If reality is limited by words and  it is, it is a legitimate limitation. For we speak and think in words. Some outside-in thinking is attempting to get us to accept reality based upon something  other than thought, something like intuition, feelings or emotions.

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  1. Richie Barone 06/05/2013, 6:10 pm:

    Joe: Do you think that some chiros base the personalizing of innate to be outside reality???? I believe it is! What do you think?

    • JoeStrauss 06/06/2013, 11:27 am:

      I think you are correct Richie. They believe that innate intelligence talks to them or makes decisions for them.

      • Richie Barone 06/06/2013, 8:42 pm:

        Joe: I think there is a division on this point in the ntos chiropractic community (as well as straight) on this point and I think many don’t see it or want to talk about it but many have jumped on that bandwagon. What do you think? I am sure I just opened up a can of worms….

  2. dan sevier dc 06/05/2013, 6:32 pm:

    Dr Joe,

    You are referring to “consensus reality” as compared to objective reality I’m guessing?

    • JoeStrauss 06/06/2013, 11:37 am:

      Dan, it sems to me that they are the same . Unless one’s realty is based upon objectivity, (a standard outside of oneself). it is not really reality but (mass) delusion even if it is the consensus. Do you think that is the case with the public’s overwhelming acceptqnce of the medical model?

      • dan sevier dc 06/06/2013, 6:14 pm:

        O.K. Reality as agreed upon by one or more individuals. The greater the number of individuals participating/agreeing, the more generalized, basic, the precepts need to be in order not to blow-up the construct by disagreement.

        When there needs to be NO objective proof, but simply belief to the level of faith, then the reality can be viewed as religion. I view the public’s overwhelming acceptance of the medical model as religious faith (see Dr. Mendelsohn’s “Medical Heretic”; people NEED to believe there is someone who can save them when they cannot save themselves), which is one of the reasons ObamaCare, even MediCare & MedicAid should be dismantled: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. (My reality includes gratitude that there is Medicine that can help keep me stay alive so my body has a chance to fix itself when in danger, of dying or losing something, as I have gratitude that my country has established defenses to repel and/or defeat outside invasive forces that see us as dinner.)

        Words mean things; effective use of words tap into the emotional reality of others and encourage agreement, build reality. You know well there are as many techniques to determine what, when and where to adjust another as there are Chiropractors, be it “talking to innate” or “measuring electric response” or “checking posture” or whatever. Lots of people over the years have decided their technique is worth selling to others and develop a marketing plan to appeal to those who think along similar lines as they do. They only get really annoying when they decide that their way is the bestest, rightest way & attempt to persuade those in government to officially recognize their religion. Bigger reality. Mass delusion indeed.

        Thank you so much Joe for continuing to care, to publish, to host forums . . . you’ve saved my sanity many times over the years. Building realities to test my own against. Education, eh?

        The emotions anchor and build the reality of the individual; don’t threaten my life, my family’s life, my tribe or my clan’s existence; don’t question my “god”. You will be attacked, subdued, driven off, whatever it takes to protect my reality.

        • dan sevier dc 06/06/2013, 6:18 pm:

          The last sentence was thought to be edited as a non-sequitur, guess it didn’t happen 🙂 Is there a way to edit after the fact here?

          • JoeStrauss 06/07/2013, 11:16 am:

            Sorry Dan, I’m the only one who can edit any comment including my own and I rarely use that option. If a comment(or) is worth posting then I think it should be posted accurately and in totality. Of the over 4000 posted comments I have only deleted about 100 comments and 95% were spam.

  3. Alicja 06/06/2013, 2:37 am:

    Reality is not limited or dependent upon words. Words are a human construct in order to describe the reality we see. All words are filtered by our emotions and since our life experiences and genetic predispositions are all plugged in there, words cannot be trusted to consistently describe reality. Some manmade compounds and natural substances can truly change our perception of reality, but only perception. Knowing that the brain is the gate keeper and editor of all sensory input we cannot be sure if we are seeing reality as it truly exists. Since so much is filtered out by our brain as irrelevant to our survival we could be missing very large chunks of the so called reality. This perhaps is the domain of the negated sensory input manifesting itself as intuition and the subconscious.

    • Claude Lessard 06/10/2013, 1:31 am:


      Welcome to the blog. You are right in saying that words are a human construct in order to describe “the” reality WE experience. I said this many times on this blog, ultimate truth or reality cannot be described by words. Only the errors of our ways can be “pointed out” by words. For example, we know from cultural studies and historical experience that groups define themselves and even hold themselves together largely negatively, by WHO they choose NOT to BE, by WHAT they are against and by HOW they do NOT do certain things. Let’s face it, WE ARE ALL ADDICTS. Human beings are addictive by nature. Addiction is a modern name and description of what we called “attachments”, “illusions” and entrapments. We seem to “need” a problem or an enemy to gather our energies. We usually define ourselves through various “purity codes” (by hands only, by not mixing, by not being straight, by not using modalities, by not being traditionalist, etc…) to separate ourselves from the “impure” or presumably unworthy. Simple practice (WHO we choose to be WHAT we are for, or in support of, and WHAT we love) is much harder to sustain. Thus most reformations and revolutions seem to “need” someone else to be wrong much more than they need any discovery of a different level of consciousness themselves. This is, absolutely, a core problem. –

