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Sometimes discussion on the blog gets confusing as we are not always on the same page. Discussion in philosophy can only be valuable if we agree on terms. I have compiled a glossary of terms directly from Chiropractic Textbook by RW Stephenson for use in our discussions. To help those new to the blog or not acquainted with the book or our philosophy please use these definitions and link to this place in posting so everyone can know the context of discussion. As time goes on it may be helpful to add new terms that are uniquely NTOSC or change those that are anachronistic. Please feel free to offer suggestions and we will add them if we feel they are helpful. We are all learning. It wouldn’t hurt for all of us to read the following and refresh our memories. Repetition is good.

1.) Adaptability (sign of life): The intellectual ability that an organism possesses of responding to all forces which come to it, whether Innate or Universal.

2.) Intellectual Adaptation: The mental process of Innate Intelligence to plan ways and means of using or circumventing universal forces.

3.) Adaptation: The movement of an organism or any of its parts; or the structural change in that organism, to use or to circumvent environment forces. Adaptation is a continuous process—continually varying, it is never constant and unvarying as are other universal laws. Adaptation is a universal principle—the only one of its kind. It is the principle of change, and the changes are always according to law, which is Intellectual Adaptation.

4.) Assimilation (sign of life): The power of assimilation is the ability of an organism to take into its body food materials selectively, and make them a part of itself according to a system or intelligent plan.

5.) Innate Brain: a) That part of the brain used by the Innate, as an organ, in which to assemble mental impulses. b) That part of the brain used by Innate as an organ, in which to assemble universal forces into foruns.

6.) Educated Brain: That part of the brain used by Innate as an organ for reason, memory, education, and the so-called voluntary functions.

7.) Disease and Dis-ease: Disease is a term used by physicians for sickness. To them it is an entity and is worthy of a name, hence diagnosis. Dis-ease is a Chiropractic term meaning not having ease; or lack of ease. It is lack of entity. It is a condition of matter when it does not have the property of ease. Ease is the entity, and dis-ease the lack of it.

8.) Educated Mind: Educated Mind is the activity of Innate Intelligence in the educated brain as an organ. The product of this activity is educated thoughts; such as, reasoning, will, memory, etc. Innate controls the functions of the “voluntary” organs via the educated brain. Educated thoughts are mostly for adaptation to things external to the body.

9.) Mental Forces: A mental force is that something, transmitted by nerves, which unites intelligence with matter. Mental force is called mental impulse because it impels tissue cells to intelligence action.

10.) Universal Forces: Universal Forces are the generalized forces of the Universe, which obey Universal (physical) laws, and are not adapted for constructive purposes.

11.) Invasive Forces: Invasive Forces are Universal Forces which force the effects upon tissue in spite of Innate’s resistance; or in case the resistance is lowered.

12.) Innate Forces: Forces are arranged by Innate for use in the body. They are Universal Forces assembled or adapted for dynamic functional power; to cause tissue cells to function; or to offer resistance to environment.

13.) Resistive Forces: Resistive Forces are Innate Forces called into being to oppose Invasive Forces. They are not called Resistive Forces unless they are of that character.

14.) Growth (sign of life): The power of growth is the ability to expand according to intelligent plan to mature size, and is dependent upon the power of assimilation.

15.) Impressions: The message from the tissue cell to Innate Intelligence concerning its welfare and doings.

16.) Innate Mind: The activity of Innate intelligence in the Innate brain as an organ.

17.) Innate Brain: That part of the brain used by Innate, as an organ, in which to assemble mental impulses.

18.) Internal Forces: Forces made by Innate. They are for use in and for the body. They are universal forces assembled or adapted for use in the body.

19.) Mental Forces: A mental forces is something, transmitted by nerves, which unites intelligence with matter. Mental force is called mental impulse because it impels tissue cells to intelligent action.

20.) Mental Impulses: A unit of mental force for a specific tissue cell, for a specific occasion. A special message to a tissue cell for the present instant.

21.) Penetrative Forces: Penetrative forces are invasive forces; forces external which force their way into the body, and their effects upon tissue, in spite of Innate’s resistance.

22.) Poison: Poison is any substance introduced into or manufactured within the living body which Innate cannot use in metabolism.

23.) Resistive Forces: Resistive Forces are Internal Forces (innate forces) called into being to oppose Penetrative Forces. They may be in many forms; as physical, chemical, or mechanical.

24.) The Chiropractic Definition of Subluxation: A subluxation is the condition of a vertebra that has lost its proper juxtaposition with the one above or the one below, or both; to an extent less that a luxation; which impinges nerves and interferes with the transmission of mental impulses.

25.) Vibration: The motion of a tissue cell in performing its function.

The following are definitions that are not found in Stephenson’s Chiropractic Textbook but are thought to be uniquely Objective Chiropractic.

26.) Objective of chiropractic: The objective of chiropractic is to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations for the full expression of the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD!

27.) Educated universal forces: Educated universal forces are forces used by people for so-called voluntary functions with limited intelligent direction.

28.) Vertebral adjustment: A vertebral adjustment is a universal force adapted by the innate intelligence of the body for the correction of a vertebral subluxation.

29.) Adjustic thrust: An adjustic thrust is a specific educated universal force introduced into a subluxated vertebra of a living person by a chiropractor with the intent that the innate intelligence of the body of that person will produce a vertebral adjustment.

30.) Objective chiropractor: a chiropractor who chooses to practice only the objective of chiropractic. Also called an objective straight chiropractor (OSC) and a non-therapeutic objective straight chiropractor (NTOSC)

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  1. Steve 04/23/2014, 2:28 pm:

    He Joe,
    Is it just my puter or are some of the definitions incomplete.
    (1 2 6 10 11 14 17 18 20 24 27 28)

    • Steve 04/23/2014, 2:32 pm:

      Man you are a genius. As soon as I submitted the comment and reloaded the page, all the corrections had been made. High Pi to your IT staff.

  2. Dr. Lessard 04/30/2014, 9:35 pm:

    Thank you Joe for adding this LEXICON tab.
    This is a great addition to the site.

    Thanks again for all your work on this blog and my learning curve. 🙂

    • Claude Lessard 05/02/2014, 2:26 am:

      Who, wrote this post above? It’s under my name and I did not write it.

    • Don 05/02/2014, 3:33 am:

      Dr. Lessard,
      Sorry, that was me.
      My apologies. I was “multi-tasking” while typing out that post and did not noticed I placed the salutation “Dr. Lessard” in the addressee name box.
      That should teach me to single task all my efforts.
      Sorry again and thanks for checking.

  3. Don 05/03/2014, 1:28 pm:


    Thank you for adding this LEXICON tab.
    This is a great addition to the site.
    Thanks again for all your work on this blog and my learning curve.

  4. David Suskin 05/21/2014, 2:41 pm:

    Hi Dr. Joe,

    I’ve been reading your books. Chiropractic Philosophy and (CP – advanced). In Advanced (cp), it discusses educated intelligence (vs innate) with examples, etc.

    Something like hunger or thirst or tiredness. These are all physical responses or expressions (can be involuntary).
    Sometimes they’re so called normal and sometimes, let’s say
    hunger >> psychologically increased or decreased >> leading to obesity or anorexia (simplified just to make a point). Or fatigue sometimes it’s a tired body or it could be depression and escape (dysfunction)

    Or thirst. Could be normal or could be diabetic (dysfunction) There’s urinating urgency, could be normal (bladder), or prostate issues(dysfunction)

    I know Innate is Perfect. It would seem to me that anything, ANYTHING, that does not manifest as perfect expression, is due to LOM or some kind of Educated Intelligence process (conscious or subconscious) that is overriding (like controlling blinking, or urinating or not going to sleep – overriding tiredness, etc.)

    Here’s my take and I’d like your opinion on it. If it’s a perfect expression and if it deals with Life and the triune, then it’s Innate Int. Other then that, it’s LOM and/or Educated Period.

    Manifestations of processes like tiredness, or anger or emotions or thought or will or your heart beating, while ii is involved in a life giving aspect, are complex whole actions that comprise reflex(not innate), LOM (not innate), psychological controls and adaptations (not innate), human socializations (not innate). Innate runs the inside of the body, educated, the outside.

    These are Educated Intelligence and Matter aspects of our Lives too and that subject is huge but not necessarily Chiropractic. Chiropractic specifically is about removing interference to the expression of innate, NOT revealing your subconscious and understanding the meaning of life, etc. (That’s educated). Yes these needs might be influenced even promoted by innate directive (part of innates mission in the case of human beings (self actualization, etc.) but that is a speculation and not necessarily a truism. All we know definitely is that II is Perfect, and actually that’s a good reference point to what is manifesting in ones life and whether there are innate influences within it or not.

    I’m of the belief that consciousness, and unconditional love, are of the properties of Universal Intelligence, that seep into Innate and manifested in Human Beings. It’s the universe viewing itself. But this is just opinion. And Chiropractically, not necessary with regards to our Prime Objective.

    But when we talk of an ADIO life, this is where these concepts of consciousness and love and purpose, and humanity, and growth, perhaps come into view. Yes, there is educated here, but there is educated in evaluating where to adjust. The purpose of man (woman), being a conscious and love being(potential), an expressive being, a willfull and intent being, has all to do with our purpose and our purpose Must be tied somehow to our origin and our origin gets back to Universal Intelligence or what came before UI to manifest it’s existence and thus as our Major Premise.

    Using common sense, Only as a means to live an ADIO life would seem to be problematic. That there are other so called Natural behaviors of man, that man has over written, ignored, thru the culture(s), and interactions of humans and their educated intelligence outer directed distortions.

    Things like Meditation, or Brotherhood, or personal human development is withing our purpose, and Universal Intelligences intent to Maintain Us >> Human Beings, Conscious Beings In Existence.


    • David Suskin 05/21/2014, 2:54 pm:

      I guess bottom line I’m asking
      If II is 100% and IForce is 100% and
      if Matter could be 100% what would we have and where does
      Educated Intelligence fit into this perfect Triune of Life.

      Do we have a perfect living person, but with educated flaws??
      Do we have a perfect living person, but with educated maladaptations?

      Is what makes us all beautifully different in the Matter? In the Adaptations from Educated? stretched over a thin line, a tightrope, where one side is positive and growth oriented, and the other side is selfish and destructive to others..

      Could the LOM and what it manifests >> the most beautiful thing in the world

      • David Suskin 05/21/2014, 4:04 pm:

        >> be the most beautiful thing in the world
        >> variation based on material flaws causing innate and educated adaptations to amalgamate into the human race, expressing and differentiating into variations of stratified intelligences.


