Congruency in Chiropractic


congruency-the quality or state of agreeing or coinciding.

Try as we might to educate society about chiropractic, we will never succeed until we have congruency and that includes congruency in our objective, our Major Premise, our understanding of innate intelligence, our technique (what the technique is trying to achieve) and our talk (what we say to people).

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  1. Joe Donofrio 11/16/2013, 2:36 am:

    Methods and proceedures of practice must also be congruent with our Principle. Most DC’s need to examine every aspect of their office day from the point of view of the uninitiated outsider first walking through their door. It is NOT just reaching more folks with the message, it reaching ALL folks with a consistant Truth. What you are speaks so loudly that people cannot hear what you say!!!

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