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You cannot keep the power of incorrect thinking under control unless the majority, or at least a significant percentage of the people of a nation, community, organization or group making the decisions adhere to correct thinking. Limiting incorrect thinking is why our country originally wanted to limit the voting franchise to male citizens, 21 years or older, who owned property and why those who want to “fundamentally change” the country have been systematically expanding the franchise. The chiropractic profession has been lacking that “correct thinking” percentage in any significant numbers over the past few decades, beginning with the death of our benevolent dictator, B.J. Palmer. The majority has been  slowly but surely embracing  an increasingly medical concept of chiropractic, however,  the minority, those  with correct thinking, are now growing. Why is this happening? Most schools are turning out less and less mixers because they are turning out less and less total graduates as enrollments dwindle.  Greater numbers of mixers than straights are retiring or leaving practice for one reason or another. Perhaps in part because practicing straight chiropractic is more enjoyable, more rewarding and those that do so stay in practice longer . As we more clearly define/refine chiropractic, a few (too few from my perspective) are saying “that’s what I want to do!” In addition, less are choosing to get into mixing chiropractic and instead choosing to be “real doctors” or choosing another profession especially as the requirements to become a chiropractor increase in cost and length of education. This is bringing the percentages of straights and mixers closer to parity.  One might think all of this portends well for the straight chiropractic movement. In a sense it does. However here is a caveat. As  the percentage of mixers becomes smaller, those in power will become more and more aggressive  in trying to control the entire profession and we will see more desperate measures to force all chiropractors to conform to their medical model , whether the chiropractor  wants to or not. Case in point, the present activity of the CCE. Not only are they coercing once straight schools to teach the medical model but they will not even consider input from the straight community. Be prepared for less tolerance for the non-therapeutic model of chiropractic and the idea that you can continue to practice that model of chiropractic if you like. It will go by the wayside and prove to be another lie.

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  1. Bob G. 03/12/2014, 6:56 pm:

    At some point we may have to do as the gun owners in Connecticut have done regarding their gun ban and simply say to CCE and the state boards ,”We will not comply”.

    • JoeStrauss 03/13/2014, 10:42 am:

      Bob, I can never condone civil disobedience. Of course when the law violates, in your example, the U.S. Constitution, it must be challenged and the courts must throw it out.

  2. RichieBDC 03/12/2014, 9:15 pm:

    Joe: sad but true and unless the newbies really get grounded philosophically they will be weak and those that get it r too busy 2 get into the political arena.

    • JoeStrauss 03/13/2014, 10:46 am:

      Richie, that is exactly the problem.

    • Bryson 03/14/2014, 4:50 pm:

      As a current Chiropractic Board member (in WA state), it’s been heart breaking to see that this is coming to fruition. It’s difficult being the only straight board member who votes to keep chiropractic a separate and distinct profession.

      • Joe Strauss 03/14/2014, 9:23 pm:

        That is truly sad, Bryson. I remember when, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Washington state was the model for straight chiropractic with leaders like Bill Day and his brother, Harold Hughes, Harley Gilvedt and Charlie (cannot remember his last name). I appreciate people like you who are working to hold the line.

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