Innate Intelligence and the Chemistry of Life


Some years back the slogan for a large company was “Better Living Through Chemistry.” There is no doubt that chemistry has bettered our lives. From the creation of plastics and synthetic fibers to the fertilizers that help grow our food, chemistry is a vital and daily part of the human experience. We know how important chemistry is to our environment and to factors outside our body, but many may not be aware of how important the production of chemicals and our internal body chemistry is. The body is a chemical factory as well as a test tube for chemical reactions. It produces chemicals to digest our food and to change it into flesh and blood. Chemicals cause our muscles to contract and relax. We need chemicals to think, to wake up in the morning, and to go to sleep at night. Chemicals affect our emotions; they can make us laugh and cry. Chemical are necessary for our reflexes to work, for eye and hand coordination.

Not only are chemicals necessary to our life, health and proper function but any imbalance in proper chemistry can greatly affect our ability to function in a healthy manner. It takes relatively little alcohol to affect our reflexes, coordination and reaction time. Actually, they are probably affected to some degree long before a person has reached the legal limit to drive a car. Now that is a frightening thought. While we have laws against affecting our body chemistry with alcohol, we seem to give no thought to the fact that people who have altered body chemistry due to prescription medications are driving cars. Some cannot sleep at night if they have any caffeine after twelve noon. Others need chemicals to enable them to sleep at night. We take chemicals to give us more energy and to relax us. We ingest chemicals to make us think better and other chemicals when we don’t want to think at all. As you sit and read this, there are literally thousands of chemical reactions taking place in your body, many of them science has yet to discover let alone understand. With all these chemical reactions taking place at the same time, what keeps us from exploding, especially in light of the fact that we are constantly putting new and strange chemicals into our body, many which were never intended for the human body? The air we breathe, the food that we eat and the water that we drink are full of potentially harmful chemicals. Many of them do eventually cause problems and surely contribute to certain diseases. But one must ask why it takes years for cancer to develop in a cigarette smoker or for the liver to become cirrhotic in a heavy drinker. We continually see drugs taken off the market because they are found to eventually cause harmful side effects. While that is necessary and important, no one seems to ask the question why people can take these prescriptions for months or even years with no apparent side effects. It seems the body has, within certain limits, the ability to neutralize, adapt or in some other way minimize the effects of chemicals totally foreign. Of course, just because the body has this fantastic ability does not mean that we should challenge it by continually exposing our body to foreign chemicals. The body does have limitations to its ability to adapt and it is foolish to challenge those limitations especially when they differ with every person and we have no idea where those limits are. How many people who have consumed alcohol get into a car thinking that they are still within their body’s limits only to have a serious accident?

The most amazing thing about the production of chemicals for use in the body is the skill and the precision with which they are produced. Your body produces just the right amount of the chemical hydrochloric (HCL) acid to begin to digest the food in your stomach. Any less and you would have indigestion and too much, well, you can imagine what hydrochloric acid, which eats through metal, could do to the lining of your stomach!

Did you ever watch a small child making mud pies or remember back when you were a child? You mixed dirt and water and usually you would end up with it too watery so you added more dirt. Then it was too dry so you added more water. Eventually, you got it right except that you had much more than enough mud for the pies you wanted to make. Well, mud pies consist of only two substances: water and dirt. How about dealing with a thousand different chemicals? Now that is a balancing act! Imagine if we had to do that with our “mud pie” abilities? Fortunately, we do not even have to think about the thousands of chemicals and chemical reactions taking place in our body.

No two people have the same body chemistry. That is why prescriptions, as well as over the counter medicines, can have such varied reactions. The same medication will help one person, do nothing for another, and cause a violent reaction, perhaps even death in another person. Why is our body chemistry different? We all have basically the same needs in life. Why would one person’s insulin not be right for another? Transplant rejections have taught us that the human body will tend to react against the introduction of another person’s organ because of their chemical makeup. This uniqueness of our body is really a safeguard mechanism to protect us from foreign organisms and substances.

