Power Politics v. Philosophical Shift- A Thought for the New Year.



With the latest CCE hearing and the results, there are a number of issues being brought forth including legitimate as well as unfair criticism and the old, straight chiropractic tactic of attempting to find good in a bad result and then using it to encourage people to join or quit certain organizations. It’s like finding coal in your stocking and concluding that you can use it to heat  the home for five minutes.

   Perhaps, like the coal in the stocking, the hearing result is a message, an indication of what we are doing wrong and really has nothing to do with what organizations you belong to, what ones you should or should not belong to, or whether the leadership is using the right or wrong strategy. It has to do with  how we perceive chiropractic and that perception depends on our understanding of chiropractic. Are our organizations promoting that understanding or not? In my opinion, one is definitely promoting a different understanding, one is promoting no understanding and one could be doing a better job of promoting the understanding that they claim to have. That is not a criticism of any organization… just my observation and opinion. Perhaps whatever else we do  or stop doing, we need to increase our understanding of the objective and philosophy of chiropractic  and that of the general chiropractic population. That would involve some critical thinking on our part, not just regurgitating something B.J. said but analyzing his thoughts, expanding upon them and generally tearing them apart in a constructive way. Let’s hope that 2014 brings more of that activity.

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  1. Trent 01/02/2014, 1:42 pm:

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