Redefining Normal


The governor of New York recently said that jihadist bombings like the one the Boston Marathon experienced is the “new norm,” that we really must get used to these kinds of incidents. I believe that we must reject the idea that we can allow or condone the redefining of normal. Innocent civilian bombings are an atrocity, whoever causes them or whenever they occur. The idea of redefining normal seems to have begun about the same time that we decided that everyone’s “truth” carried equal weight. The problem has carried over to the chiropractic profession.  We have allowed the researchers and the “scientists” to define normal for us. Most of the time their normal is nothing more than the national average. As Reggie Gold use to say “who wants to be average?” Normal has been  and always will be what the innate intelligence of the body establishes for the individual. Unless you have an educated intelligence equal to the innate intelligence of the body, that information is unknown to you. We should no more get used to someone telling us what is normal than to accept that we must get used to acts of terrorism.

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  1. Diane Schroeder 10/06/2013, 2:10 am:

    I agree. Violence is not normal. Disease is not normal. Both are altered states. Normal is working at out best potential. How funny that the world is now backwards. Funny in a tragic way. Funny that people have allowed themselves to be duped. Hard work to undo the damage… or perhaps not. If we are not taking responsibility for the healing… then it becomes easy to allow Innate to do it’s job. There is always hope for this world!

  2. Scott Walker 10/06/2013, 3:24 am:

    I think it is a shame that very few people are willing to put up a fight for what is right. So we just accept it. As long as it doesn’t effect us personally. Being a leader means leading people in the direction that is morally and ethically right even if it isn’t easy or popular. Our leaders today are really followers both in our government and the chiropractic profession. They make decisions based on what is popular and thus follow the trends instead of leading the followers in the right direction. Where there is no vision the people perish. Think of our heritage and ask yourself how many people would put their name on the declaration of independence and risk certain treason and death? or how many would go to jail for the chiropractic principles? It’s time we honor those who fought so hard before us and get back to promoting the pursuit of happiness in America and the power of the chiropractic adjustment by our profession. Too many spineless government politically correct officials and too many spineless failing chiropractors who sell their souls to any procedure they think is more accepted! BJ had his faults but he loved chiropractic, “My illustrious father placed this trust in my keeping, to keep it pure and unsullied or defamed. I pass it on to you unstained to protect as he would have you do…for you have in your possession a Sacred Trust. Guard it well.” The same could be said from our forefathers of this country and I could only wonder what they would think about our new normal?

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