      – Substance addictions are merely the most visible form of addiction… actually we are ALL addicted to our own habitual way of doing anything, our own defenses, and most especially our patterned way of thinking, or how we process “our” reality. By definition you can never see or handle what you are addicted to. It is ALWAYS “hidden” and disguised as something else. It is the same “bag of lies” I used as an example a couple weeks ago when my flying instructor put the bag over my head while I was flying my airplane. –

      – I erred many times in my 40 year career affirming opposition or contrariness… be it with starting SFSCO (I was the student founder of the Student Fellowship of Straight Chiropractic Organizations and we were “against” mixers and we were for Straight Chiropractic), or ADIO Institute (I was a charter founder and one of the original 6 chiropractors on the faculty of the school and we were for Straight Chiropractic, “against” and “fighting” the CCE… eventually Pennsylvania College closed its door after 16 years of “active organization” succumbing to a concussion of forces between the CCE and the Board of Trustees)… Today, I realize that I was thinking at the same level of consciousness in responding to the problem even though I was empowered by a NEW idea and some good ideas. SFSCO, FSCO, ADIO, all of these NEW groups were infected by the same hubris and oppositional energy, and engendered the same kind of “revolution”. Thus the endless straight-mixer pendulum continues to swing and yet we do not move forward philosophically. –

      – Objective Chiropractors (those WHO choose to practice ONLY the chiropractic objective) are attempting NOT to make this mistake, and hope to be an inclusive notion of chiropractic philosophy that is not against this or that. We WHO choose to be Objective Chiropractors are simple practitioners WHO choose to be WHAT we are for, or in support of WHAT we love. The “bag of lies” does need to be exposed and this is the visionary goal of “good” chiropractic philosophy. Without vision, Objective Chiropractors cannot critique themselves and end up being largely self-serving. –

      – Our starting point can NOT be about the WHAT anymore. Our starting point IS about the WHO!!!! WHO we choose to BE in relation to a NEW level of thinking where we “light a candle rather than fight the darkness”. This deeper and increasingly obvious teaching of this blog is strongly emerging from the very roots of traditions of this great CHIROPRACTIC. As I said many times: –

      – WE DO NOT THINK OURSELVES INTO A NEW WAY OF LIVING… WE LIVE OURSELVES INTO A NEW WAY OF THINKING! ONLY when it is you WHO choose to practice ONLY the chiropractic objective (and this action of yours may come from a resonance within yourself that inspires you to move from point A to point B… be it rational logic, thoughts, intuition, emotions, feelings) ONLY then will you practice yourself into a NEW way of thinking. The stronger the resistance, Einstein said, the stronger the attack from YOUR previous pre-conceived way of thinking. WHO chooses to practice ONLY the chiropractic objective, will eventually THINK at a different level of consciousness by “living” that very ACTION. –

      – Again, thank you for you input Alicja. –

      – Let us carry on. ADIO.

      • JoeStrauss 06/10/2013, 3:00 pm:

        My dear friend Claude, you have negated the purpose of this blog if, in fact, “ultimate truth or reality cannot be described by words.” I’m sure you don’t believe that when it comes to the Bible, the inspired Word of God.

        I was in the process of developing a lengthy response to Alicja but ended up posting her comments before I was ready to post my response…thus the delay.

        I don’t believe that addiction is part of our nature. Perhaps some individuals have a genetic predisposition toward addiction just as they may have one to alcoholism but it is ultimately a matter of choice, a decision of the will. That’s why people can “kick” a habit.

        Lastly, I think we do “think ourselves into a new way of living.” That’s what ADIO is all about -a way of thinking so that our living is consistent with our thinking and we realize that a deviation from that thinking is a divorcement from truth and reality. Belief (thinking) should be the basis for behavior. Just my thoughts.

        • Claude 06/10/2013, 5:10 pm:


          Words point to ultimate reality. They get us there. Reality can only be seized suddenly as a result of being “open” to the NEW. We had many threads on this blog about that. Remember, we’ve got to get out of the car in order to go into the house. We’ve got to let go of words in order experience reality… and even then, there are NO words to express WHAT you have experienced. Oftentimes, we say: “there are no words for it” and rightly so. –

          – People “kick” the habit when they are aware of the addiction. They’ve got to name it. You can’t deal with what you don’t know… it is too well disguised.

          – And lastly, WHY do chiropractors shadow you in your office? It is WHEN it is they WHO choose to see YOU in ACTION and have the courage to “live” it at home that their thinking changes. Is it not?

