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While the innate intelligence is always 100%, its expression (the expression of its forces) may be less than 100%. By analogy: the law of gravity (the attraction of masses) is always 100% (9.8 m/sec.2 ), its expression may be less (an object already lying on the ground or a plane flying at 20,000 feet) or more (a basketball being dribbled). A law is a law and cannot be changed but its expression  can be altered.

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  1. Steve 07/10/2013, 7:49 pm:

    Hey Joe,
    Does it seem logical to assume , in order to alter transmission therefore expression, energy must be added or withdrawn? Lift in the plane, muscle in the basketball.
    The energy surplus(UF), over resistance(II), creates subluxation, thereby altering the expression of Innate Forces.

  2. Bob Berkowitz 07/11/2013, 4:02 am:

    This is 100% consistent with the biological law of homeostasis that in essence says that anything that has life [grows, reproduces, excretes, assimilates AND adapts] has but one mission; to survive, and does so to the best of its ability, under its current circumstances. The innate intelligence is 100% perfection. The matter in which it is expressed has limitations. I find it bizarre when chiropractors argue against this, which reminds me of a conversation I had with a rep from the FCLB who at first argued that the law of homeostasis was a theory. When I presented evidence to the contrary, he said that you cannot see the intelligence within the body. I said, you cannot see gravity, which is a law of physics, to which he then drops a pen, claiming he just showed me gravity. I said that he showed me the AFFECTS of gravity for no one has ever actually SEEN gravity. I said I could show him the AFFECTS of the life within the body by offering to take him to a graveyard with people who qualified because the only thing missing was the life within was absent.

    • Claude Lessard 07/11/2013, 8:13 pm:

      Good demonstration of rational logic, Bob. Thank you. You also make a very good point about intelligence and matter. It is indeed matter that has limitations. In chiropractic we address force whose function is to unite a physical component (atoms comprised of protons, neutrons, electrons) and a metaphysical component (intelligence). The nature of force as we concluded, together without condemnation on this blog, is instructive information which has the ability to be deconstructive and/or constructive as regards structural matter.

      It is interesting to note that the word “energy” is NEVER used within the 33 principles. There is a good reason for that!

      In the context of physical sciences, several forms of energy have been defined. These include: Thermal, kinetic, chemical, electric, magnetic, radiant, nuclear, ionization, elastic, sound, gravitational, intrinsic and probably many unknown forms as well, like the hypothesis of “dark” energy, something that Stephen Hawking is working on and posit the possibility that dark holes emit radiations of some sort.

      Richard Feynman, professor of physics and Nobel Laureate, said during one of his lecture: “There is a fact, or if you wish, a law, governing all natural phenomena that are known to date. There is no known exception to this law—it is exact so far as we know. The law is called the conservation of energy. It states that there is a certain quantity, which we call energy, that does not change in manifold changes which nature undergoes. That is a most abstract idea, because it is a mathematical principle; it says that there is a numerical quantity which does not change when something happens. It is not a description of a mechanism, or anything concrete; it is just a strange fact that we can calculate some number and when we finish watching nature go through her tricks and calculate the number again, it is the same.
      —The Feynman Lectures on Physics

      In chiropractic, the “strange fact” that Professor Feynman mentioned in the above quote IS the carrying on of the universal cycle of existence (pri.26) which includes the metaphysical component of instructive informations, created by intelligence, which have the ability to be deconstructive and/or constructive as regards structural matter. It not adding or withdrawing energy which takes place during the interference with transmission. The numerical mathematical “quantity” of energy is ALWAYS the same and is a “strange fact”. WHAT really takes place, is a change in the character of the expression of the instructive information, which is metaphysical, due to a further limitation of the transmitting matter caused by an interference, which in turn is caused by a concussion of forces in a certain moment in space and time. WHAT Joseph mentioned in his opening blog, is absolutely true. Universal and innate laws are ALWAYS 100%. The fact that energy is never loss nor ever created is indeed a “strange fact”. I don’t understand it and I am fine with that!

