“Science and religion do not mix”- Joseph Keating PhD

The late Dr. Keating  maintained that chiropractic as we present it was a religion. It is not. But philosophy, theology and science must be used  if you want to come to a complete knowledge of the truth.(and partial truth is no truth) They must be  combined because none of them has all the answers. If you want to know how fast an object falls to the ground, check a science book. If you want to know how the body works check an anatomy and physiology book (science) but also check out a (chiropractic) philosophy book in order to understand innate intelligence. If you want to understand how to relate to your fellow man or get to heaven, check The Book (theology.) The only problem arises when there is a  disagreement, i.e., a science book gives you evolution and the Bible gives you creation. Then you must make a choice. There is no disagreement with true science and Objective Chiropractic philosophy.

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  1. Steve 08/07/2013, 5:47 pm:

    There is no science of the metaphysical, for science is limited to the physical. This is no fault of metaphysics. By not involving creation or the source of creation our philosophy excludes theology, this is no fault of philosophy. The fault lies in the people that blur the lines.

  2. Kirk McAnsh 08/07/2013, 5:58 pm:

    Could it be because science promotes evolution as a scientific fact and religion presents creation as a biblical fact when in fact they are theories?..

  3. Claude 08/07/2013, 10:12 pm:

    It is very difficult for educated intelligence to hold paradoxes. Educated intelligence thrives on creating conflicts within conflicts within conflicts and it argues ad infinatum about imaginary self-imposed contradictions that strengthen it’s self centered activities. Joseph is right! It is about WHO one chooses to BE in relation to life. It is me WHO chooses ADIO as my world view. There is no disagreement with true science and objective chiropractic philosophy… it’s ALL part of the ALL and that includes theories and faulty reasoning.

    • Steve 08/08/2013, 3:48 am:

      One could also say, it is not necessary for science to agree with Objective Chiropractic because science does not descdibe ALL that is.

      • Claude Lessard 08/08/2013, 1:00 pm:


        It not a matter of agreement or disagreement which have absolutely NOTHING to do with the truth. It’s about WHO is choosing to BE holding “opposites” while telling the story over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as practical to WHO choose to tell it to, in order to connect with them. This very ACT invents a NEW possibility for themselves and their lives which resonates with them and inspires them to move toward the chiropractic objective.

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