We often must choose between loyalty to a principle (objective) and loyalty to a person (a practice management consultant). B.J. (a person) or the philosophy (a principle), even though most of the philosophy was given to us by B.J. Loyalty to an authority/person should not be in conflict with the principle. If it is, principle trumps.

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  1. jamie 07/31/2013, 6:14 pm:

    Thanks for that Joe! Time to stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, not get pulled under by them.

    • Claude 07/31/2013, 8:57 pm:


      Another way to say that is to make the distinction between tradition and traditionalism. –

      – Tradition is the living philosophy of the dead chiropractors and traditionalism is the dead philosophy of the living chiropractors!

      • Steve 07/31/2013, 9:06 pm:

        What do you call the living philosophy of the living chiropractors.( as per Judy’s comment below) Hey Judy

        • Claude 07/31/2013, 9:50 pm:

          Living philosophy! 😉

        • Judy Campanale 08/01/2013, 2:21 pm:

          Hey Steve! Of course I jest! Even Joe isn’t ALWAYS right. (Stand back everybody! I hope I don’t get struck by lightening.) We need to think and grow for ourselves but it should be principle that guides us, not the person espousing the principle. In my case, those two were often the same. I am blessed. : )

  2. Judy Campanale 07/31/2013, 7:19 pm:

    This is true… unless of course the person is your boss and your boss is Joe Strauss… then the principle is the person and the person is always right! ; ) (love and miss you Joe)

    • Claude 07/31/2013, 7:40 pm:


      I can confirm that as far back as 1979! 😉

  3. Steve 08/01/2013, 5:29 pm:

    Does that make me a TOR practicing TIC with TOC (Traditional Objective Chiropractic )

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