Innate Intelligence is 100%


When speaking about innate intelligence, 100% does not refer to quantity-but rather  perfection. The expression of its forces is dependent upon and limited by matter (Prin. #24)

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  1. Linda Tarpley 07/15/2013, 5:15 pm:

    Joe, In your personal thoughts, do you call this perfect intelligence “God”?

    • JoeStrauss 07/17/2013, 12:07 pm:

      Linda, actually I believe God is greater than His creation and that ui is a creation of God, a principle or law of organization that He created to maintain the universe in existence until it (the universe) no longer serves His purpose or plan.

      • Linda Tarpley 07/20/2013, 2:36 am:

        Joe, Beautifully expressed. I couldn’t agree with you more.I think of Genesis 1:1. Can you recommend biblical evidence to support UI or II? Thank you!

        • JoeStrauss 07/22/2013, 11:55 am:

          Linda, thank you. That is a great question. However, I’m not sure this is the appropriate venue to respond. I will send to a personal e-mail.

      • David Suskin 10/17/2015, 10:19 pm:

        It’s a bold, big term. What is perfection? What criteria are manifested to claim its existence?
        How do we determine that Universal Intelligence, using induction, observing organization, is indeed this reality we call Perfection? Because we are establishing OSC’s MP, allowing a logical premise to deduce ii and by principle, ultimately, by cause, by implication, infer Normalcy and Perfection as a main characteristic of this Law of Life. It’s what ‘lights the kindle’, raises the CO to a level of ADIO Truth in purpose for Chiropractic. Perfection drives coordinated action of parts for mutual benefit, in harmony, fulfilling their offices and purposes.
        Does perfection exist as applicable to our philosophy, to existence, that creates force, is expressed by matter, forming the kernel that Life uses to maintain active organization with?
        What is Perfection?

        • Claude 10/18/2015, 1:01 am:


          Keep strolling down the thread, you might get somewhere or not.

          • David Suskin 10/18/2015, 1:45 am:

            If yore referring to:
            – Intelligence is ALWAYS perfect and its function is ALWAYS normal (pr.27). –
            – In other words, intelligence and force are metaphysical and ALWAYS perfect!
            They deduce from:
            1. The Major Premise – A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.
            Intelligence is perfect?
            Metaphysical is perfect?
            Says who?
            Says what?
            Where does universal intelligence imply perfection UNLESS IT IS DEDUCED FROM PERHAPS A THEOLOGICAL PREMISE WHICH WE DO NOT DO ??
            Come on Prof, Explain this crucial truth or non-truth to my imperfect educated intelligence

  2. Claude Lessard 07/17/2013, 6:03 pm:

    Let us inquire, together without condemnation, into the nature of perfection regarding the triune.

    – Intelligence is ALWAYS perfect and its function is ALWAYS normal (pr.27). –

    – The function of intelligence is ALWAYS to create force (pri.8). Therefore, we deduce that force created by perfect intelligence and the function of force which is to unite intelligence and matter (pri.10) are ALWAYS perfect. –

    – In other words, intelligence and force are metaphysical and ALWAYS perfect! Force created by perfect intelligence cannot be less than perfect! –

    – Matter is ALWAYS limited which means that matter is less than perfection (pri.24).

    – The force adapted by innate intelligence is ALWAYS perfect and ALWAYS normal. There can be interference with the TRANSMISSION of that perfect and normal innate force. –

    – Question: HOW does the expression of a normal and perfect innate force not be expressed fully by a living tissue cell of a living body?

    • Steve 07/22/2013, 4:58 pm:

      Hey Claude
      P. 31

      • Claude Lessard 07/22/2013, 5:28 pm:


        Yes, this is absolutely true. WHAT happens to the innate force WHEN interference with the transmission in the body occurs?

        • Steve 07/22/2013, 6:38 pm:

          Hey Claude,
          De-adaptation, reverting back to a UF which is deconstructive for the body as a whole.

          • Claude 07/22/2013, 7:30 pm:


            Therefore, together without condemnation, we conclude that VS causes a furthering of limitation of the transmitting matter. This new limitation interferes with the innate code of instructive information (constructive toward the body). This interference causes the code to lose its innate adaptation. This in turn reverts the instructive information back into a universal code (deconstructive toward the body) which is then received by the cell and causes a lack of harmonious action of all the parts of the body in fulfilling their offices and purposes which is the principle of coordination (#32).

