Why do you love chiropractic?


The current president of the U.S. does not love this country because of what it is or what it has been but because of what he expects to transform it into. Do you love chiropractic  because of what it has been, because of the philosophy it has espoused for the past 100 years and what that philosophy has done and can do for people or do you love chiropractic for what you believe you can make it into? If it is the latter then I think it is reasonable to question whether you really love chiropractic or whether you love your own ideas.

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  1. Steve 08/02/2013, 6:52 pm:

    I love Chiropractic because it both explains and verifies my view of existence. That and it is a way for me to contribute to this world in a positive way. “The service you provide is the rent you pay for living in this life”. (K R Jones DC)

  2. Ben Rubinstein 08/03/2013, 3:59 am:

    I love that going back and reading the green books like Palmers Technique, has information that is still practical today and if chiropractors would go back to their roots, we would have everything we needed to be successful in our craft.

  3. Dave Cahill 08/04/2013, 8:36 pm:

    There’s more to my love for chiropractic than this, but if I am to distil it down, it’s because of principle number 2 – The chiropractic meaning of life being the expression of intelligence through matter. That understanding is profound.

    • JoeStrauss 08/05/2013, 6:56 pm:

      Dave thanks and welcome to the blog. Most people would agree with you that the chiropractic meaning of life is a truth. But it doesn’t prompt them to embrace chiropractic or become chiropractors. Could you go a little more into detail as to why and how it so impacted your life?

  4. Richie Barone 08/05/2013, 1:28 pm:

    I love Chiropractic because it changed my life physically, mentally, and socially…it was presented to me and my birth family w/ the true and simple philosophy nothing added and the importance of regular care for a lifetime….This philosophy made sense to me because it is truth and I decided to become a Chiropractor because it resonated within me….

  5. Kirk McAnsh 08/05/2013, 8:02 pm:

    I love chiropractic for what it was, what it is and the potential for its future… greater understanding of its principle, greater practice by practitioner and more frequent utilization by more people!

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