While organizing and coordinating the tens of thousands of chemical activities in the human body would seem like an impossible task, we have been given a mechanism to accomplish it, an inborn mechanism. An infant can produce the chemicals necessary to digest and assimilate mother’s milk and make it into living tissue. It can then produce the chemicals to do the same thing when the child moves on to solid food. We call this mechanism the innate intelligence of the body. Every infant is born with it. It’s really not a mechanism since it has no location. It could not. The innate intelligence uses tens of billions of cells in dozens of organs to accomplish its purpose of creating chemicals and balancing chemistry. It must function everywhere and at the same time. Sometimes we refer to it as “nature” or the “wisdom of the body” or the “law of life.” There is really nothing like it in the physical world and no adequate way to describe it. It is truly a miraculous phenomenon brought about by the Designer of life. So we describe it as best as we can in terms we can try to understand. It is a principle of life. A corpse has the same chemicals, tissues and organs as a living person but the chemical reactions of life are not occurring. This innate intelligence cannot be seen, felt or measured but we see its effect every moment.

It has been estimated that the human body, if broken down into its chemical components, would be worth only a few dollars. Yet when those chemicals are combined to form insulin, adrenalin, or interferon their value increases tremendously. The ability to make these substances and hundreds more out of a few dollars’ worth of chemicals is, as they say in the commercial, “priceless!” Being a complex chemical factory makes the human body amazingly special. But being a self-directed chemical factory, one that is designed to work a lifetime without any help from the outside is an incomprehensible thought! We admire the coordinated activities of the human body but our admiration should go to our Designer and the non-physical component which He put in place that organizes and coordinates all of these activities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and fifty-two weeks a year for a lifetime.

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  1. scott 09/27/2013, 11:01 pm:

    Love it! thanks Joe!

    • Claude Lessard 09/28/2013, 2:13 pm:

      Very well said Joseph. Do you think that before human beings admire ANYTHING, it is far more important to observe, to doubt, to question and to inquire… then after few years of doing just that… perhaps the admiring will come from within. Otherwise, it just superficial rah rah with no ability to transform the human condition at all. Pretty much what we get at most seminars.

  2. Scott Bjerknes 09/28/2013, 3:12 am:

    Wow, great , fun simple truths. Reminded me of the book Fearfully and Wonderfully made by Brand and Yancey, except this was more interesting from the chiropractic philosophy point of view!
    Praise the Designer, indeed! This inspires me to write and share for my practice,& town and to speak forth this truth!

  3. James Pietrek 10/23/2013, 2:22 am:

    Great post! “Not a mechanism since it has no location” Subluxation is truly a power problem BEFORE a physical problem.

    • JoeStrauss 10/23/2013, 3:31 pm:

      James, welcome to the blog and thanks for the input.

  4. David Suskin 07/30/2014, 2:56 pm:

    Please – without condemnation

    I’m choosing this post, because it’s subject and content, That being body chemistry and it’s design and function under the guidance of innate intelligences organization and coordination of innate matter, leads ME to further learning and inquiry into the Law of Life through the application of the chiropractic philosophy and its 33 principles

    This post states “innate intelligence of the body uses billions of cells in dozens of organs to accomplish its purpose of creating chemicals and balancing chemistry”. It does this through “organizing and coordinating the tens of thousands of chemical activities in the human body”. It statues that ii is a “Designer of life”

    We know, by induction and empirical fact, that there are chemical mechanisms that control ions, channels, cascades, membrane permeability to name a few processes and biologic behaviors, which result in the alteration and control of organ and body function. These Chemistries can be manipulated using OI – chemicals. Examples of these chemistries (pharmaceuticals, would be Ca channel blockers (heart), beta blockers (heart), SSRI (competitive or inhibition of serotonin-brain, etc.), warfarin (anti-coagulant), salicylates (anti-coagulant), diuretics (kidney-water retention), Agents Acting on the Renin-Angiotensin System Pathway, ETC. ETC. x 1000’s.

