Contrasting the chiropractic and medical objectives.


I posted this earlier as a comment but in case some reading this blog do not participate in the ongoing discussion, I thought it was good to post it in a revised state and perhaps begin a new thread and discussion.

(name withheld) “The medical objective is to treat, cure, prevent disease, its causes and effects by whatever means necessary or effective (drugs or drugless, allopathic or homeopathic, chemical or natural). That’s why the medical profession had so much opposition to D.D. Palmer’s idea from the start and why B.J.Palmer makes no mention of disease in the 33 principles. If the chiropractic and the medical professions could have understood that one simple difference we would have saved 100+ years of conflict between those who wanted to affect the matter (the medical objective) and those who wanted to remove an interference to the force (the chiropractic objective). We also would have eliminated what some see as a need for mixing. The meditation people and concept therapists maintain they want to affect the third aspect of the triune, the intelligence. That is impossible, it’s already and always will be perfect. All they end up doing is affecting (or trying to affect) the matter (the educated brain) which is still the medical objective.”

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  1. Charles Hollensed DC 01/31/2014, 7:30 pm:

    I agree with basically what is said in theory. But when a chiropractic removed the interference to the force in an individual who happened to be manifesting a (fill in the blank) hopeless medical condition and that individual regained the full expression of life and became symptom free in my opinion the medics would still hate us.

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