How Come? A question of ADIO viewpoint


The government (in the form of the EPA) will not allow towns threatened by mosquito borne West Nile Virus to use pesticides near lake areas because it will possibly affect the local’s hormonal systems. Although in further tests by them and others this theory was proved unfounded. However, the government (in the form of the FDA) will approve U 486 which is designed to do nothing else but completely foul up the hormonal system of a woman. As B.J. would say “odd isn’t it?”

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  1. dan sevier 12/20/2013, 9:27 pm:

    Must be the season Joe . . . are you considering that an unelected bureaucracy should make sense?

    • JoeStrauss 12/21/2013, 3:39 am:

      I guess I am Dan, I’m sure not suggesting that an “unelected bureaucracy” should be excused from making sense!

      • dan sevier 12/23/2013, 5:54 pm:

        No, it must be held accountable, but doesn’t seem to be in the past few years.

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