Your World and Life Viewpoint.


It’s great to give up bad habit and to develop good ones. It’s even better to change behavior, But the greatest impact upon your life is when you become aware of your world and life view and seek to be consistent with that view, in every area of your life. It may not be necessary to change  but just to know what your overall world and life viewpoint is and then be able to evaluate your habits and behavior in light of that viewpoint. In other words, be able to say this is why I do/think what I do or think.

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  1. Bill 05/22/2014, 3:21 am:

    Dr Joe, you must have typed this while you were at the ACP. We must examine our lives for consistency and congruency.

    • Joe Strauss 05/22/2014, 11:43 am:

      Actually Bill, I wrote it months ago as a draft and set it to publish the Friday I was on my way to ACP-Omaha since I knew I would not get to my computer that day. I had never tried that before and did not do it correctly so yesterday, the 21st, I finally hit “publish”. It “back dated” it to the date it was supposed to be published, the 16th while I was in route. I’m still learning this blogging stuff. Your thoughts expressed in your talk in Omaha reminded me of how important this concept is so I corrected the error yesterday. The computer “decreed” that it was published on the 16th. There must be some deep theological application there. I know it is not that I am omniscient! You’re the only one who would have picked up my errors (not publishing on the 16th and publishing it on the 21st as the 16th). Everyone else would have thought I published on the 16th and they just did not see it until yesterday. Your comment written last night (which was posted as today because the computer is on GMT rather than EDT). This computer learning curve is tough.

  2. Claude Lessard 05/22/2014, 2:32 pm:

    Perhaps it is time, together without condemnation, to consider the limits of adaptation in depth. It is first extremely humiliating to educated intelligence to accept limitations of any kind. Yet, the law of ACTIVE organization shows us that it is congruent to work without breaking a universal law. One of the properties of innate intelligence is congruency (pri.27). Perhaps it is time for educated intelligence to learn to work toward adapting to its environment without breaking a universal law. In so far as chiropractors are concerned, perhaps it is time to practice chiropractic without breaking a chiropractic principle, thus practicing the chiropractic objective with consistency and congruency.

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