Chiropractic: the un-medicine


Chiropractic: the un-medicine, never treated disease, never will. (with apologies to 7 up).

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  1. ben rubinstein 08/30/2013, 6:55 pm:

    Dear Joe,
    Can you please give me a call. I got a new phome and lost all my contacts. Shoot me an e mail if you need my number, but I’m hoping you still have it. Thank you

  2. Claude Lessard 08/31/2013, 10:58 am:


    WHO can choose to imagine WHAT any way WHO chooses to. WHO can choose to create an imaginary purpose for chiropractic. WHO has the freedom to even imagine “chiropractic medicine and creating legislature to dispense drugs and perform minor surgeries”. It’s ALWAYS about the WHO !!! –

    – As you stated: The un-medicine un-maks the imaginary purpose.

  3. Steve 08/31/2013, 3:19 pm:

    Since it’s inception chiro. has always been about LACVS, it seems to be the why that keeps changing. Wouldn’t it be the UNprincipled and the UNeducated that reach UNdue conclusions in their logic? If so this is UNderstandable.

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