The Significance of Vertebral Subluxation


Because you cannot necessarily measure the difference between being subluxated and being unsubluxated does not decrease that difference. The only question we must ask and answer: “Is that difference significant?” Perhaps we have not scientifically established that yet or that we ever will. But do you want to take the chance that it is?

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  1. Bryson 01/03/2014, 9:09 pm:

    The problem I have with the idea that the difference between a subluxated versus non-subluxated person cannot be measured is how do you know that your adjustment had any benefit?

    IMO, if a DC cannot objectively measure a difference between a subluxated vs non-subluxated person then they are not a very good adjustor and/or they need to find a technique that actually corrects subluxation instead of the perversified manipulation that so many seem to use.

    • JoeStrauss 01/03/2014, 11:39 pm:

      Bryson, you missed the point of the post. The M.D would say to your objective findings, “so what?..can you show that his short leg, graph reading, x-ray finding,(or whatever you use for your objective measurement) is causing his back problem, cancer, headaches, ulcers or that he will die 20 years prematurely because of the vertebral subluxation. The problem is that once you begin to play the medical game of using empirical data you better prove your claims empirically. If, on the other hand, you maintain that the VS, however you determined it, is causing his body to work at less than 100%, that’s common sense and deductive reasoning. It’s been my experience that for every chiropractor who uses “perversified manipulation” (as you call it), there are a hundred chiropractors who “objectively measure a difference between a subluxated vs non-subluxated person” for the purpose of getting that person well from a medical condition caused by the vertebral subluxation. Frankly, I don’t know which is worse but neither is OSC.

      • dan sevier 01/07/2014, 1:53 am:

        I like the the idea of just shoot everybody & let God sort ’em out.

        (I know, that’s not OSC either)

        Medically, there’s absolutely no question that interference with a nerve, mechanically, chemically or mentally/emotionally, will result in a disease condition, even cancer, eventually (look up Renal Cell Carcinoma for example), so if someone wants to drive themselves crazy trying to figure out which nerve, what cause and what effect and what specific thrust in which specific direction to correct that particular interference, well, go for it, but don’t whine if the patient doesn’t “get well”, and please, “do your thing but don’t touch mine”.

        If someone wants to call it quackery to locate and perversely manipulate what just doesn’t feel right, then they’d best realize I’m not the one claiming to cure anyone of anything; I’m just helping another person out in getting things moving back the way their body seems to want, without injuring or poisoning anybody in the process. I’m always happy when someone tells me how much better they feel, but I’d rather they tell others and pay me 🙂

        In review prior to Post I realize I’m simply reiterating less prosaically what Joe is saying, but, hey, “If you are alive with nerve interference you’ll live better without that interference” works for me.

        Happy New Year!

  2. Steve 01/05/2014, 4:05 am:

    If I may reverse a couple sentences from your 600 Lb. Gorilla post and insert a (phrase)? “B.J. seems to me to either pretend or did not believe that the 600 pound gorilla” (LOM) “existed. But affecting the matter ( in order to change the matter) is just not chiropractic. Chiropractic is about affecting the force.”
    If we know logically that Subluxations increase LOM and Adjust to reduce/remove Sux., then the condition (LOM) of Matter is significant to the practice of Chiropractic. The trouble it seems is that we do not know enough about the Matter to use it for verification of our logic.
    We work with Force because of what Force does. Force is no more important than Intelligence or Matter. That the two sould be joined demonstrates both I & M are important. What we do know, again logically, about Force is that we can affect it, or at least it’s transmission. Hence our Raison d’être,
    Until the Principles of Chiropractic are disproven I will continue to “take the chance” that Specific Osseous Adjustments are benificial for the Matter. As BJ said, It is the greatest thing one person can do for another.


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