Freedom and Equality


Freedom is a guarantee of inequality.  As the government tries to create equality of health care, it must eventually incorporate the destruction of freedom to choose different approaches to health care and different providers. How is this related to the CCE?  They are endeavoring to make us equal to the medical profession and make us all equal to each other, beginning with our education. To do that they must ultimately destroy our freedom to choose how we want to practice chiropractic. Some may think “I’ll be retired before that happens,” but things are moving faster than anyone ever imagined.


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  1. Bob 01/10/2014, 6:54 pm:

    History Repeats. How many are ready to go to jail (or otherwise suffer sanctions) for the chiropractic principles? I wonder?

  2. David McGonagle 01/12/2014, 6:02 pm:

    Those who choose to stay silent due to retirement have lost their integrity. Those who choose to stay silent due to sloth have lost humanity.

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