Innate Matter


Living things have a teleological or purposeful behavior. It is directed toward some end, either to stay alive or keep their offspring alive assuring the perpetuation of the species.

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  1. Charles Hollensed DC 11/04/2013, 6:59 pm:

    Jim Parker defined teleology as the thing fulfills it purpose.

  2. Steve 11/04/2013, 10:27 pm:

    The same could be said for a “living” profession:

    “‘More important, however, are the multitudes served by TIC. Our
    responsibility—yours and mine, jointly and severally, IS TO PERPETUATE TIC.’” (Shall Chiropractic Survive? Vol 2 1959)
    “Time is fleeting and our enemies, inside and outside, are at work
    restricting your and our endeavors to perpetuate and save
    Chiropractic.” (Vol 28)

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