      The concussion of forces is an internal resistive force of matter, (with its limitations), that is overcomed by an external invasive force which creates a subluxation, thereby further increasing the limitation of the transmitting matter, which in turn changes the character of the instructive force expressed by matter. This further limitation of matter, is a “transformer” if you will, changing a mental impulse with intelligent direction into a nerve impulse without intelligent direction… both expressing the “strange fact” of having the same amount of energy FLOWING through the transmitting matter. I repeat, VS does NOT interfere with the quantity of energy. Energy is constant. VS interferes with the instructive information which is metaphysical.

      Question for ALL: Now that we have concluded, together without condemnation, that the nature of force is instructive information, should we refined definitions #9, #10, #11, #12 and #13 of our OC glossary?

  3. Steve 07/12/2013, 7:19 pm:

    Hey Claude,
    For clarity, I did not suggest energy was added or reduced by the subluxation, merely that energy imbalance caused the subluxation.
    Now for your question for all:

    The glossary says,

    9.) Mental Forces: A mental force is that something, transmitted by nerves, which unites intelligence with matter. Mental force is called mental impulse because it impels tissue cells to intelligence action.

    10.) Universal Forces: Universal Forces are the generalized forces of the Universe, which obey Universal (physical) laws, and are not adapted for constructive purposes.

    11.) Invasive Forces: Invasive Forces are Universal Forces which force the effects upon tissue in spite of Innate’s resistance; or in case the resistance is lowered.

    12.) Innate Forces: Forces are arranged by Innate for use in the body. They are Universal Forces assembled or adapted for dynamic functional power; to cause tissue cells to function; or to offer resistance to environment.

    13.) Resistive Forces: Resistive Forces are Innate Forces called into being to oppose Invasive Forces. They are not called Resistive Forces unless they are of that character.

    Thots:(Q)Is force transmitted or does force do the transmitting. The mental Impulse is transmitted to the tissue by force along/on/through nerves (wouldn’t a nerve impulse be an unadapted mental force as well?)

    If we use the telephone analogy, Mental Impulse is the information, force is the current, nerves are the wires, the tissue is the receiver.

    9. Mental force(carries a) mental impulse (in order to) impel tissue cells to intelligen(t) (coordinated) action.
    10. ” Universal Forces are the generalized forces of the Universe”-used to transmit UI, which cause all matter to display and obey Universal Intelligence or Universal Law, and are not adapted for constructive purposes(in living tissue).
    11. Invasive Forces are (unadapted or Educated adapted) Universal Forces (which apply Universal Law/UI to)tissue…
    12.They are Universal Forces assembled or adapted (to transmit) dynamic functional (control),to cause tissue cells to function(harmoniously)
    13. Innate (adapted) forces. Could we add something about the resiliency of the tissue due to the effect of Innate Intelligence’s organization.

    Submitted for your appraisal.

    • Claude 07/12/2013, 8:23 pm:


      Thank you for your response. It does clarify the conflict. 😉 –

      – In #9 of our glossary, WHAT is the nature of “that something” that impels tissue cells to intelligent action?

      • Steve 07/12/2013, 9:54 pm:

        Hey Claude,
        That special something is Mental Impulse-coordinating information. Without the MI we have action without intelligence
        Before subluxation we have force with Innate Intelligence, after subluxation we have force with Universal Intelligence. So is it the force that changes or the intelligence the force transmits?

        • Claude 07/12/2013, 10:17 pm:


          Do you remember that we, together without condemnation, concluded on past threads, that the nature of force is INSTRUCTIVE INFORMATION with the ability to be deconstructive and/or constructive as regards to structural matter?

          • JoeStrauss 07/15/2013, 2:39 pm:

            Claude, I’m not sure that “instructive information” is a good description of a universal force. Since universal forces tend to be destructive toward structural matter and “instructive” seems to carry a positive connotation, perhaps another descriptive word would be better. I realize that destructive is still informative and good as is catabolic activity, it just seems that a better term could be used, although if we are trying to get across the idea that destructive UF are not bad perhaps instructive information is the best phrase. We need to get past the idea that all universal forces being destructive are bad. Any ideas of a better term?

