Importance of Philosophy


Without the philosophy you become frustrated at not getting sick people well and begin mixing.. Still frustrated, more mixing until you decide getting sick people well is not important-making money is or you become medicine… then you are really frustrated.

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  1. Steve 09/25/2013, 7:04 pm:

    Reminds one of the old saying, If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

  2. RichieBDC 09/25/2013, 7:29 pm:

    Without our philosophy I would just be spinning my wheels. What would the point be to be a chiropractor you would want to expand your scope so you could do more…..which in reality is a frustrating business….with an enormous amount of stress, responsibility, fear, and expense. I’ll stay w/OSC. (1 man show=no employees)

  3. Bryson 09/26/2013, 3:50 pm:

    By understanding and implementing our philosophy we see that chiropractic is for everyone – and is needed by everyone. Without the philosophy manipulating the spine (I won’t call that chiropractic) becomes a “treatment” for certain conditions.

    • Claude Lessard 09/27/2013, 4:18 pm:

      It’s ALWAYS about the WHO, is it not? –

      – The chiropractor, WHO is choosing to practice the chiropractic objective lives with freedom. The chiropractor WHO is choosing to get sick people well, or just make money, or be a pseudo physician, as practice objective, lives with frustration. –

      – The question is: WHO are YOU choosing to BE? 😉

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