        Mans Innate Manifestation is greater than any other animal, because we have more matter (quantity, function, quality) and/or the matter to manifest CONSCIOUSNESS, SELF AWARENESS, AWARENESS, and love/ universal love, etc. We are conscious of our brothers and sisters and have the ability to practice self-control where
        Innate can speak ADIO and we, uniquely so because we are human, can be aware of many things, unexplainable. and our prime directive does not have to be survival of the fitest, the hierarchy of evolution, but thru perspective and self actualization can bypass evolutionary dog eat dog aspects

        Man has a larger educated capacity and a consciousness (IAM) to allow Innate to manifest differently than just an inner adaptation but can drive Educated to ADIO >> understanding higher living principles (there but the grace go i, brotherly love, humanity, educatedly seaking to grow, understand, embrace perhaps other properties in UI to II, that being peace, harmony >> not the food chain, which is selfish survival. It’s a duality, where first UI had to express II and then the life had to evolve to be able to experience or contain the self awareness factor to understand and express and experience inspiration, love, intent

        How to tap in or remove interefence to this innate >> thru
        spinal adjustment and ADIO, educated adjustments (meditation, affirmation, be-do-have)etc., which all might be man, the natural man, the innate – uninterfered with man.

        Sitting quietly, at a stream, or walking thru a forest, being with nature, are not OI processes. Yes this is all conjecture, I know, bu these are meditative, aware processes, that brings man, the being, closer to source, universal intelligence or the source of universal intelligence.

        Thoughts. Yes I know this is all not the Chiropractic objective, or is it?
        Philosophy, Science and Art of Living

        • Steve 05/21/2014, 5:17 pm:

          Hey David is each individual snowflake a “material flaw, or an independent unique expression of universal force?
          Limits Of Matter are not necessarily flaws, just qualified functions. Qualified by structure. That my Camaro will not go 600 miles per hour is not a flaw, a disappointment maybe, but not a flaw. Possibly a better term would be States Of Matter.
          Universal forces are “limited” to matter as far as we know, and Innate forces are “limited” to living matter. As such limits are definitive and descriptive.

          • David Suskin 05/21/2014, 5:53 pm:

            Yo Steve,
            …and I throw this stuff out there, not only to question but to learn, or maybe it’s to start to allow myself to independently think and believe, without agreement…

            Yes, Limits Of Matter has always been a problem for me. So negative, at least I infer. States of Matter! hmmm I like that, but that could imply (solid, liquid, gas)??? Limits??? I know what it means… I like to think unlimited when it comes to potential and reality, um,
            I might have to just decondition myself a bit on the word LImit. Don’t like it. Yes I know, the irritated oyster produces the pearl!

            P#1:A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

            I always wondered What those properties were. Yes I know, Properties that maintain matter in existence. But that could be consciousness, that could be attractiveness (love), that could be quantum wave, the list could be endless, and the child II could inherit it and pass it on where only Matter that has the ability to express it, Can, like human, or a special human, not a worm, or a cow or a tree, but ???

  5. Claude 05/21/2014, 7:58 pm:


    You’re wondering about WHAT are the properties of e/matter? Here is a clue: ORGANIZATION 😉

    • David Suskin 05/21/2014, 8:17 pm:

      and I must presume much much more than that.
      Organization is what is inherited and associated with ii (pr#19,21).
      It would seem that 33 principles present the necessity of active organization and coordination as 2 properties that life depends on, within the context of Chiropractic.

      UI serves much more than Chiropractic (Art) >> Adjustment
      Gravity is part of UI, y/n?
      Electromagnetism is part of UI, y/n?
      subatomic properties are part of UI y/n?
      so there is more than organization as a property as part of UI yes/no??

      Do you agree, disagree?

      I don’t look to change the 33 principles, but I look to find out if there is a link to other ADIO concepts that might be helpful with regards to living an ADIO lifestyle

      just as a thought,
      and if so, why not consciousness (there are thoughts that the neurtino (a subatomic particle), contains the focus (lack of a better word) of consciousness…

      • David Suskin 05/21/2014, 8:40 pm:

        The major premise was defined thru a process of observation, inductive reasoning and as you say Authority (leap of faith) , as you know

        The definition is brilliant in that it lists properties (plural), and actions (plural)
        Organization is, I count 1 property.
        Couldn’t there be more?

        • Claude Lessard 05/23/2014, 11:48 am:


          You posted: “The definition is brilliant in that it lists properties (plural), and actions (plural)
          Organization is, I count 1 property.
          Couldn’t there be more?” –

          – With regards to chiropractic, properties and actions of the law of organization (universal intelligence and its function) and the law of active organization (innate intelligence and its functions) are contained within the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. Can you identity them (some as properties and some as actions)? 🙂

          • David Suskin 05/23/2014, 1:58 pm:

            1st of all let me tell briefly (is that possible??), about me. Basically –
            Chiro for 20 years, got out (like many have or did), retreaded to computer programming, have done it for 14years, hate it now, more hate having a BOSS or not having control of my employment destiny, plus other things >> had and have decided to go back into a PROFESSION. Relooked at Chiro. What was it’s appeal to me? Yup, it was the philosophy. So I’m starting up again, trying to deliver the OSC.

            1. I’ve gotten agreement (maybe Joes book >> Chiro Constructs??) >> about the problems with so called Selling or attracting people to the concepts of Getting adjusted to have II fully expressed.

            People are busy, preoccupied and focused on their pleasures and their pains.

            2. to get to your question >> I have dabbled in self help, new age concepts we can call them, meditation – chakra, IAM, etc.
            Bottom line, from what I can see
            Here we are, communicating, aware, conscious living breathing creatures, filled with complex arrays of motivations and needs and reasons we do the things we do, perspectives.

            All of these processes coming out of US, these Human Life Blobs of Matter.

            So, now we have Chiropractic, with it’s 33 principles, with a Major Premise that would seem to encompass EVERYTHING that exists.

            Since Innate I, Matter, feelings, Love, Perception, CONSCIOUSNESS all exist within the realm of everything and maybe it’s partner nothing??? >> There is an inheritance of life from general to specific, with further qualities and processes and attributes and functions.

            Yes I’m aware I may have wrongly said somethings (previous paragraph), but basically I see CONSCIOUSNESS, AWARENESS as the most amazing phenomenon that exists. It’s the universe basically evolving or creating or manifesting enough structures and forces and energies and intelligence?? to basically be able to look at itself…. THE UNIVERSE LOOKING AT ITSELF >> Thru Man.

            So here we have me, the retread, starting out as a newbee, in a profession, chiropractic, that I basically am attracted to, and Now trying to rely get it, get the BIG IDEA, to learn it and pass it on to PM’s

            But I have to own it first, and I have questions, which yes, subconsciously (educated), are screwed up hyper perfectionisms that I use as excuses to not start successfully this field of Chiropractic because of fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being wrong, whatever…

            So Innate is Perfect. I get that, and that is a great great start for me. It’s an epiphany. Truely. A piece of perfection in everyone.
            But how people, and educated is intertwined with innate and yet still be so so screwed up.

            Well, I assume that II, while it is only concerned with the life it inhabits, what that means in the case of MAN, not animal, or beast or plant, MAN! (woman). That means it’s involved with OUR NEEDS, because without our needs being met in some way, and I think they are fundamentally Love, Peace, Present Time Consciousness, Expressiveness, something beyond the beast, the animal, the simple life animals and creatures.

            Our Needs, our successes, the things that control us without our even realizing it, that we need to become aware of or need to be CLEARED OF EDUCATED INTERFERENCE SO NOT TO DISTORT THE PERFECTION OF INNATE, IN CONSCIOUSNESS, IN BEHAVIOR.

            The properties I speak of, from Universal I, the beginning >> have to inlcude love and consciousness, and ??? whatever… PERFECTION IN A PERFECT INTELLIGENCE >> that we invariably inherit, into ii.

            LIving the ADIO life has to have inklings of intuition, and awareness, that are beyond words, beyond language, beyond the limitations of objectifying everything inorder to understand it.

            It has to be within a realm of EXPERIENCE AND PERSPECTIVE, that is an ‘a priori’ Realm.

            What am I saying? I don’t really know. I think I’m expressing alot of frustration, alot of effort in trying to figure out, how to be congruent in something that makes sense. If Chiropractic Philosophy in the end doesn’t make sense because of hitches, or unexplainables, then the whole thing gets kind of boring, unattractive, wordy, cerebral and ‘believe it because it’s the 33 Principles’ >> zombies,

            I CAN’T SELL IT UNTIL I OWN IT… and The Adjustment? Wow, what a concept, but to say OK, I don’t have answers for you or myself, because of LOM, well that doesn’t help when you know that there is this PERFECT THING call Innate Intelligence within all of US, let alone all of life!

            I’ve meditated, I’ve read, I’ve prayed, I’ve studied.
            Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t

            Properties, Actions of UI?? >> Everything that exists today in our hearts and minds and actions and expressions >> all must come from it. Things don’t come from nothing (cause and effect).. So there has to be a beginning and that is UI or it’s Daddy?

            OK – Bottom line Claude, if you’re still reading…
            Man is doomed unless there is an answer

      • Claude 05/21/2014, 8:48 pm:

        Principle 19 and 21 are about “LIVING thing” ONLY being maintained alive by the law of ACTIVE organization. Principle 1 deals with the law of organization maintaining ALL e/matter in existence by configuring its electrons, protons, neutrons (including their positrons, mesons,neutrinos,anti-neutrinos etc.) and their velocities. I think you are confusing existence with living.

  6. Steve 05/21/2014, 10:17 pm:

    The properties of matter may work better for you. Such as subluxations further limit the properties of the transmitting matter. This would include organizational type (universal or innate) as part of the “properties”.

    • Claude Lessard 05/23/2014, 6:08 pm:


      You posted: “THE UNIVERSE LOOKING AT ITSELF >> Thru Man.” –

      – First of all, thank you for your desire to OWN chiropractic. You are on the quest and that’s what matters. I got what you said and what you did not say. I accept the way you are and the way you are not. I am committed to get whatever you have to say to me. –

      – You posted: “THE UNIVERSE LOOKING AT ITSELF >> Thru Man. When you say: “feelings, Love, Perception, CONSCIOUSNESS” all of it exist in the METAPHYSICAL realm and are OUTSIDE chiropractic philosophy and they go beyond our major premise. –

      – With regards to your question: “HOW DO I DELIVER A CHIROPRACTIC MESSAGE THAT’S BIG ENOUGH TO ATTRACT, BIG ENOUGH TO HEAL, BIG ENOUGH TO SUCCEED AND GROW, BIG ENOUGH TO GET PAST EVERY OUTSIDE IN THERAPEUTIC CONTROLLING IMPERFECTION.” You are now ready for your next Blue Book: “Practice Building for Straight Chiropractors” Enjoy it grasshopper! 😉

      • David Suskin 05/23/2014, 7:44 pm:

        grasshopper says:
        Yes, they are metaphysical.
        So Why Can’t David Suskin have
        SuskinPractic Philosophy

        Major Premise
        A Universal Love is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

        Do I inductively see that, yes – Law of Attraction
        Isn’t Intelligence and Love and Perception and Consciousness all of the same thing.