  4. Steve 07/15/2013, 1:23 pm:

    Hey Claude,
    Yes, what is received by the tissue (matter) is instructive information but is force the message carrier or the message. Nerves transmit non-Innate force as well, although ignorant of MI there is still force, no? Do we not have 2 possibilities, Innate Force or Universal Force traveling through the nerves, depending on the presence or absence of subluxation? If the IF brings coordinating information, what does the UF bring to the matter?

  5. Claude 07/15/2013, 2:20 pm:


    What does principle 26 say?

  6. Steve 07/15/2013, 2:37 pm:

    Hey Claude,
    P. 26 says there are 2 kinds of force, so are they both conveying information? One organized, the other would be what?

    • Claude 07/15/2013, 4:04 pm:


      Forces (universal or innate) are instructive information with the ability to be deconstructive and/or constructive toward structural matter. In terms of vertebrates, universal forces are adapted by innate intelligence and transformed into innate forces in the form of mental impulse with intelligent direction which are constructive as regards to structural matter. VS causes a further limitation in the transmitting matter which in turn changes the mental impulse (IF) with intelligent direction into a nerve impulse (UF) without intelligent direction which are deconstructive as regards to structural matter. –

      – Principle 30 states that interference with the transmission of innate forces creates a lack of coordination. The mission of innate intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of a living thing in active organization (pri.21). Whenever there is no interference to innate forces, the innate intelligence of the body can fulfill its mission. This in turn will keep the principle of coordination of harmonious action of all the parts of the body in integrity (pri.32). –

      – Re-read the looong threads on innate intelligence and the ones on mental impulses from last year. It’s ALL in there. 😉

  7. Claude 07/15/2013, 4:25 pm:


    Universal intelligence creates universal forces which are instructive information which continually gives to matter ALL of its properties and actions thus maintains it in EXISTENCE. To maintain in “existence” requires instructive information, otherwise, intelligence and matter could NOT be united and “existence” could NOT be maintained. –

    – The term “structural matter” refers to the structural matter of a “living thing”. In other words, matter that has been “formed” into living tissues, is maintained in ACTIVE ORGANIZATION by the innate forces which are constructive to living matter and maintained in ORGANiZATION by universal forces which are deconstructive toward living matter. –

    – Stated differently: Living matter becomes non-living matter in the absence of innate forces and will be reduced to its smallest component over time by the presence of universal forces. Yet, that matter will NEVER disappear as universal intelligence is in ALL matter (MP). The ONLY way it could disappear would be if there would be no universal intelligence thereby negating the major premise which is an impossibility in chiropractic. –

    – As you stated: “if we are trying to get across the idea that destructive UF are not bad perhaps instructive information is the best phrase”. 😉

    • JoeStrauss 07/15/2013, 8:27 pm:

      Claude, which is the “instructive information” of the universal force that we call gravity. 9.8m/sec2 or the attraction of masses which obviously changes with the relative size of the masses?

      • Claude 07/15/2013, 8:33 pm:


        I do not know that. I observe that it is instructive, otherwise it could not exist. WHO knows the “language” of the law of organization maintaining existence? I sure don’t know it and frankly I don’t need to know it. I accept that it is 100% perfect and that’s good enough for me. 😉

        • Claude 07/15/2013, 8:43 pm:

          … further more, I accept the authority of the major. Then, I use rational logic to deduce from the MP that instructive information, which has the ability to be deconstructive and/or constructive, is WHAT unites intelligence and matter giving to matter motion… organizing it into existence. Matter then expresses those instructive information in the form of their existence.

  8. Steve 07/15/2013, 10:14 pm:

    OK Claude,
    P.16 UI gives force to both organic and inorganic matter.
    P.19 The material of the body of a living thing is organized matter.
    P. 21 The mission of Innate Intelligence is to maintain the body of a living thing in active organization.
    P.26 In order to carry on the Universal Cycle of Life Universal Forces are destructive and Innate forces are constructive.
    I think my confusion lies in the association of force with energy. When I use “data” instead of energy things make more sense.
    II increases organizational coordinating data, UI decreases organizational coordinating data.
    How do we know catabolism is not merely a withdrawal of II allowing UI to become dominant? A lack of instructive information ( organizational coordinating data)would produce empathy, no? (I don’t recall any principle stating Innate Intelligence is deconstructive or destructive. I think that was an idea or a connotation we agreed to for the sake of discussion and may be inaccurate.)

