The Non-linear Model


The problem with the nonlinear model of quantum mechanics as I see and understand it (which may be incorrect) is that there are no absolutes, no laws. We must establish laws or standards in certain areas but we must not in others. This is the challenge of a free society, the right of free speech but not to yell “fire” in a crowded theater.  Certain models of chiropractic say there are no absolutes or standards. The interactive open system concept says everything affects everything. While and because that is true we do need standards or laws. We have learned that the Law of Gravity says that an object falls to the ground at a speed relative to  the  masses of attracting bodies, not necessarily at 9.8m/sec 2. On the moon it is not 9.8. But for the sake of discussion we accept 9.8m/sec 2 as a law, that  the speed is uniform for all objects on earth. This “non-standard” philosophy is accepted by straights who do not want to impose standards on the body but allow the innate intelligence of the practice member to do it. However, there are absolutes, for every person for every bodily function. We just do not know them. The medical mechanic says there is one and we know it. The quantum mechanic says there is not one, everything is relative, no absolutes. The straight chiropractor says there is one, it may change constantly and  just because we cannot educatedly determine it for another person’s body at any given moment, or our own for that matter, does not mean it does not exist. There are  absolutes and standards that we can and should determine: black and white, right and wrong, mixing and straight.

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  1. Steve 12/09/2013, 8:11 pm:

    Laws are absolute, ie. I+F+M=Life. Expression can be standardized if we understand the laws and components.

    • Claude Lessard 12/09/2013, 8:36 pm:


      I think you mean I+F+M=Existence… not life. Existence covers all matter, non-living and living. That why principle 18 talks about the signs of life (assimilation, excretion, adaptation, growth and reproduction). Principle 20 states: A living thing has an inborn intelligence within its body called innate intelligence. A rock is non-living and for that rock to exist, it need I+F+M.

  2. Claude Lessard 12/09/2013, 8:43 pm:

    In other words it is universal intelligence that maintains existence (pri.1) and I know that principles 2,3,4,and mentioned the term “life” meaning universal life… which is REALLY existence. Not life as we understand it. I know that’s what you meant… yet it’s important that we clarify as much as we can for understanding.

    • Steve 12/10/2013, 2:32 pm:

      Actually Sir Claude I was quoting law, it was you that added depth. I thank you for the clarification and expansion of thought.

  3. Claude Lessard 12/09/2013, 10:53 pm:


    As Steve mentioned, laws are absolute and that is true. I ascertain that the 33 principles of chiropractic science are absolute as they apply to every single particle of matter in the universe. 1+1=2 in Asia, Africa, America and everywhere in the world. I+F+M=EXISTENCE in Asia, Africa, America and everywhere in the world. E=MC2… applies to everyone everywhere. Every “living thing” has an innate intelligence which is ALWAYS normal… applies to everyone everywhere. An equilateral triangle has 3 angles of 60 degrees in the Antarctica as well as Australia. VS interferes with the transmission of mental impulses between brain cell and tissue cells of the people of the outbacks of Australia as well as the Inuit Eskimos of the North Pole. All of these principles apply to every particle of matter in the universe including every single human being and therefore are pure chiropractic science. –

    – Chiropractic science possesses a solid foundational platform, with its 33 principles, from which to move forward the evolutionary process of the whole world. What a privilege for chiropractors to participate in their own personal transformations, the transformations of their PMs and the transformation of life itself.

    • JoeStrauss 12/09/2013, 11:48 pm:

      Claude, I really would like for you to explain what you mean by “chiropractic science” and how the 33 principles create “a solid foundational platform” for the chiropractic science? Thanks

  4. Claude Lessard 12/10/2013, 1:12 pm:


    Very well. Let us inquire, together without condemnation, into the nature of chiropractic science. –

    – Let us begin with a question: Does E=MC2 apply to all energy/matter?

    • Claude Lessard 12/10/2013, 4:04 pm:

      The question: “Does E=MC2 apply to all energy/matter?” is to be answered by anyone WHO choose to inquire, together without condemnation, into the nature of chiropractic science. 😉

      • JoeStrauss 12/10/2013, 4:45 pm:

        I believe that is a “theory”, the Theory of Relativity, created by a man named A. Einstein, not a chiropractor. Further, I would question whether it is even scientific because it cannot be demonstrated by empirical methods. So are we using an unproven theory which is not even science to inquire into the “nature of chiropractic science?” (smiley face should be inserted here). I am a retired, snowed in old man whose wife will kill him if he writes another book before she finishes editing the present one. Humor me!

        • Claude Lessard 12/10/2013, 5:40 pm:


          As I understand it, the purpose of pure science is to develop scientific theories. It refers to physics and mathematics. So, if you prefer, does 1+1=2 apply to ALL particles of universal matter? In other words, does specialized organization of certain numbers of electrons, protons and neutrons apply to ALL universal matter? (By the way, anyone willing to engage others about the “Non Linear model” has got to have the innocence of youth) 😉

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