        How can you have intelligence without consciousness and visa versa. How can you have intelligence without love, love of knowledge love of purposeful action. How can you have intelligence without feelings, the state of awareness of different states of intelligence (from anger and agressiveness to tranquility and peace)… It’s all Intelligence.

        Since we’re trying to establish Chiropractic as a Non-therapeutic entity, It Has to Encompass everything, Meaning

        If you’re going live an ADIO life, and that essentially is embracing a vitalistic point of view, then you have to EASE >> EASE is love, EASE is belief in Self, EASE is Awareness beyond the visible reactions of anger and ego and identity. EASE is the platform the UNIVERSE Rest’s on. Even if it’s a SUN flare or Atomic forces released.. Perfection of action and intent is TRUTH and TRUTH IS EASE.

        and what do you mean
        OUTSIDE chiropractic philosophy???
        OUTSIDE? vs INSIDE??? what??

        Do you mean lower than, or not in the same vain?
        grasshopper thinks there is more to a Metaphysical hierarchy that you’re suggesting than you think?

        really offbase?

        TELL ME
        What makes Chiropractic so special if it doesn’t have Love in it
        Without Love – Where Would You Be Now?? Oops?

        • David Suskin 05/23/2014, 8:13 pm:

          I just read Joe’s post on Innate Intelligence and the Chemistry of Life.
          Certainly Love and Chemistry have some relation to each other. They call it Ecstacy! No but seriously. Chemistry and feelings and living beings. Very intertwined, so we have Innate effecting chemistry, chemistry effecting love and awareness and state of mind, etc. We have all these states and actions being so you say >> METAPHYSICAL. Innate Intelligence and UI are Metaphysical >> so they’re all connected meaing…

          Deductively they must come from some place, some pool, somewhere(nowhere) >> I say >> It ALL COMES FROM INTELLIGENCE >> That’s all there is. INTELLIGENCE and the properties of organization, coordination, love, consciousness, etc.

          and HUMAN’S are the quintessential receiver of this. A perhaps Final Destination of Universal Manifestation of this Intelligence >>
          UI to II to Life to Consciousness and Love to Human …

          There must be some I’ll say Natural (BJ), way of detecting or intuiting where II meets educated, in the form of an awareness, or state (meditations and being adjusted and natural living), bring Man to this state which is the only way to have a pure ADIO life…
          with Perceptions Clear, Perceptions Empowering to self and humanity… Yes/No?

          to much grasshopper for you??
          chill dave??
          go barbeque and eat a hotdog, have a beer, relax???

          I’m tryin I’m tryin >> But I need a Reason d’etre >> to Walk the walk, talk the talk and be on purpose otherwise it’ll be like everything else.
          uninspiring, formula, nothing really really that important enough to get in front of a room with a spine and start talking to a crowd about the same old thing >>> yawn!!

          • Claude 05/23/2014, 8:31 pm:


            I answered your question by giving you instructive information regarding HOW to do it congruent way in your office. Read the Blue Book “Practice Building for Straight Chiropractors. Then get out of your own way and it might just happen!

  7. Claude 05/23/2014, 8:46 pm:

    … universal love is NOT a property of the LAW of organization, the same way that forgiveness is NOT the property of the LAW of gravity. Can you identify the properties and actions of the LAW of organization (universal intelligence and it’s function) and the LAW of ACTIVE organization (innate intelligence and it’s function) according to the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science?

    • Claude Lessard 05/24/2014, 10:45 pm:


      You asked: “So Why Can’t David Suskin have
      SuskinPractic Philosophy
      Major Premise
      A Universal Love is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” –

      – The truth is that you CAN have it. That’s what mixers do. They practice their own objective… NOT the chiropractic objective. They practice the: “I, me, myself” objective. Nothing wrong with that if that’s what YOU need to move forward. It’s just NOT practicing chiropractic according to the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. It’s as simple as that.

      • David Suskin 05/24/2014, 11:52 pm:

        Ahhh soooooo
        And Claude. Wanted to let you know that I ordered 5 more books today including practicing straight chiro… As u suggested but more importantly I’ve been reading chiro philosophical constructs. And wow. Dr strauss’s books. The Blue Books. Are just what my educated brain needed to adapt to my external environment. Chiropractic never made more sense. Rw chiro textbook comes alive. Osc is no doubt. The reason I became a chiropractor. No doubt. Inspirational and it feels so good knowing that chiropractic offers perhaps the most unique service. I’ll read and reread. Wonderful.

  8. David Suskin 06/07/2014, 11:39 am:

    Here I go again…
    These days I’m always thinking of Chiropractic Philosophy.
    Sometimes I wake up in the morning with Questions. BJ and you have spoken about Conflicts, that they’re good, they challenge your purpose, your understanding, your congruency.

    1. I was thinking, what’s the difference between the 1000s of mechanisms that drive metabolism (atp generation) and mobility, respiration, water and ph balance, all of the 1000’s and 1000’s of enzyme reactions with mechanical triggers, all of the chemistrys that provide all of the processes that living things contain. AND what the MENTAL IMPULSE does?

    Even adaptability? So much of it is really built in PROCESS. Yes the DESIGN suggests Intelligence. Intelligence of creation of all of these interactive processes. Incredible design. Intelligent Design.

    The gears are all in play, and they all work, until they don’t!
    THEN WHAT HAPPENS? Is that the point where the signs of life really kick in? Where II thru Intellectual Adaptation generates a Mental Impulse to rectify the problem? Is it only problems that II is dealing with. IF NO PROBLEMS – the Machine takes care of it?

    2. Yes I understand Life vs Non-Life. That the Mental Impulse is involved with that. Active Organization? Coordinated Activities? OK, I get that. The 33 Principles deductively imply things that we humans don’t really understand the HOW yet, or maybe never will. The philosophy says it’s so, but I have proof of this LIFE FORCE, and how it intertwines into ALL OF THIS INTELLIGENT, MECHANISTIC DESIGN!

    What started me on this this morning was, I was thinking about adaptability? Is the generation of bone spurs adaptation? Well that kind of works for unstable areas, but it also destroys function. II doesn’t destroy function. It’s perfect. What about callous formation. OK, that helps but then it too destroys sensitivity, so I wonder.
    What about HOMEOSTASIS. ahhhh that’s a big one. Chemical thermostatic like functions where something stimulates an inhibition which inhibits a stimulation which inhibits an inhibition and the 1000’s of Thermostats are all working, controlling BODY FUNCTION AND PROCESS. INNATE MAYBE CONTROLS THE BIASING?

    The line between this marvelous machine and this living machine get’s kind of blurred sometimes, and for me, from an understanding point of view, from an owning the philosophy point of view, CONFLICT!

    Yes, I know. Mental Impulse >> Communication. II >> Signs of Life, but there’s a WHOLE LOT OF MECHANISM there.


    What’s the difference between adaptability and ADAPTABILITY (LIFE)
    Is it Many Cells doing a job to service other groups of cells (mechanism) or is it Each individual cell with needs that can be met by ONE INNATE INTELLIGENCE DIRECTING THE WHOLE??


    • Claude Lessard 06/07/2014, 1:45 pm:


      The beginning: A universal intelligence is in ALL e/matter and continually gives to it ALL its properties and actions thus maintaining it in existence. The CHIROPRACTIC meaning of existence is the expression of this intelligence THROUGH e/matter. The function of e-matter is to EXPRESS instructive information which is MANIFESTED by MOTION. Universal intelligence gives instructive information to BOTH organic and inorganic e/matter. The signs of active organization are the EFFECTS of the CAUSE of the LAW of ACTIVE organization, called innate intelligence which maintains “living things” ALIVE by ADAPTING universal forces AND e/matter WITHOUT BREAKING A UNIVERSAL LAW !!!! –

      – Spurs, callouses, homeostasis… ALL 1000s of EVERYTHING functioning WITHIN the limits of adaptation of e/matter.

    • Joe Strauss 06/08/2014, 5:06 pm:

      Dave, response #1. each one of those 1000’s of processes demand an overseer, even those that you would see as mechanisms. IOW who/what pulls the “trigger?” The human body is not a self perpetuating machine. None of those “gears” while present are “in play” in a corpse. All “built in processes” need some thing to push the buttons or move the gears.
      2. The generation of bone spurs may be adaptive under certain circumstances or they may be the result of the failure of the body to adapt (limitations of matter). Since we do not know or treat medical conditions, we just adjust and leave the results up to the body’s ii and the PM to decide whether they want it addressed by the md which gets into a Case Management issue. Afraid you are going to have to buy that book also. (kidding). Perhaps I should pull a “Claude” on you and make you tell me what you would do in that case!
      The living The body is not a test tube or a glass beaker. Everything that occurs does so under intelligent direction, even automatic, reflex or seemingly homeostatic activity. Don’t feel bad about struggling with this. Chiropractors who saw ii as being in the brain (and located in the cranial vault) have struggled with such things as the patellar reflex. It is because they usually fall back on their outside-in thinking and then “The line between this marvelous machine and this living machine get’s kind of blurred…”
      WHERE DOES MECHANISM END AND LIFE BEGIN? That, David, is the $ million question. Both require intelligence. Life requires universal (for existence) and innate intelligence (for active organization). Mechanism requires universal and educated intelligence. In chiropractic we strive to keep the educated (knowing it is the least reliable) aspect to a minimum.

      • David Suskin 06/08/2014, 9:11 pm:

        Hi Joe,
        With regards to intelligent design, tell me if I’m wrong but it seems that in that model which is more of a intelligent designer presentation, that that is not so much ii running the body or ii running life but some kind of intelligence running the creation. The organization of the chemistries the the structures of life. Sounds more like universal intelligence and what ii requires that is fulfilling an evolutionary or more accurately a bio ecosphere progression. From the Beginning to man. To today. Did you say that intelligent design though was more pantheistic or at least did not engage in a philosophical analysis of what life as an active event was. Like chiropractic philosophy is observing?

        Intelligent design does not imply ii. Does ii imply intelligent design and if so. From what forces.

        More importantly.. Now that you know my questions more. What’s your take on me? Meaning. And u expressed this about yourself too in some of your books. While I’m trying to so call learn and rev myself up so to speak. I am very self critical and not a BS’er. Once I start talking I tend to be ok. But. Slipping and checking. Oh boy. Not easy for me to find the entree points to people without thinking that I sound some kind of whacko hippy. Etc. Yet I do get. This

        Every conversation with people I somehow bring around to chiropractic philosophy. I weave it in there. Sometimes I can. And some times I can’t. II UI organization coordination tell the story. Yes?

        However I lose my motivation. It’s like my perspective needs more time to SEE ADIO all around me so I can just deliver a message to people. This will happen with more practice practice time practice. Keep at it Dave. I’m not a spring chicken. I’ve been down this road before. I work Full time as a computer programmer. I HATE my job. But it’s income. Chiropractic is my return savior. It’s my logical savior. So I am making another go at it. But it’s tough. OSC makes the most sense to me. I know it takes time to unlearn. To relearn. To transform as Claude might say.

