On Making our Philosophy a Personal Matter


The privatization of our chiropractic philosophy in a pluralistic organization (like the chiropractic profession) necessitates the subjugation and subversion of any thinking that may create differences.

Every thinking person knows that to imprison a sacred and core belief within the private realm is ultimately to fracture if not kill the belief. Creating a privatization of the vitalistic viewpoint will do that to the philosophy.


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  1. Steve 08/14/2013, 6:53 pm:

    Does privatizing the philosophy fracture the pluralistic organization as well. With so many opinions of what chiropractic should be, that must affect our group strength. I remember reading once that the AMA would do well to foster in-fighting within the chiropractic profession.

    • JoeStrauss 08/14/2013, 7:55 pm:

      On the contrary Steve, just the opposite, most national organizations would like everyone to keep their philosophy to themselves. That way we can present a “united front” , nobody knows we are not on the same page and those who oppose us think we are a bunch of dogmatists. It would affect our group strength but a strong small group is better than a large group with no position IMHO. I don’t think OSC will ever be more than a small handful. Privatization usually gravitates to the lowest common denominator (the sheep mentality). I often wonder how many ACA members really want the profession prescribing drugs. As Reggie use to say Think, D****t, Think!

      • Steve 08/14/2013, 10:03 pm:

        Let me give you an example. I heard Dr Campanale mention on the “On Purpose” CD just this morning that CCE does not invite IFCO to their discussion groups. I’m sure they consider themselves broad spectrum but they will lose a segment of the profession if they continue. As Dr Kent suggested we may all be held to mixing standards someday.

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