          – This blog is probably is forum that is inclusive of reality and “without condemnation” of anyone. 😉

          • Steve 06/10/2013, 10:29 pm:

            Boys boys please don’t fight.
            An addiction is a habit we repeat in spite of the negative consequences. A habit is a cycle of activities we give little or no conscious thought. We all have habits of thought and activities like locking the bathroom door behind us even when we are the only one home, most of us have addictions like sugar in one form or another. IMO we have to think different, to act different, to be different. Thinking controls action and action displays reality. So I guess we do not change without mental effort.
            Hey Claude, sometimes we need opposites for clarification (day/night, hot/cold).
            HeyJoe, the bible is your standard of truth, there are others.
            Hey Alicja, it is true, we don’t see the world as it is we see it as we are. That which is filtered out is not necessarily forgotten. Deleted files are not always gone.

          • Claude 06/11/2013, 12:26 pm:


            Let me give you an example that Don would like. 😉 –

            When it is you WHO choose to practice the chiropractic objective it is NOT WHO you are. It is WHO you choose to BE in relation to chiropractic. It is an aspect “of” WHO you are. Words are abstract. YOU are concrete. For anyone to know YOU, they have to EXPERIENCE you. Their experience of you is ONLY “their” perception of WHO you choose to BE in relation to WHO they choose to be at that moment with you. You see, words give us clues as to WHO you might be. If I say: Joseph B. Strauss is a husband and father, that’s true. Yet does that truly describe the complete concreteness of WHO you are? You are much more than those words. If words fail to described WHO you are in totality as a person, HOW would it be possible to put into words limitless truth and reality? –

            – See how we struggle on this blog to put into words our deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy… and we’re only scratching the surface. It is we WHO choose to BE “beginner’s minds” and we are open to the NEW within chiropractic philosophy. There is soooo much more to be discovered about chiropractic along the way.

            – That’s exactly WHAT this blog is about… isn’t it? ALL thanks to YOU, Joseph!!!! 😉

  4. Steve 06/06/2013, 4:51 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    Sorry, I’m having a hard time latching on to this one. Are you saying emotions are not reality? Therefore should not be used in decision making? Can love or fear not be communicated without words?
    Then there is this..The American Heritage Dictionary defines reality as “The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.” However, when one looks up the word “actuality,” the following definition results: “the state or fact of being actual; reality (Reality).” When even a dictionary, arguably the most basic of human knowledge repositories, relies on circular reasoning to get an idea across, it is obvious that we lack the ability to fully understand it. If humans, as the sole sapient being known to exist, cannot define something as axiomatic to our existence as reality itself, then reality’s very actuality must be called into question.
    Now let me ask you, do you think Educated Intelligence works completely independently of Innate Intelligence?

    • JoeStrauss 06/07/2013, 11:03 am:

      Steve, I guess what I am trying to say (and apparently saying it poorly) is that our reality, especially as objective chiropractors should be objective. We have a standard outside of our subjective/changeable feelings. Emotions are purely subjective. What makes one person laugh or cry has no effect on another. Emotion should be the appreciator of thought, not the precipitator of it. Truth should be the precipitator of thought and thought the precipitator of action. That’s why we have the 33 principles to guide our actions, not the 33 feelings/emotions.
      We must keep in mind that the dictionary is a repository of information not truth.

  5. Claude 06/11/2013, 1:02 pm:

    … and by the way, it is true that reality is limited through the limitation of words… the same way that innate intelligence is limited through the limitation of matter. 😉 –

    – AMAZING ISN’T IT? … and humbling too.

    • Steve 06/11/2013, 6:32 pm:

      Hey Claude,
      Then how real can something be if we “can’t put it into words”? Reality exists whether it is perceived or nor, whether it is interpreted or not, whether it is understood or not , whether it is communicated or not. Words are only necessary for conceptualization and communication. In the same way, Innate Intelligence existed before it was named.

  6. Claude 06/11/2013, 9:30 pm:


    St Francis of Assisi has a great answer to YOUR question:

    “Preach the Gospel always. If necessary, use words.” 😉

  7. Steve 06/12/2013, 5:07 pm:

    Hey Claude,
    It is what it is, and it ain’t what it ain’t, it’s best not to question advice from a saint. So reality is, on this we agree, though it may be different, for you than for me. 🙂

  8. David Suskin 05/26/2015, 6:11 pm:

    I always wonder why some posts, just END! Unresolved, discourse gone away. Just when it starts getting, oh I don’t know, threatening, or agreeing to disagree, poof. Gone!, A ball is dropped. What is that? How can we make any inroads into, let’s say this Post, the Ability to Change Oneself.
    Is that an endless loop, a circular reasoning thot? The act of changing oneself? By thought versus by action versus by confession, exchange, release, e(nergy in (Motion).
    Anyway, to me, It is about the WHO and it is about the usage of logic and it is about confessing and exchanging and searching deep into oneself what emotions are being triggered when habits are not being broken or are being broken. What is truly, experiencically going on inside, what is being perceived outside…
    Let’s not drop the ball on these Posts or at least maybe there should be have an official gentlemenly goodbye for now, till we meet again.

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