        Sigh. Maybe you have some pointers or take on me on how to get out of my own way. The Big Idea. I know it’s a numbers game. I know I have to be less self critical. I know a big selfless purpose mission is important. Learning and trying and don’t give up is important.

        Maybe you can read between my lines and offer me some advice. Is that too oidu. Let’s call it you giving me educated adjustments.
        I’ll start.
        Dave… Blah blah… Go ahead. Make my day (Clint) 🙂

        • David Suskin 06/09/2014, 3:23 pm:

          In Other Words,
          HOW DO YOU SELL A CONCEPT, A POTENTIAL (non-tangible), A METAPHYSICAL REALITY (non-tangible)?

          Tell me I’m wrong – or correct me with some constructive criticism (see above)

          Particularly when there is a price tag on it?

          If you don’t eat, breath, live, wake-up to, sleep with Chiropractic,
          Failure at or Selling out to non-Chiropractic would seem to be the outcome.

          This is my dilemma. I feel it. I know it. Now, how to overcome the negative feelings that are oh too familiar and be patient, persistent and persevere PEACEFULLY, NON STRESSFULLY?

          Oh yes, I call this

  9. David Suskin 06/07/2014, 12:50 pm:

    ***note – The signs of life are evidence of the intelligence of life. OK
    But are each individual sign (eg. adaptation, assimilation, growth, etc.) mechanistic processes? Certainly they contain 1000s of mechanistic processes, and while their existence is evident of the intelligence of life, individually, as they exist in of themselves, they are abundantly mechanistic in design, but are they intrinsically Living?

    So let me reason this out. eg. If adaptability and the other signs show Life to be Intelligent, then each sign would show intelligence.

    Where is the deduction that adaptability is an intelligent process that would imply the necessity of LIFE and not the necessity of Intelligently designed Mechanisms?

    PS. Am I circularly screwing myself up here?

    Claude? Joe? Steve? Anyone? >> Point this Conflicted Individual into Clarification

    • David Suskin 06/07/2014, 1:29 pm:

      Still Higher Ground by Dr. Joe Strauss
      chapt >> Philosophical Misconceptions
      … Growth, as a true sign of life varies!!!!
      me – The signs of life, in life
      are all unpredictable, vary. Person to Person.
      That’s the difference. There might be alot of machinery in an organism, but the Mental Impulse drives variation, moment to moment adaptations. Kind of adapting adaptions adaptation. Life listens to a changing moment and can only make survival modifications thru the workings of the Mental Impulse driving coordination of body cells.


      OK – I’ll stop now and wait for some replay


    • Claude Lessard 06/07/2014, 2:14 pm:


      The major premise is the START point of chiropractic. The necessity of life is beyond the major premise. Chiropractors WHO choose to practice the chiropractic objective, do NOT need to go BEYOND principle #1 of chiropractic’s basic science, in order to OWN chiropractic. CONFLICTS indeed do CLARIFY… the necessity of HOLDING the tension between what we know and what we do not know until… 😉

      • Claude Lessard 06/07/2014, 2:16 pm:

        … in other words, OWN the principles and you will OWN chiropractic. 😉

    • Joe Strauss 06/08/2014, 5:12 pm:

      Dave, is there a difference between mechanical and mechanistic? If so what is it?

  10. David Suskin 06/07/2014, 2:38 pm:

    Got you Claude,
    I’m starting slow in my little practice here, comin out of reitirement here and making a go of this again, but I must say, more and more, even me, doubting Thomas, devil advocate, conflicted me, I’m telling the story over and over and over in as many ways possible, and I’m getting thru to PM’s more and more, and mostly to myself.

    I have fully embraced the Subluxation as being primarily a Metaphysical entity. And I tell my patients that. I explain it.
    It feel’s right that way. Actually it’s both humbling to me, empowering to my PM’s and actually very very exciting (discovery, etc. wise) to me.

    OWNing? That’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t know why I question?
    I’ve always been that way. Questioning why? how? – That’s my curiousity and it’s part Educated defense mechanism.

    I do think that Intelligent Design plus Mechanism does become an issue that I need to fully think out. The separation of intelligence from matter. I haven’t fully wrapped my head around that, being a new ager in disguise for so long.

    The non-Therapeutic basis of Chiropractic is so, so awesome and unique and most importantly what I embrace Chiropractic to be.

    I just hope that ownership is not like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz — outside in diploma, outside – in badge, outside in ticking heart idol, – I wanna go home, and I always could? yikes!

    I’m on the path

  11. John 12/04/2014, 5:34 pm:

    I went to 2 Straight Schools, the good one was closed and to me the philosophy was very important. but not the philosophy they taught, the one DD was living and what he wrote about, Chiropractic was founded on TONE, frequency, waves. This other 33 principal, BJ hole in one philosophy , I just don’t get,,,,the father of medicine said let food be your medicine and he was “setting bones” 5000 year prior to DD, he just related it to the neurological system and analyzed how structure effects that system when structure actually effects all systems including the higher frequency waves like cosmic rays the Auyvedics believed traveled through our bones and defused into the joints creating our chakras and energy body……Chiropractic is significant because it like osteopathy reignited the art and unlike osteopathy understood that it has baring not only on the physical but how spirit transmits in this dimension, remember Rev. Weed a spiritual man helped DD name Chiropractic which I believe means done by the hand “singular”, the Hand of God……. This, to me, recognizes the effects the higher frequencies have on our physical bodies which reflex what the ancients seemed to have know but was lost and medicine took on a perverted meaning where they are the ones that are truly the alternative and add poisonous junk turning the story around knowingly hurting millions and brain washing the public to think they are primary care when natural care, food and structure are the real Primary Care that is under siege by these monsters of profit who gave you a license and insurance to control you and Chiropractic………..imho

    • Claude Lessard 12/05/2014, 12:58 am:

      Sorry John

      There is absolutely NOTHING spiritual about chiropractic. The 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science deductively describe WHAT chiropractic Is and it is not; WHAT it does and WHAT it does not; HOW it does WHAT it does and most importantly WHY it does WHAT it does! Now the question ALWAYS is: WHO do you choose to BE in relation to these facts?

      • John 12/06/2014, 11:00 am:

        WOW brother you are lost. Life is not possible without spirit, imho and science is just a way of explaining life when it happens so we can reproduce it if we want and if it is possible and DD didn’t write the 33 principles they are ones explanation of what they believe Chiropractic is to them that I gladly do not share, and my friend, the 33 principles are not fact , they are principles and that is why so many Chiropractors are lost imho. The only reason anybody can assist another to heal themselves is because spirit allows that because it is evident that proper structure allows the mechanism spirit creates to work more efficiently according to what we see as its design……What is ui and ii ????? they are labels we give to unknown, unseen frequencies the 33 principles are trying to explain in a certain perspective, it isn’t science it is breaking down a philosophy from the very little evidence some guy found and that guy isn’t DD. Have you read DD ??? I found most philosophically based Chiropractors only read BJ and the 33 principles and regurgitate it like gospel but they ignore that the father of medicine and others have been setting bones for 5000 years and that effects everything in the body not just the neural system and that every bones position is as important as any other, imho and it was DD who said it connects man the physical with man the spiritual so you a Chiropractor or his son or a student of DD’s believes they know more then the proclaimed founder and developer, and please don’t give me the opinion that BJ was the developer, I mean DD developed it and laid the foundation so why do you guys ignore his teachings ?????? if you deny you don’t follow his teaching how can you say Chiropractic has nothing to do with spirit when DD said it connects spirit. I mean I am here because Joe was my teacher in school and he allowed us to have our own opinion but you had to back it up and I believe Chiropractors need to be leaders and have their own opinions they worked to form and his class was good for that and I got A’s because I actually read DD and have his books underlined and tabbed and I am the only Chiropractor I know who has done that , Why is that so, I wish we all had studied DD properly so I can have a decent conversation with another Chiropractor but I found a bunch or lemmings all hung up on technique and guru’s, spell the word guru out loud for an hour or 2 or a day and maybe you will understand what the hell the word means, Chiropractic has nothing to do with spirit ????? this is why the license and insurance and CEU have proven to be a waste and warped your fragile little minds so you thing you are alternative health care and adjunct or adding junk……. start reading only DD for about a year, over and over, Chiropractic is founded on TONE, DUH !!!! DD was talking about new physics when Tesla was figuring it out and seen it in the nature around him as DD did and related it to the neural system, and all the genius Chiropractors limited themselves to just the neural system and some were stupid enough to limit their scope to one to three bones, Duh!!!! nothing like painting yourself into a corner when your knowledge is so limited to begin with…..and if you think you know so much, brother you ain’t starting with a broad enough foundation, realize what DD gave us was a start and none of us NONE OF US….should be idolizing any of us yet at this point. We should be encouraging each other to out think ourselves and laying all ideas on the table because we are letting the drug companies and falsely proclained medical profession eat our lunch because the father of medicine said let food be your medicine and he was correcting structure, go check your history……and I am very disappointed because I went to Penn Straight and after visiting more then half the schools in the country the only real Chiropractic Graduate School was Penn Straight because Joe and Brian told us to read the books and the principles and give them our opinion and Steve Marini and Tony Fasano who taught us our basic sciences were not only practicing Chiropractor who taught everything Chiropractically but they were qualified and had both taught in medical colleges and the profession laid down and let that go away……..Wake Up…. being a leader doesn’t mean leading others, it means being able to lead yourself and teach others to lead themselves, I was very excited going into Chiropractic but found that the people who entered feel far short of my expectations……read the letters of the word G-U-R-U ……GEE, yOU ARE yOU AND VERY UNIQUE FROM ANY OTHER AND ONLY YOU CAN LEAD YOURSELF AND YOU ARE A LIVING BEING MADE OF SPIRIT THAT CREATES…
        Signature – SIGN OF NATURE – it gave the value to the promissory you co-created and fictions need that energy to perpetuate itself, only through you, that is how powerful you and spirit are imho…….
        I am lost with you guys

        • Claude 12/07/2014, 4:33 pm:


          I wonder if Dick Plummer, D.C. or Jay Komarek, D.C. teach animal adjusting to connect horse physical with horse spiritual? You are confusing the immaterial component of biological life with the spiritual component of human life. Perhaps that’s WHY you are lost. A great book for you to read at this time would be: ” The Nature Of Man ” by STRAUSS, 2010. You can order it on line.

          • Joe Strauss 12/07/2014, 6:58 pm:

            Claude, not only the animals but if innate intelligence is 100% (and it is), that means the principle of life is the same in an amoeba and a man. How is the spiritual component of an amoeba manifested? By the way The Nature of Man is a Biblical theology book and is not available online. It can be ordered personally through contacting me by e-mail. There is no charge for it.

