Intelligent Design


As the Delaware River winds its way through the mountains along the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border, it forms a gap aptly called the Delaware Water Gap.  At a certain point on Interstate 80, one can see the vague profile of a Native American face cut into the mountain by the forces of nature.  My kids would look for the “Indian Head mountain” , knowing that when they saw it we were only a few minutes from our summer vacation home.  Actually it only looks like an Indian Head from a certain angle and if someone had not long ago stretched their imagination to see it, people probably would not even notice it today.  It’s one of those, “Yeah, that does kind of look like an Indian.”

            Further west, much further, is Mount Rushmore.  It is clear from any angle that these are the faces of four American Presidents.  No one has to squint their eyes to determine what it is or who it is.  Unlike “Indian Head Mountain,” no one would suggest that wind and rain carved the faces on Mount Rushmore.  It was done by an intelligent, talented man named Gutzon Borglum.

            When we look at the human body, with all of its intricacy, complex functions, and beauty, one is hard pressed to say that it happened by chance through or an evolutionary process that took millions of years.  There is clearly as much indication of intelligent design in the human body as there is in Mount Rushmore, forcing us to conclude that both were created by an intelligent designer.

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  1. RichieBDC 04/07/2014, 9:27 pm:

    Makes sense to me! Well stated:Joe….

  2. David Suskin 03/16/2015, 3:05 am:

    Is this intelligent designer, II, or is II only (not meant to minimize value), that which maintains innate matter in existence and that which only encompasses this thru p21 and p23?
    Further more if this subject of the structures of life’s process, the DNA, the 1000’s of chemical functions, etc. a reflection of intelligence, then what is the name of this intelligence and/or if it is inot a factor or concern of chiropractic, then is it just another observation of the intelligence that surrounds us? What would be its name?
    Perhaps it is II saying, I maintain life. In order to maintain active organization, there must be an intelligent organization of processes that work physically together, given the spark of life I maintain within the 33 Ps.
    I guess what I’m asking is where does the creation of the physical, operating intelligently designed matter MEET the II which mains it’s existence, what we call life?
    Is this part of chiropractic? Should it be part of chiropractic in that without the intelligently designed matter, there could be no expression of II?
    And if it is part of chiropractic, then are we not involved in creation, and the passing on of evolving, adapting, matter?
    If DNA is intertwined into the coding of intelligent processes, in what context could that exist in, if not an inclusion within ADIO, and/or some chiropractic context?

    • David Suskin 02/12/2016, 4:40 pm:

      I bringing this (see previous posted comment) to the forefront. I see there was no discussion. I’d appreciate some comments from the respective gallery, if possible.
      Thank You 😉

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