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All health fields depend upon the innate intelligence of the body for their success. However,ย it seems that only the objective straight chiropractor acknowledges that dependence.

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  1. Straight DC 01/18/2014, 4:44 pm:

    Not only in the health field, but in any field, only those with an ADIO world & life viewpoint know that their success is only possible because of the talents & abilities given to them.

    • JoeStrauss 01/18/2014, 6:24 pm:

      Straight DC, Yes but with the health field the success is largely due to the “talents and abilities” given to the practice member not the doctor.

      • Claude Lessard 01/19/2014, 4:18 pm:

        Straight DC and Joseph,

        The human being is integrated in such a way that there is a fine line between the “healer” and the “healed”. It is rather easy to see the healer as the one WHO choose to provide a service to another to foster “healing” for that other. Yet, it is ONLY the innate intelligence of the body of the OTHER that has the ability to heal that particular living body. No where is it effectively demonstrated as the healing of ANY organism. Inasmuch as we need nutrients and oxygen to sustained life, it is innate intelligence that is adapting universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that ALL parts of the body will have coordinated action (health) for mutual benefit (pri23). So we can “see” that both, the “healer” and the “healed” are part of the practice member. Contrary to other “fields” where the abilities and talents are within the ARTIST, for example, and the effects of the created art is manifested within the contemplator of the piece of art. An other example (for Don) would be that when a teacher with “talents and abilities” plans a class for a particular cours whereas half of the students will avail themselves of the instructive information and the other half will not. Healing of “health fields” on the other hand ALWAYS comes from the innate intelligence of the living body WITHIN.

        • Don 01/19/2014, 5:41 pm:

          Thanks Joe.
          To be fair, there is now a push for inquiry based learning that may be less the artist outside in method of learning and more inside out discovery process.
          Makes me wonder if the institutions of higher learning such as those in chiropractic were to adopt this model/approach for education, what would that look like?
          Btw, Joe I’m humbled that you always think of me when providing an example. ๐Ÿ™‚
          I only wish I hadn’t missed so many in your previous posts.
          Maybe you could provide one for the autoimmune thread going. I could use your help there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Steve 01/20/2014, 5:58 pm:

            To educate, educe, is to draw out. The truly artistic teacher uses methods to promote interest and awareness, which hopefully will lead to discovery.
            Btw, it is Dr Claude Lessard that provides the examples with your name on them, though we all benefit. (I can only assume he does not mind us reading them too)
            Have you tried the search aspect for previous posts?
            Maybe, if enough people request it, we can talk Joe into digitizing all his works for a searchable CD (The Green Books on CD are an invaluable source of information readily at the fingertips)

        • JoeStrauss 01/21/2014, 4:41 pm:

          Claude, I would maintain that that “fostering healing” is a lot different than being a healer. I’m not sure what fostering healing is but there has only been one Healer in the history of the world, if we want to get technical. To paraphrase Reggie: Nature needs no fostering, just no interference.

          • Claude Lessard 01/21/2014, 5:43 pm:


            Hence, healer (innate intelligence) and healed (energy/matter) are united by instructive information (force) for cellular replacement at the rate of 500,000,000,000 cells per day within the limitation of energy/matter and time. In the absence of interference with TRANSMISSION of innate forces, principle #32 is fulfilled.

        • David Suskin 05/25/2015, 1:20 pm:

          You stated (below) …Hence, healer (innate intelligence) and healed (energy/matter) are united by instructive…In the absence of interference with TRANSMISSION of innate forces, principle #32 is fulfilled…
          Is Health ONLY a feature of being subluxation free, with p32 fulfilled, or does e/matter come into the picture? In other words for example, can a person live to 105, in relatively good shape (no conditions or medicines taken), have multiple subluxations (never been to a chiropractor), and be proclaimed healthy? Conversely, can someone be subluxation free, p32 fulfilled, have LOM, as we all do, have many medical problems, YET claim to be Healthy?
          Is health defined, as the feature of innate forces fully expressed alone, having nothing to do with LOM?
          Pardon this therapeutic example. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Claude 05/25/2015, 4:07 pm:

            A full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body in FLUX is the chiropractic objective within LOM… influencing EVERY human experience, not only health.

      • Don 01/21/2014, 3:34 am:

        You’re right. It was Dr. Lessard including my name on the examples.
        My apologies Dr. Lessard.
        It should have read
        “btw…[Dr. Lessard] Iโ€™m humbled that you always think of me when providing an example. :)”
        ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks

        • Don 01/21/2014, 3:38 am:

          Is there a way to keep on top of all the threads in an easier way.
          I’m not the best at remembering my last post and what title it is under.
          There is probably an easier way but I haven’t gotten there yet. Still scrolling away..:)
          any tips?

  2. Steve 01/21/2014, 1:57 pm:

    I am not a programer, but if Popular Posts would list the threads most recently commented on in descending order it would be easier to follow a thread that is growing although weeks old in origin.

    • JoeStrauss 01/21/2014, 3:49 pm:

      Steve, isn’t that being done on the home page, on the far right column?

  3. Steve 01/21/2014, 4:19 pm:

    No Joe, Home Page Popular Posts lists last 4 by date just like Recent Posts.
    As far as I can tell both Recent and Popular are the same.

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