          • John 12/12/2014, 7:07 am:

            what created life ?
            a mystery……
            define life ?
            a mystery

            all we know is nature and we can not create life, only the mystery of nature can create life, imho…

            you can break it down and see what you get but realize your perspective is limited…..DD said it best on the first page and the new physics is based on this…. Chiropractic is TONE…..in other words all we know is that everything we experiences has a vibration….
            all this ii – ui stuff is assumption but it is all good to ponder in our quest to understand and go back home, if I may make my own assumption…..Tesla understood this and came up with alternating current and other technologies people are killed for developing……yeah I knew some of those hero’s working closely with them…….when we have the balls to shed the license and stop taking insurance and defining ourselves as an alternative and adjunct maybe I will start hanging with Chiropractors again….but alas to many of you guys what to follow and not lead….I can’t be in a room with Chiropractor who want to shout me down and yell at me when I want to have a real discussion…..unfortunately that happened to me at a place I never thought it would happen…..New Beginning…..and when the political guys came from the NYC Council and took it over, all the feature speakers who use to be front and center to listen to the others speak at the open sessions went to a private floor to talk money, control and politics……what a frickin shame that was….a beautiful thing was totally ruined……but hey lets all do the money humm and take insurance and watch the 3rd parties destroy a wonderful thing that was connecting us to that mystery we call spirit….hey spirit can’t be real right….so who cares anyway……lets talk numbers……I mean it is so sad….I mean really….the money humm????……..go define money and see if you really want to love it by doing a money humm…..that guy’s attitude was a joke imho and I knew him, spoke with him and broke bread with him on several occasions, to many ego’s, and that is not true of Joe for sure, but I still don’t agree very respectfully…

          • David Suskin 12/12/2014, 2:26 pm:

            Instead of just pontificating and ranting, let’s just sit with your major point, that being that TONE was or is the starting point or first manifestation to be considered within Chiropractic Philosophy or perhaps even in lue of Chiropractic Philosophy, as your suggesting and relating to DD Palmer.
            Maybe some others have a logical and historical view on this point.

  12. David Suskin 12/07/2014, 8:23 pm:

    Peoples reactions to hard facts, historiical events, with resultant knee jerk interpretations and opinions to invested ideologies, propagandas, highlighting rational thought versus illogic, and other manifestations to immaterial apriori ventures (metaphysical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) breads a notable devisiveness and hostility, particularly on poor communication non live-contact channels like blogs, forums and email, etc.
    But I’m as guilty as the next, waiting for your replies guys.
    Hey, some pantheists note spirit from paper weights like rocks, granite and other less adaptive things than amoebas.
    I still think knee to knee, toe to toe is the best way to communicate.
    As an aside,
    I do agree, the leader needs first to be able to lead themselves.
    Claude, Joe, Steve?
    When you wake up, in the morn, What’s the very First chiropractic related thought that you think of, perhaps the 2nd?
    Does it change?
    Does its gravitas change throughout the day?
    Talk to me. Talk to This WHO!
    Thank You COTB for being here!!!!!! 😉

    • John 12/12/2014, 7:33 am:

      I prefer this way of communicating in many respects, first off you don’t get shouted down, interrupted or intimidated and can read what you type before you hit send….
      what you say and what others say in response it here in black with a gray back ground for a long while anyway and can be reviewed and looked at in other time with different perspectives
      there are to many power plays and prejudices that can go on face to face though I think that has advantages too
      writing like this allows the writer and reader to take the time to think and reflect on what is actually being put down
      and if we can be honest and leave our egos at the door we can learn a lot from our-self and ourselves and grow
      the perfect example of this is New Beginnings,
      like I said above, when I first went there everybody was equal from featured speaker to student but when this faction from NY Chiro Council came in, wow did the whole thing change…
      Every featured speaker use to go to the Cell-F Center meetings and stayed till the end and everybody was learning from everybody and everybody had a voice and was appreciated
      then the NYCC came in and before you know it people were being shouted down and discredited and the power play was on,
      lots of Sid guys took over
      and when the Cell-F Center meeting was going on, there were Jim, all the big NB guys, featured speakers and the NYCC elite in a circle on a private floor separated from everybody
      I put up with it for 2 or 3 NB, they even shouted me down in a bar in front of everybody
      So why do I need to waste my time at a shame meeting ?????
      So in that case knee to knee, toe to toe was definitely not the way to communicate
      and believe me, as a student I had the whole place on their feet, some on their chairs and they came up to me and started the NB student fund because of what I said and I got a really cool job from those talks I did there that took me to all the biggest events in the country
      the big NYCC guys came in and worked a scam with an MLM phone company where they said all the money was going to go to the student fund but then I found that they were skimming so I bailed, like I don’t understand to this day why Jim and the others allowed these things to happen but I got better ways to spend my time….

  13. John 12/19/2014, 7:50 pm:

    Structure Determines Function……..Gods Love is TRUTH….

    When you understand what Man is and Who created Man, all assumption that Common Law is based on and know who is the creator on this plane maybe we can learn to keep others from creating vehicles to gang up on ones who wish to live without harming others and who are responsible for their actions that do not appreciate interference in them governing themselves….
    Isn’t that how they set up the foundation in law when they wrote the federalist papers and the declaration ?
    PS……please read the first page in Genesis and please explain to me the difference between God and the lord god ????? and why did the lord god have to create Eve from one of Adams ribs ?????
    I don’t know, I am confused…isn’t Chiropractic about attaining TRUTH in structure to get TRUE transmission ?????
    That is why I don’t go to NB any more…..compromise…..When the most respected were listening to the neophytes there was a reason to respect them, they were there. After the felt above others and didn’t feel they needed to be part of the whole experience I didn’t need to be there any more……Why the hell you think I respect Joe Strauss…..he listens and I will listen to him and learn what I can and challenge myself so I can stay true to myself and Chiropractic…..The Hand of God through the Nature, He created to co-create, Man and all living things….
    Life maybe the evidence of intelligence, whether you want to say UI or ii or however you want to personify it,
    but remember what a person is, personae, an actor wearing a mask on a stage, it loses dimension, that is why the second commandment says, make no graven images…… dead reflections…..
    Leave God open for infinite possibilities and when you think you are so smart you can’t learn from the neophyte you close some of those infinite possibilities…….DD Palmer just left us open to infinite possibilities others want to crush because it gets in the way of what perpetuates their road of imbalance that benefits them in the short run…..Hypocratis was helping to correct the frame 3000 years ago and said do no harm and your food is your medicine…….and they take an oath to him and do what they do and still want to call it medicine….
    so lets get licenses and take insurance so they can define what Chiropractic is ???????????
    You signed the contract and take benefit and still don’t hold them,the entities, to their terms out of fear because you don’t even know you signed a contract or how many or what the terms are or in what personae you signed the contract under………..Duh???????
    So that is really being responsible………….
    Follow the money…….did you do your money hum today ??????
    That almost made me change my mind about becoming a Chiropractor, that stupid money hum……..
    So they, the entities, complain about you and you get intimidated….?
    If you are a Man you can make a Claim
    Homework, what is the difference between a complaint and a Claim ???

  14. David Suskin 12/20/2014, 11:03 am:

    You said ‘Chiropractic about attaining TRUTH in structure to get TRUE transmission’
    I understand what you’re saying, and I think in essence you are saying Chiropractic is about attaining maximum or fullest expression of innate intelligence! Why the disntiction?
    Because there already IS Truth in structure, interference (uf) or no interference (if). 100% – p5,p7, p27. That’s Truth. That’s the non dualism I think, Claude speaks of (Claude, help me out here ;)).
    That’s accepting man and knowing Life thru understanding p26 and the Truth it bears.
    That is why I choose to commit my Who to NTOSC and the TRUTH of the Authority, in toto, the 33 principles.
    The truth is about knowing, being, choosing, and transforming.
    The structure is always True.
    The transmission may not be allowing the fullest expression of innate forces.
    That is why I practice the Chiropractic Objective.
    But if it is true that one chooses to bring in theological components to ones WHO, which is ones Choices, then indeed, you might be right in saying that ”Chiropractic is about attaining TRUTH in structure to get TRUE transmission!
    I have not made that choice, and fundamentally, the major premise does NOT establish that is a priori to deduce the 32 principles that follow
    I will say that lighting the Chanukah candles and reading the blessings does allow me to experience Faith (not chiropractic), and momentarily inclines me to choose from my WHO, in constant transformation, to agree with you, But I say ones again that is Not chiropractic.
    Yet maybe me understanding what IS chiropractic has allowed me to know more about WHO I am, and what IS Truth. perhaps that is me carrying on ADIO 😉

  15. John 12/22/2014, 4:46 am:

    What ever your TRUTH is, is not for me to question but for you to question, Like in Joe or Brian’s class I would not question what you believe but I would question you to strengthen your belief and mine. I would not go against any of my fellow Chiropractors and bring in other non-Chiropractors into a conversation we might have that would effect in a negative way on any of us because of philosophical differences, that being said…
    I went to “Straight” schools and the only text I would consider being Chiropractic is from DD because I don’t believe he founded anything but helped name his version of it as it is related to the neural system but to everything through TONE and like the 2 Commandment as it was originally written, I believe, there should be no graven images made….
    Adjusting, helping the body attain justice with the spirit is the basic objective that DD and Hippocrates both had, Theurgy in a way which was later interpreted into superstition but how it related to balance and natur as early Humorism believed but in regard to all aspects of flow or TONE if I may remind us what Chiropractic was founded on….but there is an urge by many to be specific even when that means taking that specificity and applying it to everything where generality may serve better, if I may…
    So in general, structure determines function and having proper structure enables better function and transmission of frequencies, if that is what the 33 Principles has as an objective, great…..
    There is also the existence and perpetuation of Life that can not be reproduced by any other means but by using what has been put in our world by mysterious Force or Intelligence we all seem to want to personify to our satisfaction or to serve us in having dominion over others of Its Creation …….
    A J Still
    The tenets of Osteopathic philosophy are: (1) The body is a unit; the person is a unit of mind, body, and spirit. (2) The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance. (3) Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated. (4) Rational treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function.
    DD, AJ and Hippocrates seem to all be dealing with very basic things that are self evident……. That makes sense to me
    OSC and HIO just don’t to me, it just seems to complicate and limit the scope while making assumptions that take people off purpose that doctors from every discipline seem to go off into after they seem to have proven their path is a path all should take
    and that is why in New Beginnings when you isolate yourself from the neophyte and shout down others who take different paths as it started happening it is time to bail and get back to basics
    It was very much the opposite of that for the time I started going to those meeting, NB, and now you can get CEU credits there ?????
    Now does that makes sense to you ???
    It very much confuses me……

  16. David Suskin 12/22/2014, 4:14 pm:

    Structure/Function being one of the physical laws (there are 100’s), I see as basically an deduction from p11 (The Character of Universal Forces – The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested by physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work.
    You are saying, or quoting things like ‘The tenets of Osteopathic philosophy are: (1) The body is a unit; the person is a unit of mind, body, and spirit. (2) The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance. (3) Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated. (4) Rational treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function.’
    My point IS, My understanding of Chiropractic is that it Seeks to be able to prove the existence and the effects of Subluxation, in Chiropractics case, DEDUCTIVELY.
    You can make all the statements of Fact you want. That doesn’t mean it is TRUTH. Just because DD or BJ or RWS or Still or You or Me or whomever, says this is True, What Is, doesn’t make it so.
    Now you can believe it is True, and that IS YOUR prerogative, but that doesn’t establish the verification of Truth.
    Only Induction, Empericism or Deductions will establish some degree of Pointing towards the Truth. Faith Might, but Faith cannot be debated.
    My Point?
    You’re entitled to your own Opinion certainly, but not your own FACTS or Truth. I don’t believe your Insistence on what IS or IS NOT is THE convincing argument to render what is TRUTH, to those of us here.
    So the ball is in YOUR court. Prove what you say about Chiropractic, about what it is and is not. PROVE IT. The rest is just coffee table talk and I certainly am not here to listen to that DIN, and put The Sign into it that says. HERE IS THE TRUTH.
    Ok, I’ll ask you question.
    What problem do you have with the 33 principles that indicates that they are in error and should not be associated with the Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic?