    • Claude 07/15/2013, 10:31 pm:


      As Joseph mentioned above, deconstruction is NOT negative. It is HOW cycles work. Look at cellular replacement. Cells are born and cells die at the rate of 500,000,000/day. –

      – Have you ever noticed that energy and matter are interchangeable in the equation E=mc2? It was Einstein WHO first saw that matter and energy were the same. In chiropractic, force is definitely NOT energy and in not about quantity. In chiropractic force is about instructive information.

      • Steve 07/16/2013, 1:51 pm:

        Hey Claude,
        I did not say deconstruction was negative, it is obviously necessary, I’m just not sure it is a function of II. P. 26 states UI is destructive and II is constructive. To suggest that II disorganizes, deconstructs, destroys or dis-coordinates seems illogical. Let us use your cellular example. Chiropractic Philosophy (P. 4) tells us life is manifest by the triune of I, F, & M. Logically then if we withdraw any of the factors we have less than or no life(P.5). Cellular life, like all the rest is maintained by Innate Intelligence(P.21), once II is discontinued cell life as we know it is over (P.29 & 30). Without II to maintain the cell Universal Intelligence remains(P. 16) and cellular deconstruction/destruction begins(P.11). Therefore IMHO it seems more logical to say cellular turnover fulfills P. 26, II builds (anabolism) and UI unbuilds (catabolism). It is kinda like, darkness is a nonentity,or lack of light, so is catabolism a non(Innate)entity or lack of life.
        What chu think?

        • Claude Lessard 07/16/2013, 4:52 pm:


          Don’t you know that dis-organization and re-organization is WHAT the instructive information of organization is all about? What is illogical is to reason that metaphysical would limit metaphysical. HOW could that be? It is metaphysical… limitless… spaceless… timeless. It is the physical (matter) that is limited (pri.24) not the metaphysical (intelligence and force). The metaphysical is ALWAYS 100% is it not?

          • Steve 07/16/2013, 5:14 pm:

            Hey Claude,
            As we have discussed before, metaphysical has no expression without matter. Matter can only progress two ways, increasing organization or decreasing organization due to the nature of the intelligent force it receives. Our philosophy accounts for both disorganization and reorganization as UI and II. These sound like reasonable metaphysical limits to me. What sounds unreasonable is to explain to someone that II organizes and maintains but sometimes destroys. I fail to find any Principle that supports that. If that were true there would be no need for separation of UI and II, if each does not have a different job to do there is redundancy or possibly philosophical in-congruence. Maybe II must keep reorganizing because without Innate influence things keep empathetically breaking down, ah the cycle of life. UI – II – UI – II, over and over ad infinitum.

  9. Claude 07/15/2013, 10:33 pm:

    … otherwise, the triune would be intelligence, matter and matter and the triune is: Intelligence, force and matter. 😉

    • Claude Lessard 07/16/2013, 5:53 pm:


      Principles 2,3,4 deal with EXISTENCE of matter (universal life) maintained by UI through instructive information that have the ability to be deconstructive and constructive. Otherwise HOW would UI maintain the chair that you sit on… in existence. –

      – The major premise maintains ALL matter in EXISTENCE. Principle 2 is the chiropractic meaning of EXISTENCE (universal life). Principle 3 is about EXISTENCE being the union of intelligence and ALL matter. Principle 4 is about EXISTENCE having three necessary UNITED factors namely, intelligence, force and ALL matter. Those principles are about EXISTENCE… about the law of ORGANIZATION. On the other hand, it is ACTIVE ORGANIZATION that is about the law of life which requires an innate intelligence and that through our deductive reasoning, chronologically, is mentioned at principle 18 and that organic life is introduce is it not?

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