The Cause of Disease


The question is asked by a reader, “Can we really say that vertebral subluxation is not the only cause of disease?” If we do not purport to get sick people well by correcting vertebral subluxation then can we imply it is one of the causes of disease?

Actually, no we cannot, and I’ve probably incorrectly said that at one time or another. Thank you for checking my slipping. In one of my latest books  Conflict of Philosophies I have addressed the issue and have changed “causes” of disease to influencing factors. I’m not sure we can ever say that there is A cause but I believe we can say that there are many, perhaps hundreds, of influencing factors.

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  1. RichieBDC 10/09/2013, 8:56 pm:

    I like that Joe……well said!

  2. Steve 10/10/2013, 3:14 am:

    Without revealing too much of the new book can you respond to this line of reasoning. Chiroractors are concerned with the oganization and regulation of life. Disorganization, reduces efficiency that once past a threshhold can be identified as disfunction. Understanding the conclusion of organizational disturbance justifies concern regardless of manifestation of disfunction.

    • Claude Lessard 10/11/2013, 12:31 am:

      I thought that diseases were non-entities, meaning that they don’t exist. There is no cause to non-existence even though we ascribe symptoms to it. It’s an illusion. Perhaps it’s time to save our energies for entities, like health, wholeness and holiness which means the same thing, instead of dealing with the non-realities of life. Thoughts anyone?

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