    It would appear that Chemistry alters body function and activity. Universal Matter involved in universal law (inhibitions, ions, blockers, etc.) and physics EFFECTS Living, breathing body, organ, cellular functions, stimulating and inhibiting, etc. them.

    p16. states – Intelligence in both Organic and Inorganic Matter – Universal Intelligence gives force to both organic and inorganic matter
    >> meaning that these CHEMISTRIES are maintained in Existence through the organization, properties and actions given to them by UI AND being that they interact and EFFECT FUNCTION, IN REALITY, OF A LIVING ORGANISM, that the Intent of Innate Intelligence is also Effected thru
    p22. The Amount of Innate intelligence – There is 100% of Innate Intelligence in every “living thing,” the requisite amount, proportional to its organization. AND
    p23. The Function of Innate Intelligence – The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.

    Yet it would also appear that the Original Intent of II – that is, what ever the outcome of DESIGN in the biological tissue IS, eg. blood clotting, >> IS affected up or down, because of a PHYSICAL REACTION in the matter, not necessarily the action of II or the action of the Mental Impulse.

    II thru p23. can adapt to chemistries ALTERED, BUT we can manipulate BODY FUNCTION, CELL FUNCTION, ORGAN FUNCTION, thru manipulating the matter, and acceding the adaptation of ii.
    or thru p6. The Principle of Time – There is no process that does not require time, TIME is required for innate to adapt to MANUAL MANIPULATION OF BODY CHEMISTRY. If it does then the physical effect may be compensated for and actually re-adapted to it’s INNATE Level, thus building up of tolerances, etc. If not adapted, then the p24. The Limits of Adaptation – Innate Intelligence adapts forces and matter for the body as long as it can do so without breaking a universal law, or Innate Intelligence is limited by the limitations of matter. and the EFFECTS of CHEMICAL, PHYSICAL MANIPULATION WILL TAKE PLACE.

    or rephrased, If I take a baby aspirin to decrease blood coagulation, is that level that it functions to do that ALWAYS a level beyond what II Can, Does, Should adapt to? p6,p23,p24 >> or In time Does, Might Innate Matter Adapt and therefore that explains why tolerances are built up?

    Since p21. The Mission of Innate Intelligence – The mission of Innate Intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of a “living thing” in active organization.

    II’s mission IS the Triune and THUS MAINTAINS LIFE thru p21. It does this through COORDINATION of body functions.

    and my point, thru non-condemnation for the purpose of understanding the 33 principles as applied to ADIO living is
    INNATE INTELLIGENCE SERVES NOT TO CONTROL BODY CHEMISTRY!!!. Chemistry is controlled by physical, universal intelligent law. It is NOT to CONTROL function, IT IS TO COORDINATE FUNCTION.

    II is involved in the original DESIGN of the BODY, the adaptation of LIFE to LIVE, in CREATION OF LIFE FORMS-ADAPTATION with their functioning chemistries.

    and Since p23. The Function of Innate Intelligence – The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.

    ALTERED CHEMISTRIES THRU THE USE OF pharmaceuticals, can cause altered body function (good or bad), but p23 will adapt and either allow continued health (allowing p24), with organism function change, or will adapt with NO organism function change, do to COMPLETE ADAPTATION – Thus a build up of compensation or tolerance.


    • David Suskin 07/30/2014, 4:01 pm:

      abbrev – perhaps
      How can the intent of ii, with all of it’s wisdom, it’s integration into life processes, into the life function design get so easily bypassed with the alteration of matter that pharmaceuticals yield.

    • Claude Lessard 07/30/2014, 4:35 pm:


      Re-read what you posted, without condemnation, and observe the pattern of your inquiries and see if you can discover WHERE you put the PERIOD. 😉 –

      – Carry on. ADIO.