  17. John 12/22/2014, 8:00 pm:

    WHAT ?
    You have no idea do you ? Why should I have to prove anything ? I have my opinion as every doctor does…..Duh ?????
    I am keeping it simple
    Chiropractic is founded on TONE….
    You know who said that right ???
    DD came after Still and Still after Hippocretes and they all assisted in correcting the osseous frame right ???
    You know what Humour is as it relates to the body and how long it was a major belief of those who assisted the body to heal itself, right ??
    You are all hung up in ego and being right and challenging
    I am looking at things objectively and trying to find my truth not yours or anybody elses…
    You want to believe in the 33 and do the money hum, go right ahead but understand that you accept that as your truth and if you want to put a wall around it great, but don’t lock me inside your wall…
    All I ask any Chiropractor or and Primary Care facilitator is to allow me my truth as I would allow them theirs, it is not my say what another does or believes, that is for them to decide and are their consequences and rewards as the Universe seems fit to provide in the time it provides it…
    You think you are the only one who can define Chiropractic for everybody or BJ has any authority or anybody except maybe DD who coined the name with Rev Weed and Developed the art-science and philosophy himself ????
    This is why Penn Straight was THE ONLY TRUE GRADUATE CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE. They asked you questions and let you have your OWN TRUTH, even though they might disagree they became stronger in their belief by allowing all voices be heard without filters..
    Do you know anything about the history of medicine ???
    What do you think DD just woke up one day and Chiropractic was bestowed on him ? he had to work !!!!!!
    Chiropractic is founded on TONE most likely because DD was a magnetic “healer” who understood frequencies and how they effected every thing and related it to the neural system which works with chemo-electric frequencies…
    Now if you want me to put that together for you I can and I can show you a tissue in the body that connects it all together so Chiro-Osteo-PT and any Structure – Function discipline can come together with herb-naturo food base discipline and stop going around saying wrongly they are “adjunct” adding Jink and an “alternative” so people stop judging me and what I do wrongly because a few idiots, and look up that word so you know what it means, who think they are authorities stop leading the rest of the stupid people who never learned to think for themselves so they have to follow a G-U-R-U and never ever learn who they are and what is their TRUTH…….Keep doing the money hum, right but do you understand the definition of money ?????
    So if you want to be clear about this whole process, the only debate is inside yourself, stop looking outside or to someone else for your answers or truth. What is science to you today is just temporary until you have a greater understanding then more and more dimentions of understanding reveal themselves…….
    The simplest answers are the hardest to come by, you know Ockham’s razor ? I believe everybody needs to be in touch with their roots, in our case our roots are a mystery so any avenue or street should be explored and you can only know the shortest way if you know where you began, so, I believe, you need to know where Primary Care started where the recurring theme is that the body mind and spirit heal-feeds-cleans and expresses itself and all we can do is assist that process at this point, not absolutely knowing the purpose but respecting it might have one……
    isn’t restricting others expression restricting the light of their experience for all of us ????
    So as I don’t restrict others light I don’t allow them to restrict mine so I will bring it to another place where there is less of a shadow cast

  18. John 12/22/2014, 8:12 pm:

    The Character of Universal Forces – The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested by physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work.

    PS no one knows enough to make such a lofty assumption as this in my humble opinion……

    the character of UF can be so vast you only know a very small perspective of how it effects everything assuming that UF actually exist as some perceive it some how to exist…….

    you do understand this is an assumption about something that is assumed to exist, right ?

    and laws are only laws because we assume they exist because the reliably repeat themselves in our perceived dimension?


  19. David Suskin 12/22/2014, 9:18 pm:

    That being the case, will your matter still exist by the time you respond. My assumption is that it will.
    I can live within that level of faith. Since that is the case, the assumption. Of your matter existence continuing can be assumed as law.
    If I pull on your ear, you’ll probably tell me to stop or adapt (punch me, pull away, whatever). If you were dead, I, by assumption, could pull your ear right off.
    Not a very effective adaptation by your dead carcass. 😉

  20. John 12/24/2014, 8:08 am:

    what is force and what is intelligence ? Bring it to its simplest form. A wave ?????.. Chiropractic is founded on TONE….the neural system is chemical charge …….what happens to waves ? How do they react, cancel or propagate ? What puts a wave in motion ? What constitutes a wave ? what gives it direction ???? What is the first tissue to form in embryology ?

    • Joe Strauss 12/24/2014, 8:01 pm:

      John, I think our chiropractic lexicon has answered those questions (“what is force and what is intelligence ?”). What’s more, from what I have seen, all respected empirical evidence has only served to support/corroborate those definitions.
      I think chiropractic is NOT founded on tone, a physical phenomena. It is founded on INFORMATION, a metaphysical phenomena. D.D. claims to have founded it on tone a physical phenomena (energy/matter). The hitting of a physical piano’s physical key on a physical string of a certain physical length, with just the correct physical tension (physically “tuned” properly) produces a physical sound (wave), creating metaphysical information for a person intelligent enough to recognize it (not me) and for them to say “that’s a C sharp”! IMO D.D. often talked metaphysically when he should have been talking physically and physically when he was/should be describing metaphysical phenomena. That may appeal to those who would like to mechanisticize our chiropractic philosophy but it is not reconcilable with that deductive philosophy.

  21. John 12/28/2014, 9:58 pm:

    Joe, TONE is information. AND That is how information is shared. I truly believe Chiropractic is founded on TONE. What is the difference between Met-A-Physical and Physical ??? Awareness ??? All in One Each Man in All Men…….Understanding TONE is developing the New Physics and making us more aware of other dimension where they “believe” there are 10 or 11 dimensions……what is the difference between “matter” and “vibration” ?……can you have one without the other ? When you name something you need to be careful…..things change……matter is vibrating and vibration takes space….this elusive phenomena changes fundamentally for many unknown reasons……how do we react to it…..
    One thing I like to say is, people do what they do and you do what you do……you can’t control what others do but you can control what you do……..now in this there is a lot to observe……physically observable phenomena that we have a perspective on and has been deemed repeatable we can put under the category of what we call science which I believe is very finite and those who only believe in science are basically just living in the history of phenomena, one might say, I definitely do not think DD was doing that or had the perspective that TONE was only Physical in nature…….in my opinion his son had no idea and was dying to jump the gun and made certain assumptions that were totally off base and limiting, “Hole in One” being a part of that…..
    Hole is a good word because it put us in a hole instead of us focusing on the “WHOLE” as I believe DD was trying to do….
    TONE is our perspectives best analogy of our WHOLE experience……it has all properties and none…….it is every where and nowhere all at once……..it is the mystery they build acre upon acre of atom accelerators breaking down matter all to fine what…….again and again,,,,,,,TONE…….Yes the principle of Structure Determines Function is the principle that consistently shows how aligning the carrier wave gives us better reception, health and expression…….and DD just related this to the neural system……..IT DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVE TO BE STUCK THERE…..it is good that we do a total exploration of it and relate it to other systems and I believe TONE – FREQUENCY is our gate to other dimension we can’t experience because of our lack of openness because of our attachment to things like science and the show me attitude…….
    Privately I really don’t need to show you or prove to you anything, it is real to me……if you choose your perspective over mine so be it……I respect that…….go in your direction and I will go in mine…….at the end of the day when we sit down to eat dinner we can have an interesting conversation indeed respecting each others perspective……..
    Joe, “to me” it is irrefutable that Chiropractic was founded on TONE…
    I believe DD was one of the great thinkers of our time but like Tesla his contemporary they were shut down and ostracized…….if their ideas were fully adopted I really believe we would be living in a pollution free, free energy world with an all natural primary care world that would respect nature and have us living in abundance and peace….
    Now respect that I had what I consider the best Chiropractic education doing the last year at Penn Straight with part of the teach out and hung out with Pasquale and Reggie looking up to them, but not as unfoulable gods but as very experienced competent and and respectful men I learned a lot from and you all taught me to think for myself and be myself………seriously Joe I don’t agree with you but their was only a few I would of picked to teach me and you would be one and I hope you challenge me as I hope I am challenging you…….
    Hey I know I ain’t right a lot of times but If I feel I need to change because of irrefutable evidence “to me” I will because I do not want to lie to myself……
    That is why we need to review Hippocrates-Still-DD and the old tradition of monitoring health with the 4 humours which in essence was monitoring TONE………..This is how Chiropractors can lead the Change being based in TONE specifically because it brings all natural practitioners of health and technology together ,,,,,,,,
    With this we can lead by our actions with an all inclusive philosophy,,,,,,,,,not by claim….. by inclusion …. harmony…..TONE
    You know I built 2 versions of permanent magnet generators, the Sun dance Generator, search that and you see my friend Eric demonstrate it, his father designed it. I seen so much clean free technology and built them on other projects and I seen my friends die, be discredited and financially ruined because they were developing it……just like I seen the Chiropractic schools infiltrated with the whole damn profession with the contracts of the license and insurance to control the definition which is the foundation of the thoughts, no ??? and now they infiltrated so chiropractors start prescribing drugs ???? no keep your “F’N’ license and your insurance and come arrest my ass if you have the nerve……this is why Reggie started Spinology….. but there is no balls in Chiropractic any more,
    There was a Black Lady representative who put a bill up 4 times for Chiropractic autonomy NY Chiro Council who is a very nice guy and was at NB when it was worth going, who I respected and asked him to check her out and support her……..I couldn’t believe what he told me…
    He said, if they give us that they won’t give us anything any more ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Who are they ? and why do we need anybody to give us anything ?????????????????????????????????????????????
    I mean what is happening, no one can think or do for themselves ?????????????????????????????????????????
    very very sad fellows….very sad ??????