          • JoeStrauss 07/22/2013, 7:38 pm:

            Claude, perhaps it would be better to say something else besides “together without condemnation we conclude…” It seems to me some are not together with you on this issue and coming to the same conclusion:)

  3. Claude 07/22/2013, 8:00 pm:


    The only people on this thread are you, Linda and Steve. Linda and you are in communication through a different venue. Steve is going the way deep into the thread and since we are in agreement with your opening post, I simply stated the logical conclusion where the conversation lead us… unless you have or someone else have something to add to it, of course. 😉 Do you? Steve? Linda? Others? –

    – Thank you for assuring that the nature inquiry goes to the very core of its nature. 😉

    • JoeStrauss 07/22/2013, 9:55 pm:

      Actually Claude, over 50 people today alone, have already viewed this thread. We average more than 1000/week viewing the various posts and comments. You never know how far reaching something you may think, say, or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow.

      • JoeStrauss 07/22/2013, 10:04 pm:

        Whoops, I did it again. I meant over 50 people viewed Q&A #39. My screen shows posts in the order that they come in , not according to the thread. That way, a comment on a post that is a year old will appear on my screen today. But I need to keep track of which thread it was from. Sorry!

      • Claude 07/22/2013, 10:20 pm:


        Those numbers are very good for the blog and for those WHO choose to read it don’t you think? Everyone WHO choose to read any threads on this blog are surely invited to participate in order to query the subject of discussion as completely as possible. Let’s hope for a greater participation.

  4. Claude Lessard 10/18/2015, 4:09 pm:


    The root of OIBU is the illusion of educated intelligence being an authority. When you don’t know how to consciously live out outside the box, in the world, you resort to OIBU that your educated needs to prove itself the authority and overtly hides itself behind a statement like: “Come on Prof, Explain this crucial truth or non-truth to my imperfect educated intelligence”. You are fighting people WHO choose not like to be like WHO you choose to be. The major premise teaches you to not make so much of the differences, but to return to WHO you can choose to be beyond your educated intelligence. The chiropractic objective brings you back to being INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE, and WHO you choose to be. –

    – After all, principle #5 is clear about the completeness of the universe which is 100% of EVERYTHING which is perfection. Newton’s law of conservation of energy/matter verifies this fact. When it is you WHO can choose to be humble enough, and honest enough to accept our A PRIORI statement (pri1), then you will ironically find that WHO you have chosen to be is more than enough. This is the wisdom of the the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, and it is surely the objective chiropractor’s emphasis. At this place of humility and freedom you have nothing to prove and nothing to protect. Here you can invent a NEW possibility for another by telling the story over and over band over and over again in as many creative ways as doable. This cuts educated intelligence’s arrogance at its very roots before there is even a basis for it to make assessments, get results, and self-promotion… the things that often cause educated intelligence to highjack authority for protection and self preservation. –

    – One of the reasons why it is me WHO chose to be a co-founder of ADIO Institute of Straight Chiropractic in 1978 and to participate in CTOB, for quite a while now, is to give people like yourself some grounding in chiropractic philosophy so they could continue working for their own transformation, for the transformation of the world and the transformation of life itself, but from a stance much different than willpower pressing against opposing willpower. Many chiropractors I knew loved Reggie and Joseph’s teachings on philosophy. Yet, it became clear to me that those, chiropractors, were often on the level of an intellectual appreciation rather than a participation in the much deeper authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science.

    To invent a NEW possibility for transformation, we first have to get the “WHO” right. WHO do I choose to be, moment to moment, as a chiropractor? Most of us, particularly pragmatic americans (canadiens too ;)), lead with strategic questions… what, how, when. These are secondary questions. Before we act or react, we need to wait… wait… until it is we WHO can choose to accept the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science… wait until we’re conscious of that choice, wait until a “yes” appears.

    Let us NOT operate out of the unconscious, let us NOT begin with a “no,” which is the constricted and self-promoting educated intelligence. When we begin by connecting with the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, our actions can be clear, focus and firm. This kind of action, rooted in one’s choice, comes from a deeper knowing of what is real, good, true, beautiful and simple, beyond asking questions like: “Says Who?, Says What, Why?”. From this place of choice, your energy is positive and has the most potential to invent a NEW possibility for the good. This permanent stance is precisely what we mean by having an “ADIO worldview” and why we WHO must always choose to maintain it. –

    – CTOB means Chiropractic Outside The Box. If you are in a box without windows with the door of the box closed and I say to you: “David, it is raining outside” and you reply, WHO says? I say go out and check it out for yourself. If it is you WHO choose NOT to go outside to check it out, there is nothing more I can do for you. It is me WHO choose “to know my own limitations”. 😉

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