    • Joe Strauss 07/30/2014, 6:13 pm:

      David, any chance we can get the Readers Digest version of this comment?

      • David Suskin 07/30/2014, 6:42 pm:

        Sorry 🙁
        Readers Digest version: Think before you speak Dave!
        Being self deprecating is my way of being humble

  5. David Suskin 07/30/2014, 5:11 pm:

    The period goes after my objective within OSC which is LACVS
    Deductive Logic tells me one thing. Experience causes me to question the Authority (the leap)

    • Claude Lessard 07/30/2014, 7:24 pm:


      Can you identify the AUTHORITY?

      • David Suskin 07/30/2014, 8:18 pm:

        I cannot identify the AUTHORITY.
        I can only see evidence (through senses) of the AUTHORITY.
        I can question logically Did something ‘Bang the Bang’?
        Quantum (as minimal as I know), deals with the collapsing of a wave to bring things into reality and that thought collapses the wave, so then there can be doubts as to what really is happening OUT THERE or In Ones Mind? Is it ALL Illusion? Yet the predictability of a 50/50 argument against or for the presence of an AUTHORITY or the Fact that Cause And Effect is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH and not a relative TRUTH, meaning that Thoughts, Intelligence, Things as Perceived, Force, e/Matter DOES Exist! And even Existence is a Mental Game of sorts, Well, there is predictability in THE ILLUSION.

        In Judaism – The Authority is all ways in an English translation listed as G_D because you can’t put a name on an undefinable, beyond the mind concept of THE AUTHORITY.

        You can only have faith? I haven’t made up my mind that it is ME WHO recognizes THE AUTHORITY as THE AUTHORITY from which the Major Premise is inferred from.

        You tell me Claude, Joe, Steve, Philosophers? Can you identify the AUTHORITY?

        I can observe my patterns, my needs, my perceptions, my emotions. I can control somewhat my reactions to my environment. I can control somewhat the predictability of what a day might bring. I can make effort to open my heart, to love, to forgive, to express, to understand, to communicate, etc. I AM A HUMAN BEING. I CAN BE.

        I can only accept AUTHORITY if AUTHORITY has ACCEPTED me and I don’t know if I CAN SENSE THAT. I AM NUMB and I AM HURT. i fear my own shadow, and i am not alone. I am too judgmental on myself. I look for Truth as Peace, as Fulfillment, but I’m not sure I can Identify those idealisms let alone AUTHORITY.

        Or Maybe I can Identify AUTHORITY but I haven’t Identified AUTHORITY Yet! There is still time, and I pray time enough.

        ps. not the readers digest version 😉

        • Steve 07/30/2014, 8:35 pm:

          David, I think Claude was asking for the authority in chiropractic. As Cartman said on South Park, “you will respect my athortah”.

          • Steve 07/30/2014, 8:36 pm:

            Excuse me, athoritah.

        • Claude Lessard 07/30/2014, 8:35 pm:


          Can you identify the AUTHORITY of chiropractic?

          • David Suskin 07/30/2014, 9:18 pm:

            Pardon my Network (movie)(understand?) reaction.
            Yes Claude. You’re the Authority of chiropractic!
            Induction of organization observed in the universe leading to the major premise

          • Joe Strauss 07/31/2014, 10:46 am:

            I would like to see us get back to answering Dave’s question of 2014/07/30 at 2:56 pm. Apparently, it is felt that we must answer the question of the AUTHORITY of chiropractic first. So….
            The authority in/of chiropractic is:
            A. State Law
            B. B.J. Palmer
            C. The 33 principles
            D. Claude Lessard
            E. None of the above

  6. Claude 07/30/2014, 9:59 pm:


    Do you accept the major premise as being the start point of the chiropractic meaning of life (universal life or existence)?

