Freedom and Equality


Freedom is a guarantee of inequality.  As the government tries to create equality of health care, it must incorporate the destruction of the freedom to choose approaches to health care. How is this related to the CCE?  It is endeavoring to make us equal to the medical profession and make us all equal to each other,( at least in our education and ultimately in our practice). To do that they must destroy our freedom to choose how we want to practice chiropractic.

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  1. dan sevier 01/06/2014, 10:45 pm:

    Nothing new huh? The ideological idea of “equality” as compared to “liberty”. Is it time for a rebirth of SCASA?

    • Claude Lessard 01/07/2014, 1:45 am:


      Back in the 80’s, we had a thing going SCASA… We were told by the politicians that we needed ONLY one accrediting agency. Now 20 years later, those same politicians are saying we should have two… I seriously think that we have definitely pass the point of no return… It’s time to think OUTSIDE THE BOX at a different level of thinking to find the solution to the problem. The question is: Is there a problem? If so, WHAT is the problem?

      • dan sevier 01/08/2014, 3:04 pm:

        If Joe’s final sentence is valid, then I think we have a problem, more so than in the 70’s & 80’s when it was just the CCE & associates who wanted to “unify” Chiropractic and implement their “Standards of Practice”.

        I have always believed that the fact of Chiropractic as a separate and distinct practice, available to anyone on a demand basis, is dependent on those who aren’t simply looking for an alternative way to practice Medicine. Perhaps the “Super Straights” are as whacko as the “Medipractors”, but the two balance each other in a negative feedback loop. Now there’s an outside invasive force in the form of our government establishing a different, possibly toxic environment.

        Are the watchdogs sleeping, or have they decided that existence as something like an NMD or DO preferable to possible extinction? I don’t know, maybe I’m simply being Reactive, but with the Feds trying to take over “health care” and instituting mandatory insurance for all citizens it looks like a harmonic of 1975 with the CCE establishing the criteria for the colleges. There must be a balancing force or Chiropractic will possibly self-destruct.

        What is the answer? I don’t know, but just rolling over without awareness is asking for extinction in my humble opinion.

        • Claude 01/08/2014, 4:18 pm:


          I get from your post that the problem is a lack of “balancing force”? Is that correct?

          • dan sevier 01/09/2014, 3:36 pm:

            Yes, as best I can tell Claude that probably sums up my worries. I see articles touting how well Chiropractors will do with Obamacare. A writer I read the other day in encouraged everybody to sign up as participating providers with all the insurance companies. Of course doing so will limit my service to five or six visits, which of course is all anyone really needs (his observation). Which could work out ok, except the fine print appears to take away the option of taking care of anyone (even without insurance) outside of the insurance company’s “allowed visits” without being subject to various “fines and penalties”. Of course I may simply be confused as to the details, or perhaps I’m just stupid, but I don’t see anything to encourage me that Chiropractic as separate and distinct will be encouraged by the likes of CCE, more likely it will be viewed (as it may be now in some quarters) as a paramedical portal to “real” medical providers.
            Yes, I’d like to see someone or some group that has the long-term survival of our true service to humanity come forward with ideas and a plan that has a chance to work without doing a Reggie & starting a new profession. I come up fairly empty-headed on what to do other than walk away or capitulate. Ideas/

  2. Tom 01/09/2014, 5:12 pm:

    “dan sevier 01/09/2014, 3:36 pm:Yes, I’d like to see someone or some group that has the long-term survival of our true service to humanity come forward with ideas and a plan that has a chance to work ***without doing a Reggie & starting a new profession.*** I come up fairly empty-headed on what to do other than walk away or capitulate. Ideas/”
    Maybe just the rebirthing of a profession as opposed to the creation of a new one is what’s needed. 🙂

    • Claude Lessard 01/09/2014, 5:29 pm:


      Like starting from scratch with a “beginner’s mind”?

      • Steve 01/10/2014, 5:36 pm:

        OC 4 ADIO .

    • Dan Sevier 01/13/2014, 9:58 pm:

      Yes, perhaps that’s a good way to phrase the dilemma Tom. Of course rebirth starts in the individual’s practice, the arena where most new Chiropractors are born. If Big Government only supports Big Insurance that only supports “One Way” practice that limits the owner’s prerogative to deal with people’s needs individually then it’s all over but the shouting. Therein lies the importance of the 3rd Party, which FSCO once represented and from which SCASA emerged. Is it to be ALL cash practice if I want to offer Chiropractic to those who can’t afford what I consider to be a reasonable program as well as to those who can, after they’ve used up their 6 visits? I’m sure I’m oversimplifying what is likely to continue to be a maze of rules and paperwork, but it looks that way from what little I’ve actually been able to grasp about the emerging system.

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