Are Universal Forces Instructive?


It has been suggested that universal forces are instructive information. Perhaps that is what B.J. had in mind when he developed the concept of “innate thot flashes” (although I have never seen a satisfactory development of the subject of “thot flashes”).  It seems to me we are asked to accept it based on the authority of the Developer [faith] rather than logical deduction. This would lead to the personification of innate and universal intelligence, a concept which   B.J., himself,  is largely responsible for creating. At least B.J. was always consistent with his deductions. One   criticism I sometimes have with B.J.’s philosophy, and what causes much conflict between myself and some traditional chiropractors, is that we are expected to accept the logic of B.J. which is based upon a premise  and is not founded on deduction but on the authority of B.J alone. I have no problem accepting B.J. as an authority but his premises and conclusions must be evaluated in light of the philosophy, most of which was given to us by him. So we are in essence, evaluating B.J. by B.J.  When his premise or a priori statement does not stand up to philosophical scrutiny(deductive reasoning), I must question the validity of his conclusions. This rarely happens but even suggesting it once is too much for some TCors ( I might add that the same standard should be applied to Reggie Gold, David  Koch, Rob Sinnott,  Simon  Senzon,  myself or anyone else who addresses the philosophy of chiropractic.

Personification of universal and innate intelligence would be the logical conclusion that one would draw from chiropractic on P.17 of Stephenson’s Textbook. However,   prior to that on page 13, “things natural”   would tend to  negate anything of a supernatural nature and imply that we all had that ability (although not necessarily being expressed by everyone, being unsubluxated the factor). Intuition then would be an ability that everyone has. I’m not sure how inspiration (in the theological sense) would fit into that construct. That possibility opens up another entire avenue of discussion. But if universal forces are instructive, by accepted definition, they are for the purpose of “carrying a lesson” (Webster). This would in fact erase any distinction between universal forces and the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body. We make a definite distinction between universal forces and innate forces by the fact that universal forces are not instructive;  they  have no purpose for us and tend to be destructive toward structural  matter (unless you consider ‘destructive’ to be informative).The personification of  universal and innate intelligence  eliminates that distinction. You cannot charge God with being destructive.

We may actually educatedly learn from the observation of universal forces and that may even be enough for someone to accept them as informative and the manifestation of Something or Someone greater than universal intelligence but that is beyond our chiropractic philosophy and enters us into the field of theology. By example, I always try to view universal forces as laws in trying to understand them. The law of gravity, as we observe it may instruct (teach) us to not jump out of tall buildings but that is not its purpose. We can, by our logical mind conclude that to do such an act is destructive to our structural matter (it breaks bones and may even kill us). It also explains to us why we do not fly off the surface of the earth. But neither are its purpose. In theology that is part of the Doctrine of Divine Decree and is commonly referred to as the Plan of God. Everything (the actual and the possible are decreed by God and are part of His Plan). A universal force  has no purpose (from a chiropractic standpoint) except to break down structural matter into its most basic and stable state thereby maintaining that matter in existence. That hopefully, leads us, as seekers of truth to look further for purpose, but our chiropractic philosophy looks no further! In fact, I believe that we are clearly given the distinction between universal forces and (and hence) universal intelligence and God. Everything God does is for His purpose. Universal forces have no purpose except to break down matter into its simplest form. That is why a distinction is made between what God does by His character and what He does through universal law and the forces of the universe (the expression of universal intelligence). He sends rain on the just and the unjust (righteous and unrighteous), according to Matt. 5:45. If it was not part of universal forces, it would only rain on the “just” farmer’s crops and not on the “unjust” farmer’s crops. Just my educated thoughts (which unlike “innate thots”, can be wrong.)