    • David Suskin 07/30/2014, 10:55 pm:

      Yes I do accept the major premise as the start point of the chiropractic meaning of life. Remember, I brought this up within the context of the chemistry of life as Mechanism.
      While the major premise encompasses ALL physical matter, thus chemistry, etc. I think I wrestle with the Design and composition of living matter, being matter, chemistry, molecules that move and function, insulate, transfer charge, process oxidation and reduction, etc. >> all of this being mechanistic and FUNCTIONAL. All universal matter, that can manipulated AND
      The role that innate intelligence plays in this as PROCESS, within the signs of life.

      Maybe, we’ll not maybe, I’m NOT explaining what’s missing from my passion, or my total embarrassing of the major premise to a point of complete exaltation, which is what it takes to BUILD A PRACTICE.
      I stick with it. I’m closer. I’ll stop. Let you lead the way. You have Claude, most helpful, and there are many many posts of great exchanges of information about the 33 principles that help my SLIPPING.

      I think that I should get a real umph, a real passionate big idea when I truly understand the major premise. I have to be able to touch it, to see it, to own it so much that I breath it and see it 100% of the time. But I don’t. I get flat.

      Anyway. Let’s continue Claude. Yes. I take the major premise as the 1st principle of chiropractic.
      NOW WHAT? 😉

      • David Suskin 07/30/2014, 11:58 pm:

        I think what I’m losing in all of this analysis and dissection, if you wii, is the simple big Adio idea that chiropractic is about health. PERIOD. Health from a major premise 1st principle of 33 IS the adaptation of universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.and active organization. PERIOD.
        When subluxated, the previous statement, p23, is not maximally expressed. PERIOD.
        What takes place with drugs, what happens or doesn’t happen with matter or chemistry or symptoms or anything else is food for thought, analysis that may be interesting or unreconcilable concepts, but is NOT the Big Idea.
        Fact: all the matter of living organisms are 1000s and 1000s of interconnecting physically moving chemicals and chemical reactions
        Fact: if innate intelligence is absent, non of the above is alive. That’s the 33 principles heart and soul. LIFE – the triune
        That’s a principle of life that is deducted because the signs of life demand another principle to explain it, besides the principle of universal intelligence, the major premise.
        Fact: that is the objective of chiropractic. PERIOD

        Life is NOT the matter (chemistry, etc. ). Life is the triune between ii innate force and innate matter(chemistry of life)
        THATS LIFE. And that is what the OSC offers PERIOD

        Am I getting close?

      • Claude Lessard 07/31/2014, 2:42 am:


        Since you posted: “Yes I do accept the major premise as the start point of the chiropractic meaning of life.” How do you relate to what you said: “Deductive Logic tells me one thing. Experience causes me to question the Authority (the leap)”. Do I gather that your experience is incongruent with deductive logic and that you cannot HOLD them both within yourself?
        In other words, your understanding cannot co-exist with your experience?
        How can you “be able to touch it, to see it, to own it so much that I breath it and see it 100% of the time” … your senses are physical are they not? Yet universal intelligence is METAphysical is it not? Do you REALLY expect your educated intelligence to UNDERSTAND universal intelligence? Your “pigmy” to understand the GIANT? –

        • David Suskin 07/31/2014, 11:25 am:

