The Future


The future belongs to those who can relate the heritage of the past to the realities of the present.

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  1. Steve 06/25/2013, 4:59 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    I think it would be neat to train someone for OC without all the previous baggage to see where they took it. Would it evolve and how? If they only knew where, when, why and how to LACS, how would it change after 3-4 generations.

    • Michael Duncan 06/25/2013, 8:01 pm:


      Isn’t this what Reggie, and then Tremain and now a couple guys in Spain/Ireland with Spinology? Those that were chiros that converted obviously couldn’t totally lose the baggage perhaps, but subsequent “generations” could have that benefit.

      I don’t know how many folks attend or graduate, but it is functioning.

      Chiropractic has evolved to include OC due to changes in philosophical understanding, but if we started with OC, evolving may not be a good thing. Slight refinents perhaps, but it seems pretty difficult to deduce and refine any further, all the while making it applicable to everyone with a pulse, a spine and a nerve system.

      • Steve 06/26/2013, 2:54 am:

        Hey michael,
        Do you know if they are putting anything out in print, website, blog, articles?

        • Michael Duncan 06/26/2013, 4:05 am:

          I don’t think Tremain is anymore, but you can check on Facebook with Michael Meyer Spinologist. He is a former chiro turned Spinologist and apparently Director of the European Spinology school. There are also a number of videos that were on YouTube with Reggie as his guest a couple of years back. I don’t follow anything, but am familiar with that much. Good luck in your search.

          • Steve 06/26/2013, 1:12 pm:


  2. Steve 06/25/2013, 11:03 pm:

    After reading Michael’s filament of this thread and rereading my own, I’m not sure evolve is the right word. If evolve means to become something other than it is, clarified or as he said refined would be more accurate. Three generations have brought us here, what will become of us in three more? Although the philosophy has been clarified, does it seem to you the art and science are moving in the other direction?

    • Claude Lessard 06/26/2013, 10:27 am:

      The philosophy IS being clarified and refined on this blog… and unless people read this blog, the “fruits” of the latest “evolutionary process” has not gone public yet. This is the main reason WHY “the art and science are moving in the other direction” as mentioned by Steve in the above post. Most of the art and science have NO solid foundation from the philosophy. The instructive informations (EUF) are the function of intelligence of chiropractic (philosophy) and are the driving forces that keep art and science refining with intelligent directions. Joseph is working on this at this time. Science and art are being clarified on this blog on some levels. None of which has gone public yet. And when it goes public, it will be up to OCs to create NEW possibilities with the field chiropractors… with the intent to resonate with them, so that they be inspired to move from point A to point B with intelligent direction… one chiropractor at a time. –

      – That is WHY it is important on this blog to inquire, together without condemnation, until the object of inquiry has been completely concluded… otherwise, it is only a nice exchange of opinions which in and of themselves, are only that: opinions. Clarifications come are a result of , first of all, an openness to the NEW and then a willingness to OBSERVE the NEW long enough until it does WHAT it does. Then and ONLY then do you generate possibilities within yourself for transformation. It is you WHO choose to be WHO you choose to BE from there on. –

      – The question for everyone is: –

      – WHO will YOU choose to BE?

    • JoeStrauss 06/26/2013, 12:44 pm:

      Steve, my understanding is that evolve connotes becoming something more than you were as opposed to devolve being less than you were. I think whether the profession/philosophy is evolving or devolving depends on who you are talking to. If the profession becomes extinct, I guess you can pretty much say we have devolved. If we become medicine that is an evolution in the minds of some, a devolution in the minds of others (like me).

      • Steve 06/26/2013, 1:53 pm:

        Hey Joe,
        Let’s say tomorrow we woke up and every Chiro. in the world was practicing OC. What would be professional evolution from where we are now.

      • Claude 06/26/2013, 2:23 pm:


        Would you say that the evolutionary process of the philosophy through refinement cannot devolved… that it is the UNDERSTANDING of WHO chooseS to go deeper or not that would be devolving?

        • Michael Duncan 06/26/2013, 2:48 pm:

          I too am wondering what Claude is asking. I am unclear as to how that is possible. How do we unlearn truths. We can deny them and of course, ignore them, but not sure about “unlearning” them and devolving as that would appear to mean to once again become what it was before the new truth was learned. Maybe if enough future generations deny and ignore the result would be at some point the trutb as once known is now not known?

          To be when something evolves into something new/different, itis no longer what is was and can’t be by definition the same. Baseball is baseball. You change a handful of things and you have an entirely new game, potentially something so far removed as to not even appear with any similarities to baseball. You can’t still call it baseball.

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