    • Joe Strauss 12/30/2014, 3:39 pm:

      John, first let me say that your contribution to this blog is welcomed and is important. When BJ Palmer said Conflicts Clarify, I don’t think he saw conflicts in a negative light. I think he saw them more as discussion, difference of opinion, debate. Clearly we agree on more than we disagree on and while I am not trying to convince you of anything, my hope is that this dialogue will enable you and others, to think, and perhaps come to a greater understanding of chiropractic. I hope that your comments will have the same effect upon me. With that said, let’s get to our “conflict”. You wrote “Joe, TONE is information”. I would disagree. I don’t know how DD used or meant to use the term “tone” but from what I have read he described it in physical terms, which we still do today. Tone is physical e/matter. Information is metaphysical. The physical may carry the metaphysical information. Striking the middle C key on a piano is physical. It results in a small physical hammer striking a physical string producing a physical sound which is picked up by my physical hearing apparatus. It conveys no information to me except that I know which key is middle C on the piano and I conclude that the sound elicited by that key is middle C. My knowledge or understanding is so limited that I don’t even know whether it is sharp or flat, whether the piano is in tune or out of tune. Someone with greater musical intelligence would recognize that sound as middle C, by only hearing it. It is true that the physical conveys information, metaphysical. But the two are separate, two different aspects of the triune, force and matter. Information, the metaphysical can only be known intellectually (by intelligence), the physical can be observed empirically. The words that you are reading are physical. The thoughts that I am trying to convey are metaphysical ,understood intellectually (by your educated intelligence)
      I don’t think DD Palmer really grasped that distinction or at least he did not when he described/defined tone,(understood now and then) as a physical phenomena. I’m not sure BJ ever completely understood that distinction, at least not until he tried and failed to physically measure the mental impulse using the physical apparatus of the electroencephaloneuromentimpograph. I agree with you that ” aligning the carrier wave gives us better reception, health and expression…” but we must not confuse the carrier wave, the physical phenomena, with the metaphysical information. In my opinion that was DD’s error and led to him and other chiropractors confusing objectives.

  22. John 12/28/2014, 10:36 pm:

    PS, to answer my own question in my entry before Joe’s comments, the first tissue formed in embryology ???

    Not-o-chord pronounced Note – O – Chord

    one or more more sounds together


    when something is “sound” it is said to have proper TONE

    did you ever see how sound can shape the particles around it ?

    That is why we as Chiropractors need to appreciate DD and where Chiropractic came from….

    In My Humble Opinion

  23. John 01/07/2015, 11:33 am:

    What ?
    Joe, one can never know another mans mind……
    Waves carry energy and information in frequencies we can and can’t detect because our state of awareness……..”Meta”…… as a stand-alone word, both as an adjective and as a directional preposition (“going meta”, a term he coins for the old rhetorical trick of taking a debate or analysis to another level of abstraction, as when somebody says “This debate isn’t going anywhere”). This book is also probably responsible for the direct association of “meta” with strange loops, as opposed to just abstraction.
    DD understood the physical and spiritual, the meta and the present. Read his books, and he related the tone lost from diverted structure to the neural system as an explanation of how TONE was disrupted not that the neural system was the most important system, all systems are dependent on the structure of others systems
    And guess what all you Chiropractors out there………TONE is STRUCTURE……….Duh !!!!!!!!!!!!
    All in ONE, each man in all MEN…………
    There are no straight lines, they are all waves, it is your perception and the TONE of the wave that makes it a straight line to the observer, no ?
    ok guess what again?????
    TONE is FUNCTION……That’s right it carries energy and information, isn’t that a function……….
    Can we ever know the beginning ??? Yes the beginning is awareness, when you become aware everything begins

    -ware suffix used to describe types of computer components

    Living systems are cognitive systems, and living as a process is a process of cognition. This statement is valid for all organisms, with or without a nervous system.

    This theory contributes a perspective that cognition is a process present at organic levels that we don’t usually consider to be aware. Given the possible relationship between awareness and cognition, and consciousness, this theory contributes an interesting perspective in the philosophical and scientific dialogue of awareness and living systems theory.

    There will always be more we don’t know then what we know because the space inside is as vast as the space outside

    Having 33 principals makes no sense to me, it isn’t realistic in my opinion, it is ok as a step to greater awareness but it is a box and this site is “Chiropractic outside the box”……..

    There is no ii or UI, They are assumptions in my opinion.

    Intelligence has been defined in many different ways such as in terms of one’s capacity for logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, emotional knowledge, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving. It can also be more generally described as the ability to perceive and/or retain knowledge or information and apply it to itself or other instances of knowledge or information creating referable understanding models of any size, density, or complexity, due to any conscious or subconscious imposed will or instruction to do so.

    information ……..in – form – ation …….STRUCTURE ???????

    it is the circle of life

    You have to have it both ways……

    now that is our present state of awareness in my opinion…..don’t put me on a rack for my opinion………;-)

    if you want to lead you need to give. Chiropractic can lead all natural practitioners and put it in its right position as Primary Care, what it truly is but not by showing us to be separate and unique, but by showing we have the same “objective” ——— TONE ………

    Which is both Structure and Function……..Energy and Information

    All in All

    Peace and Happy New Year

  24. John 01/08/2015, 10:53 am:

    one might want to learn about nature first


    now why does a body with proper structure or in Chiropractic terms adjusted work better then a body without proper structure or in Chiropractic terms subluxated ?

  25. John 01/10/2015, 8:43 pm:

    So I thought this was Chiropractic “out of the box” ???? No more comments ???? If my comments and opinions challenge your paradigm, good. I like when my cart is turned over and I am challenged to think and progress……DD, BJ, they aren’t gods and their thoughts were right for their time and a good foundation for thought but there is much more in the world to be discovered, there will always be more we don’t know then what we know in my opinion and I believe if Chiropractic is going to help lead us out of this barbaric false medical paradigm we have to get out of politics leave the license behind with the insurance and refuse to be regulated by bodies that are poisoning the earth and our children…..I mean really….class 2 narcotic to grammar school children because they made up a ridiculous disease call ADD and ADHD who’s diagnosis is vague at best and we have our children killing themselves and their fellow students in record numbers so they can take away guns ???????? The Chiropractors like Reggie were willing to go to jail for their beliefs and the Chiropractors of today are giving up their philosophy to prescribe drugs and get more insurance money and think they should charge more for the adjustment because they think to much of themselves and what they do forgetting it is the body and spirit that heals itself no the Chiropractor ??????? So when these guys ignore me and yell me down in front of their “Chiropractic automaton Soldier” friend I am happy I am not one of them….they are to busy doing their money hum while you see medical doctor becoming Chiropractors and merging the disciplines and they are going to eat our lunch is we don’t grow our balls back and open our minds in my opinion….and I hope I am wrong……Peace

    • Joe Strauss 01/13/2015, 2:02 pm:

      John, I hope that the lack of response to your comment does not give you the impression that no one cares what you say or think. I can’t speak for everyone on this blog but I am personally, secure in my paradigm. I Look forward to developing a better understanding of that paradigm but it will not change my chiropractic object. I think this particular comment was more of a rant than anything else. That’s okay sometimes it’s good for us to go on a rant. One thing I did find interesting was your comment that BJ and DD did not have all the answers. Your previous comments led me to believe that you thought otherwise. Don’t be discouraged at the lack of responses to your comments. Over 100 people look at my posts every day and well… You can see how many comments are made, usually by the same few people. Keep reading and commenting. Thanks.

      • Claude 01/13/2015, 4:44 pm:


        The “box” is well disguised under the banner of freedom. You know, to be your own authority in every facet of life. To do any “hum” that any one WHO so choose…. It takes intelligence to organize. It takes instructive in-FORM-ation to give rise to structure as you say. The practice of the chiropractic objective is completly deduced from the AUTHORITY of 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. The AUTHORITY of chiropractic is NOT person. It is a set of principles deduced from an assumed major premise observed through rational logic. –

        – Up to now, this AUTHORITY has stood the tests of 120 years. Up to now, it has been ignored and relegated to philosophical armchair discourses. Today, in 2015, it we WHO have a choice to APPLY the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. It is a solid foundational platform on which the entire “structure” of chiropractic rests. –

        – I do follow your comments. It is your right to dismiss the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. Know that the chiropractic objective is completly based on those 33 principles and does serve the public very well for what that objective intends to do.

        • Joe Strauss 01/13/2015, 7:08 pm:

          Claude, freedom without authority is anarchy. Authority without freedom is tyranny. The “box”, and objective chiropractic in general, attempts to hold to and respect a balance between the two. Ignoring the authority of the universal law of gravity is something that we are free to do. However, we must understand the consequences of ignoring that law. Ignoring the authority of our body, the innate intelligence of the body, is something people are more likely to do, given the freedom we have. But it also has consequences. Chiropractors have as their objective insuring that the law of life is being fully expressed and not interfered with. Violating speed limit laws, even though the Accelerator on our automobile, our educated brain and our right foot gives us the freedom to do that, has consequences. The chiropractic profession has the authority of the 33 principles, its philosophy and its objective. But we also have the freedom to practice outside that authority. The situation our profession is in today, is the result of most chiropractors exercising their freedom to practice as they choose while ignoring the authority of the profession (our philosophy). We are presently a profession with freedom but lacking authority(in a state of anarchy).

          • Claude 01/13/2015, 8:30 pm:

            Very well said Joseph.

  26. David Suskin 02/10/2016, 7:23 pm:

    This is related to my post concerning what constitutes an entity based on the realities of viewpoints as having been referenced regarding ADIO and OIBU –
    For example in Term(s) #7 which reads:
    “7.) Disease and Dis-ease: Disease is a term used by physicians for sickness. To them it is an entity and is worthy of a name, hence diagnosis…” Am I to infer that, to US, to Chiropractic it is NOT worthy of a name?
    The statement “worthy of a name” suggests, and tell me if I’m wrong, that disease IS NOT AN ENTITY. I have suggested that perhaps in an ADIO viewpoint disease is NOT an entity. In an OIBU viewpoint, it is thought to be, as it is the only way of looking at health; From a disease, dysfunction point of view. But if we have established that ADIO is Uni-directional and that OIBU is then in actuality a distortion, that is used within the realm of treatments, which might be necessary to alter statistically the outcome of disease, that in truth might effect mechanistically, mechanistic components of living things (matter), but cannot yield TRUTH in observation of Living Things, because of the missing immaterial component, innate intelligence, etc.
    I’m not trying to be HARDENED (recent post), or THICK (recent post), here. I’m just trying to understand this Duality that pervades my thoughts and I know, many other perhaps Hardened, ‘scelerotic’ thinking. As many of you might have seen, I choose to do some of my thinking out loud, and in this case, to try an spark up some conversation of interest. Perhaps successfully. Perhaps unsuccessfully.

    • Joe Strauss 02/10/2016, 8:13 pm:

      Disease like darkness is the absence of an entity. But it is worthy or its effects or symptoms are worthy of being diagnosed or addressed by medicine. It is not worthy of being addresses, named or related to by US. I think our problem has been in chiropractic that we started off in our history by saying we should address it in some way. I think we (in OSC)are in the process of trying to “walk that back”.