          Not necessarily understand, but we initially take on the acknowledgement that the 1st principle, the major premise even EXISTS through Inductive reasoning, such as our observation which is of our senses. Right? The leap from that observation to it being our major premise is one of Generalization (eg. The sun came up today >> the sun comes up everyday) We’ll yes, but from what we inductively know, NO. One day the sun will not come up, but who knows, our sun might be special, etc.
          I don’t expect to UNDERSTAND completely, but I do expect to understand somewhat, and be able to have my heart integrated into my understanding, not only my head. Like music is to me. Or any passion one feels running through their being. Not always understandable fully but more than a logical statement Mr. Spock!
          Also I accept p1 as major premise in chiropractic. I just might not accept chiropractic as OF the major premises to MY reason d’être.
          Because of the distance within the incongruity or perhaps it’s more personal like a fear of success or fear of failure, whatever! Point is.
          To walk the walk and talk the talk is the only way for me to have professional success because it deals with the public, not just myself.
          I don’t have to convince or attract me to me. I got that covered. I have to, WE have to attract our fellow man(woman) to us in order to command success.
          So, pigmy vs GIANT? I think I need to at least See, experience, witness, get, grok, capish, meekly epignosticate, dig the giant more than I do.
          That’s why I’m here, on this blog, day after day, reading, thinking, trying, etc. I have absolutely no need to prove my intelligence, or my stupidity, or to make friends or to make enemies here.
          I love this blog, because it provides me a source, that Joe has provided graciously, for people like me, and I’ll say like us, yes, to share, that’s important in general, but more to be able to get closer to something which slips very easily, particularly for me, yet even if it has an ever so slight point of attraction for various reasons, that I look to, BELIEVE CAN, grow, and allow this pigmy to offer something good and congruent to himself and to his fellow man.

  7. Claude Lessard 07/31/2014, 12:46 pm:


    I got what you said and what you did not say. It is me WHO chooses to accept you the way you are and the way you are not. It is me WHO chooses to be committed to get whatever you have to say to me. Thank you. 😉

    • David Suskin 07/31/2014, 1:02 pm:

      With regards to your statement
      Do you REALLY expect your educated intelligence to UNDERSTAND universal intelligence? Your “pigmy” to understand the GIANT? >>
      Let’s say No I don’t expect my educated intelligence to UNDERSTAND universal intelligence. Your statement:
      Do you accept the major premise as being the start point of the chiropractic meaning of life (universal life or existence)
      And I said YES. What are, were you driving at?

      and Joe >> The answer is C.

      QUESTION –
      Innate Intelligence –
      Within the 33 principles, Is it both responsible for
      1. the design of the organism (the matter used for expressing innate force. and
      2. the moment to moment maintaining, processing of LIFE and it’s functions as a leg in the Triune of LIfe

      in other words >> the life matter is created by innate intelligence and the life matter is maintained alive by innate intelligence.
      Is this accurate?

      That’s the thrust of where I’m coming from and arriving at.
      This issue of intelligent design all around me, dead OR alive
      AND in seeing the LIVING observing it thru the signs of LIFE

      Does that make sense?

      • Claude Lessard 07/31/2014, 4:16 pm:


        The function of intelligence is to create force (pri.8) NOT matter. The law of conservation of e/matter states that: e/matter is never lost nor created and confirms principle #5 since there is ALWAYS 100% intelligence, 100% force and 100% e/matter within the universe. As long as we understand intelligent design as being the configuration and velocities of electron, protons and neutrons of e/matter, we affirm principles #1 and #23. –

        – When, from the major premise, deductive reasoning is based on rational logic and reveals the chiropractic objective, with a PERIOD… then it is enough for me to realize that my perception of chiropractic is based on the AUTHORITY of the 33 ABSOLUTE principles of Chiropractic Basic’s Science, and is therefore reasonable. At that point, it is I WHO choose to tell the story over and over and over and over… Ina’s many creative ways as doable. 😉

        • David Suskin 08/02/2014, 9:25 pm:

          I your book, higher ground, chapter innate awareness, page 17,
          You state “consider the clergyman. Here is an individual who recognizes a power greater than himself that created and controls the world,
          And created the human body. But he ignores the principle that operates the human body.” – innate intelligence.

          I have tried to reconcile the 33 principles, more specifically innate intelligence and it’s relationship to BOTH operation of Living organisms, to the occurrence of LIFE and how it integrates into intelligent design. Claude’s deductions (above), stating p1 and p23, to my logic, affirmed the 33 principles as intertwined in the creation of an intelligent design of MATTER.

