a downward spiral going down at 150 miles per hour. I screamed “YOUR AIRPLANE!!!” Louis, took over the controls and gently leveled the aircraft. –

          – After, the INSTRUCTIVE flight, during the debriefing, I realized that Louis had deconstructed my perception of reality in an airplane. It was up to me, with his guidance, to construct a solid TRUST in the cockpit instruments and believe you me, I will NOT forget it!!!!

          • Steve 05/27/2013, 3:24 pm:

            So Claude,
            I know this is not a philosophy question and you are by no means obligated to answer but I gotta ask. Do you use instrumentation in your practice or do you “fly (adjust) by the seat of your pants”?
            Now back to the subject at hand. Natural law is based upon the value of the individual. According to Wiki. “Natural law, or the law of nature (Latin: lex naturalis), is a system of law that is purportedly determined by nature, and thus universal.” If universal law is a product of Universal Intelligence then It exists regardless of the individual and “has no solicitude” for the individual. Furthermore the individual is a product of natural laws. It could be said that the individual is in fact, an affect of natural law. As Todd says above interpretations ( and perceptions) are individual but the law is the law, regardless.
            Claude states “perception is reality”, then denies it. Perception and interpretation are OUR reality, we do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are. As our senses can only “perceive” within a limited range and our “interpretation” is influenced by our experience, therefore “our reality” must be subjective. He proved this with his example. As his senses were further inhibited so was his grasp of the facts. The facts of life or true reality never changed but his understanding (his personal reality) certainly did.
            Sorry Joe, had you said The understanding of natural law is based upon the value(s) of the individual, I could have only agreed. Or am I missing the point completely?

    • JoeStrauss 05/28/2013, 2:51 pm:

      good point Todd

  2. Steve 05/27/2013, 5:04 pm:

    Hey Claude,
    When you wrote, “The greater percentage of the public in the world regarding earthly life, is based on a LIE…”, it would seem the “lie” is their reality. I guess BJ’s legacy was to teach us the importance of the subluxation and Reggie’s was to teach us how to remove the bag? When we make a connection and offer new possibilities, we remove their paper bag of lies.

    • Claude Lessard 05/28/2013, 11:42 am:


      DD’s legacy was to have FOUNDED chiropractic for the cure of deafness and eventually diseases, as an alternative to medicine. –

      – BJ’s legacy was to DEVELOP chiropractic and the importance of the subluxation for getting sick people well as an alternative to medicine. –

      – Under these two gigantic and foundational legacies (DD and BJ), EVERY chiropractor was practicing medicine without a license and eventually had to prove through the courts of law that the service of chiropractic was unique with its philosophy, its science and its technique. Chiropractors prevailed and established chiropractic as a distinct profession capable of providing a unique service of LACVS for getting sick people well. Today, the chiropractic profession prides and MARKETS itself as being the LARGEST alternative to medicine in order to get sick people well without the use of drugs or surgery in most areas of the world. THIS IS A FACT! –

      – Reggie built on the legacy of DD and BJ by POINTING to the fact that the cure of diseases and getting sick people well happen sometimes with chiropractic care, yet NOT all of the time. Reggie saw THROUGH chiropractic’s “paper bag of lies” and identified that subluxations are detrimental in and of themselves and should be addressed for their correction for the benefit of the vertebrate living things. Reggie had clear sight and developed a NEW vision for chiropractic which helped us formulate the chiropractic objective: To LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the LIVING body. PERIOD! –

      – It is up EVERY individual chiropractors WHO may or may not choose to rip and remove their paper bag of lies covering their heads. –

      – In the end, your guess, Steve, was a good one. Reggie’s legacy was to remove the bag from his own head first and invited us to do the same. At that level of clear sight, the view has the power to TRANSFORM the VISION of the world! Reggie’sas final instruction was: –

      – Let us carry on. ADIO.

  3. Don 05/27/2013, 11:15 pm:

    Interestingly, natural laws are not so comstant some scientists take the position that the speed of light is not a constant. Have a look!

    • JoeStrauss 05/28/2013, 2:50 pm:

      Don,speed limit laws vary from 15 mph in school zones to 70 plus. Thar doesn’t detract from the law. It just means our understanding of it is limited.

    • Don 05/28/2013, 10:54 pm:

      Your last statement was found in that video by Sheldrake. He also said our understanding of the speed of light being constant should be re-visited. It may fluctuate (rise or fall) together with all the averages used to calculate that very number. Thanks!

  4. Steve 05/28/2013, 2:08 pm:

    Hey Joe, Claude, and the rest of you bloggers,
    May is teacher appreciation month, so THANK YOU ALL

    • JoeStrauss 05/28/2013, 8:32 pm:

      Steve, in any class that I have ever taught, I have learned more than all my students, through preparation, questions, and challenges. So I thank you and the rest of the “students” for the opportunity to continue learning.

      • Claude 05/28/2013, 10:34 pm:

        Thank you ALL for the challenge of “inquiring” deeper into a greater understanding of chiropractic philosophy, TOGETHER without condemnation.

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