  27. David Suskin 02/10/2016, 9:09 pm:

    I’m trying to delve into this with to get this, with a definitive understanding, so bear with me. If disease, like darkness (I get darkness being the absence of light) is the absence of an entity, then how can there be Effects (effects or symptoms are worthy of being diagnosed or addressed by medicine)? How can a non-entity result in a cause-effect continuum, that certainly chemicals (drugs) do manipulate?

    • Claude 02/10/2016, 10:55 pm:


      Darkness being the non-entity, is the symptom of dark clouds worthy to be addressed by your pilot-in-command at your landing destination with thermal image based enhanced vision system (EVS) to save your life?

  28. David Suskin 02/10/2016, 11:40 pm:

    Yes, as long as the effect of darkness remains.
    Seems like there’s a lot invested, literally, in darkness control navigation, when it comes to human beings.
    Can there be more light more often for more people or is mankind doomed to be dependent others for controlling the outcome of successful landings and takeoffs?

  29. David Suskin 02/11/2016, 1:20 am:

    You present a good analogy, while ADIO and OIBU have been presented as polar opposites. Something doesn’t make sense.

    • Claude 02/11/2016, 1:41 am:


      That’s the cauldron of contradictions and paradoxes!
      Chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING else and is INCLUSIVE is EVERYONE! 😉

    • Joe Strauss 02/12/2016, 7:14 pm:

      David, Claude, I tend to think that in many ways comparing ADIO and OIBU is like comparing apples and oranges. What do the two of you think?

      • David Suskin 02/12/2016, 7:58 pm:

        It’s challenging to live in an apple (ADIO) and an orange (OIBU) at the same time, and since the world is made up of about 99.9% orange viewpoint and .1% apple viewpoint (don’t quote me here), when it comes to mans secular activities, it poses a real challenge managing THAT mindset.
        I’d guess you call that Di-Psycho? Perhaps?
        Claude seems to embrace the ‘ contradictions and paradoxes ‘ as though that’s what life SHOULD be. Maybe that’s the mindset of a Pilot – burns off all that Anxt! Being up in the clouds, free as bird, dependent on your self and a bloody machine and an EVS.
        ‘The Zen of Flying’
        But you Joe have always talked about congruency and that’s the thing.
        Being congruent with both of these viewpoints. Finding the thread that links it all together.

        • David Suskin 02/12/2016, 8:14 pm:

          Any you stated previously, as a political analogy, that to be an Independent party voter, is to be someone who swings with the tide, does not live by a point of view that is definitive, or thought out, vague and not a productive place to be. Yet to be Polarized to one point of view, well, if the jury is still out in ones mind, then it’s ADIO one day (moment), OIBU the next, unless, UNLESS that common thread, or perhaps more ACTION is required to personally tie it all together, in ones own experience and assessment. ADIO encompasses OIBU (LOM), but OIBU does NOT encompass ADIO except as an incongruent ‘Rabbits Foot’ (js).

          • Joe Strauss 02/13/2016, 10:34 pm:

            In order to teach with and about an authority you must speak the same language. Perhaps that is part of the problem with our country. We do not require or no longer encourage immigrants to learn the language so that they understand and can swear allegiance to the founding principles like the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, our country’s authority. They do not understand the principles of its founding or working. Some natural born citizens apparently have an “immigrant mentality”, especially the one who claims to be a “constitutional scholar” and his followers. As a result they look at the failure of people to live up to that document rather than focus on the document itself, which happens to be the most perfect document to come from the mind of man but which must be applied by imperfect people. Some of them either must first learn English or be taught in their language and unfortunately often their language and the culture it helps create is so different that it contradicts the meaning of our principles. Second we must teach them the history and principles of our country and how they historically and currently differ from every other country and culture in the world. If they want to maintain some of their previous culture, that is their choice but not to the exclusion of our laws and culture. (Italian and Chinese food is okay, sharia law and polygamy is not).
            In a similar manner we must teach the public, those with a “foreign” language (medical) and “culture” (outside-in) unfamiliar with our unique language, (and vocabulary) and the unique philosophy it creates (our culture), in order that they may understand our principles and objective. If we fail to teach that, it is our fault, or if they do not grasp it, their fault, and confusion arises. That is the problem with the profession today and underscores the necessity of getting the “medical immigrants”, both foreign and native born, to understand our lexicon and philosophy. That is the primary reason why people do not grasp the philosophy. The try to fit it into their previous language or “culture”. It is also why chiropractors do not grasp our philosophy and mix. They too want to fit it into the culture that they have brought from their previous OIBU thinking.

      • Claude Lessard 02/13/2016, 12:31 pm:


        When I posted: “That’s the cauldron of contradictions and paradoxes!
        Chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING else and is INCLUSIVE is EVERYONE!”… it is me WHO choose to emphatically point to the DISTINCTION between ADIO and OIBU. Yes, they are apple and oranges! There are indeed no comparing!

        • David Suskin 02/14/2016, 7:17 pm:

          Joe, (note – this is a first draft)
          Well, I understand your analogy and agree with the necessity to educate others, actually mostly ourselves, in the philosophy and lexicon.
          The thing is We are the Outsiders, the immigrants, the minority.
          That poses a whole different set of issues for those we teach, but once again in ourselves. Myself, very much included.
          It’s almost like a counter culture, the 60’s, in the minority, but in that example, let’s say rock & roll, it spread with the youth and eventually the whole planet embraced it. It was and Is a good thing. It has a hook, is creative and inspiring, can be mixed into many forms but still remain identifyable.
          We, as chiropractors, don’t embrace it, in masse. The truth may not initially be popular but down the line, in time, usually it’s picked up because of some over powering reason.
          We, as immigrants in our own country, fail in I think truly getting it. So something fails to let’s say naturally spread, thru the dominant culture, OIBU.
          Since understanding the chiropractic lexicon and philosophy is ‘gotten’ thru thought and understanding, not emotion, maybe that’s what derails it’s bounty.
          Music and cultures spread thru emotional venues. Yes the thinkers pick up on the concepts, perhaps, but it takes work, and mentoring, and Viewpoint largely, that are a must in allowing the seeds of ADIO truth to grow.
          Maybe it’s time to find emotional appeal, that helps to enforce The Message. Matter of fact, What is the Chiropractic Message? Chiropractic! Where LACVS occurs, allowing a fuller expression of innate intelligence?
          What? What the heck is that, compared to. Got Pain. Going to die?
          Pain, death, Be Gone. Science Only.
          After all BJ missed it. The chiropractors in toto miss it. The public misses it. The media won’t have it, at least the way it’s been told. Certainly Therapeutics (Medicine in charge), won’t stand for it.
          Yes Joe. It will take, as you have said, A Revolution! A very large inspiration. Our Obejective as we define it, may be accurate, but the 30 second message that it takes to emotionally hook, communicate POWERFULLY, just is not there, I think.
          Joe? Perhaps your writing needs to be on a NY Times Best Seller list in order to make some in road into the minority we are, Chiropractic. A road less travelled.
          OIBU is so much easier to get. It’s materialism. Materialism can be touched, bought and sold.
          Immaterialism, Chiropractic, Our lexicon, Our Philosophy poses greater challenges to appeal and spread like wild fire.
          Yet, it is interesting that someone like myself, a child of the 60’s, was first attracted to chiropractic because I picked up a book called Chiropractic Textbook by RWS and something about it, appealed to me. Gut level.
          But learning it 30 or so years latter, in the midst of a failed attempt at the OIBU way, still poses its challenge to me. But that’s on my head, on my shoulders.
          You stated, maybe in your Bigness of the Fellow Within Commentary, that many, many chiropractors became disappointed with the results of chiropractic, practicing in the sickness model. I did.
          That BJ was looking for the adjustment to provide, to inspire an innate to educated transformation, where almost an ADIO viewpoint would be revealed by getting adjusted. I thought the same thing. In a way, still do.
          But I have not experienced that to be true. The language and understanding of chiropractic IS A MUST for THE BIG IDEA to cause, allow a transformation. I still have NOT transformed.
          Claude has spoken about this Transformation. Unlearning is a challenging thing to do.
          Staying on track here, thought and telling the story, maybe a whole lot of soul searching and maturity is necessary for ADIO to prevail in a message revolutionizing a current, dominating OIBU majority invested
          Consciousness and Viewpoint.
          I think our message MUST generate EMOTION, in the end, bigger than
          Amazing isn’t it, no disrespect implied.
          Maybe I’ve hit on something’s here. Maybe it’s all been said before. Maybe I’m just ranting and totally off base. I’m honest though, always am.

          • Joe Strauss 02/14/2016, 10:30 pm:

            David, I have many first drafts that probably, will never again see the light of day. They have been put in a drawer with the outside hope that I can recover, draw out something worthwhile in them. I would respectfully suggest you post more than just the first draft. No offense. I would not let anyone, even Claude, no especially Claude, read my first draft of anything. That said, let me comment on the first few lines of your (“first draft”):
            1.”outsider”-one who does not belong to a group.
            2.”immigrant”-one who comes into a place and takes up residence.
            3.”minority”-a quantity of less than half.
            I agree that we fit the categories of #1 and #3. Actually I take pride in that fact. I probably would have been part of the minority that said the world was not flat or those that were thrown to the lions. I would not agree that we are immigrants (#2). “One who comes to a place” of medicine and tries to “take up residence” (a mixer), in my opinion is the immigrant, perhaps even an illegal immigrant.
            I’m not interested in seeing chiropractic “spread thru emotional venues”. Perhaps that’s why a young chiropractor recently wrote on Facebook that as a speaker I am “boring as h**l”. Emotional venues don’t last, don’t have any staying power, are only around until the next more emotionally satisfying speaker’s “song” comes along. Perhaps that will keep us in the minority, on the outside. I’m okay with that even if I have to be burned at the stake (although I don’t think the CCE has made that suggestion…yet).

  30. David Suskin 02/11/2016, 2:27 pm:

    So when is time to stop flying?

    • Claude Lessard 02/11/2016, 4:57 pm:


      You’ll know 😉

    • David Suskin 02/15/2016, 12:45 am:

      Well I agree, the immigrant Should vacate the ‘immigrant mentality’,
      but typically, the immigrant, has come over innocently, or migrating, maybe illegally, yet a drifting or running away from something, somewhere. I see your valuable message concerning Chiropractic’s WHY being of Our Document, The Philosophy, and it needs to be understood, somehow, some way. Maybe a better, more direct analogy would be the more polarizing and topical, democrat’s revisionist mandate towards the constitution versus the republican’s adherence to the constitutions words as meant, originalist, texturalist (Scalia).
      But yes, immigrant, I understand. With regard to emotionalism, and getting the Big Idea across, or understood, isn’t the kardia understanding of something, as you have stated, an emotionally tinged, or at least perceptually connected to, ‘thought only’ concept, thus the reference to The Heart (kardia)
      You’re not boring. Anyone who thinks so is just plain STUPID.
      I can’t wait to read your next book.

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