          Are you in agreement with this logic or as what I’d infer from your statement, of the belief that intelligent design, the MATTER, is Divinely created.

          Not that I object to your beliefs, BUT you have made numerous references to intelligent design as being greatly in tandem with intelligence references as the the 33 principles, the authority, but seem to negate or avoid its reference in your book, as indicated.

          I’d like your ‘take’ on this observation and of course correct me if I’m wrong, etc.

          We’ve all discussed concepts like evolution and adaptation and the terms and definitions within the 33 principles and I’ve certainly put light on the Interface between innate intelligence and intelligently designed MATTER that expresses it’s innate forces.

          I value your input

          • David Suskin 08/02/2014, 10:12 pm:

            Yes, the developing embryo is the creation from life and I’d assume we agree is innate intelligence in interaction with the matter of DNA, etc. so maybe I took the theological viewpoint vs an intelligent design viewpoint out of context.

  8. David Suskin 07/31/2014, 4:36 pm:

    Hi Claude, Remember me,
    Well you see that’s why i said intelligence creates matter, knowing that was incorrect but not knowing how to apply to the principles so it was TRUE.
    So I see:
    As long as we understand intelligent design as being the configuration and velocities of electron, protons and neutrons of e/matter, we affirm principles #1 and #23.

    You’re stating the major premise of intelligence in all matter maintaining properties, actions and existence of it, as observed through the property of organization AND the evidence of matter behaving as actively organized, with the signs of life thus implying another principle at hand, thus the observation of p#23 as I restate what you stated in my own over and over again way without being condemned, but perhaps corrected by those who might find error in my restatement of your logic.

    Interesting >> a logical argument(s) proving something, I’ll make that novice assumption, that empirically cannot be proven. Very interesting. It would seem that A MAJOR PREMISE is required to do this jumping around deductive wizardry. yes/no

    I’d think that I need some good, illustrations, and examples, and different scenarios, (and I have them once I get talking), but really in the mind, at hand, when pitching ones services to others.

    I need to promote my services. Joe speaks of this, this issue of the difficulty of getting across abstractions like the accuracy of “to enable the expression of innate intelligence more fully” to people.
    Much easier to take a symptom, or a condition, objectify it and offer ones service, but I cannot do that because it flies in the face of deception and NOT my OSC objective AT ALL.

    I’m getting a bit more fluent, in telling the story over and over, and I believe at some point I’ll say THE TRUTH, and the truth shall set me free and the potential PM free.

    Everyday I need to study – ADIO 😉

  9. David Suskin 09/04/2014, 8:28 pm:

    Just in case someone is inclined to respond.
    When a pharmaceutical (drug) is in the body, is it part of Innate Matter?
    That could be a can it, must it, will it?
    My logic says yes. It is universal matter outside the body, but when it becomes part of a biological (living process), it becomes Innate Matter, or the chemistry of Innate Matter.
    If not, then what is the physical distinction?
    I’ll await a reply.

    • Joe Strauss 09/05/2014, 10:39 am:

      David, when and if it is assimilated by the cell it is part of the body because the cell (and its components) is part of the body.

  10. David Suskin 09/05/2014, 12:08 pm:

    Outside of the body, a drug is universal matter. At some point, within the assimilation process, I surmise that the universal forces of this drug are converted to innate forces. I surmise that the component or effect of the drug that is NOT converted to an innate force, that remains a universal force, is the destructive, harmful component. The part, or quantity, etc. of the drug that is is NOT harmful (being NOW and innate force. I don’t presume to be correct on this. It would seem that there is an aspect of what is innate-LIFE giving, and innate-Controlling or innate-Mechanistic (if that exists), deems different reactions positive or negative to a drugs effects.
    Thus perhaps what has been popularized as natural vs synthetic as something that is harmful or detrimental to the bodies innate matter.
    Any thoughts on this?

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