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  1. Steve 12/30/2013, 11:04 pm:

    YES. My impression was that Universal Intelligence was instructive for Universal matter. The arrangement of atoms, molecules, chemical compounds and such, are organized (and maintained) according to Universal Laws. Living matter was further organized by Innate Intelligence, but without the effect/effort of II then UI prevails and returns matter to it’s basic form. What we would denote as “destructive” toward living tissue. This is why I prefer the term, deconstructive, as structural matter (tissue) is dis-assembled not destroyed.
    BJ did not personify UI unless equating UI and god qualifies.(theosonification/theomorphism ?) Nor did he claim that thought flashes came from UI. From what I remember Thought flashes were communication from Innate Brain to Educated Brain. BJ writes of the magnitudes of II compared to the miniscules of EI. The Giant and the Pygmy. I would hypothesize that anthropomorphism was due to the concepts of “Intelligence” that must come from intellect, a human attribute.
    Universal Forces are necessary because they supply the raw ingredients for Innate Forces as adapted by Innate Intelligence in the Innate Brain to be transmitted to the Educated Brain as a Thought Flash.

    • JoeStrauss 12/31/2013, 4:57 pm:

      Steve, let me try to clarify your first paragraph (for my self). I think “deconstructive” is a much more descriptive and better term. It necessitates, as you point out, “instructive information” which clarifies and eliminates the negative and mechanistic connotation of universal forces being “destructive” and gives a metaphysical and vitalistic aspect to the second law of thermodynamics (which it should have). I wonder if you would be so kind as to write a glossary definition of “deconstructive” for us. Keep in mind that universal forces are also deconstructive toward non/no longer/never was living tissue (universal matter like rocks, dirt, etc.) “deconstructing” them into/toward their “basic form”. Thank you in advance for your contribution to our philosophy of chiropractic. (I will comment on the second, third, and fourth paragraphs of 2013/12/30 at a later time {if I don’t forget} so as to not muddle up your excellent contribution.)

      • Claude Lessard 01/01/2014, 6:55 am:

        A few posts back we did address the metaphysical component of universal forces as being instructive inFORMation (literally GIVING RISE TO FORMS) that could be constructive or deconstructive which gives energy/matter ALL of its properties and actions in maintaining it in existence). HOW else could it be? After all, the function of INTELLIGENCE is to create forces (pri.8) which unite intelligence and energy/matter (pri.10). The elemental ORGANIZATION at the atomic level may “seem” chaos to educated intelligence… yet that’s HOW universal INTELLIGENCE maintains energy/matter in existence. Even the element francium (Fr) occurs as a result of an alpha DECONSTRUCTION of the element actinium which means that as actinium is deconstructed, francium is constructed. Francium is so unstable that, according to physicists, there is probably less than an ounce of francium at any time in the TOTAL crust of the earth. Francium is contained in very minute amount within uranium. Try to wrap your educated intelligence around that! Nevertheless, instructive information from universal intelligence maintains Fr in existence by giving it ALL its properties and actions. “Basic form” means the elemental level of electrons, protons and neutrons. We are dealing with “levels” of organization, ALL of which have 100% perfect universal forces, otherwise, it would cease to exist in its elemental state. –

        – Deconstructive toward structural energy/matter simply means that… inherent within energy/matter is a perfect organized existence due to its perfect properties and perfect actions through the instructive information of universal intelligence and in which energy/matter breaks down “in time” toward its “basic FORM” ONLY to be constructive giving properties and actions to FORM a different “thing” (like the alpha deconstruction of actinium will CAUSE construction of francium… through the instructive information of universal intelligence). –

        – Suggestions for the glossary: –

        – DECONSTRUCTIVE is that aspect of instructive information created by universal intelligence for the purpose of constantly maintaining energy/matter in existence through re-organization of atomic elements into specific FORMS. –

        – CONSTRUCTIVE is that aspect of instructive information created by universal intelligence for the purpose of constantly maintaining energy/matter in existence and/or adapted by innate intelligence for the purpose of maintaining the material of the body of a “living thing” in active organization through re-organization of atomic elements into specific FORMS. –

        – I welcome ALL of your comments and wish ALL of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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