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Chiropractic seems to continually move between being a low information, a wrong information and a no information profession. Will we ever get it right?

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  1. Steve 05/19/2014, 6:56 pm:

    Since a profession is made up of professionals, let’s look there. The musculo-skeletal physician is merely manipulating fixations, so he doesn’t have much to say, “come when it hurts”. The traditional straight is trying to get the sick well, he says “come when your sick”. The mixer says, “come back when you can afford it”. Which leaves the OSC, who is often heard saying, “hey you missed your spinal checkup last week, can we go over the life principles that underscore an ADIO/vitalistic…..”

    • Claude Lessard 05/19/2014, 10:33 pm:

      Do you think that WHEN chiropractors recognize the 33 principles as the only AUTHORITY of chiropractic, that it would create NEW possibilities for chiropractors that RESONATE with them, MOVE them toward the chiropractic objective and INSPIRE them to LACVS. PERIOD. ?

      • Steve 05/20/2014, 1:02 pm:

        DD said, “Knowing that our physical health and intellectual progress of this world and the next depends largely upon the proper alignment of our skeletal frames; therefore, I feel it my bounden duty to not only replace displaced bones, but also teach others, so that the physical and spiritual may enjoy health, happiness and the full fruition of our earthly lives.”
        Along with FTCOVS, we must teach. Dr Pat Gentempo asked once, “would you rather everyone received one adjustment or, everyone learned what a subluxation was”? Think about it. Which is more important in your office, adjusting or teaching?

  2. Straight DC 05/20/2014, 5:50 pm:

    The offices that are taking the time to tell the “chiropractic story” & correcting VS are getting it right.

  3. Claude Lessard 05/20/2014, 6:00 pm:

    Practicing the chiropractic objective without educing ADIO from the practice member is meaningless. Educing ADIO from the practice member without practicing the chiropractic objective is worthless. –

    • Steve 05/21/2014, 3:25 pm:

      So, all the babies and animals got meaningless adjustments, and all the people outside the office we have shared Chiropractic with have received no value????

      • Claude Lessard 05/21/2014, 5:25 pm:


        Those babies and animals you cared for had “parents” WHO chose to bring them to you did they not? Those “parents” had to be informed about chiropractic did they not? –

        – What’s the value of learning about the cockpit instruments of an airplane until you actually fly one? We hope that WHEN we tell the story over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable, it will create a NEW possibility for them and their lives, that will RESONATE with them, MOVE them in their understanding of their body and INSPIRE them to get their spines checked… don’t we not?

  4. Claude Lessard 05/20/2014, 6:04 pm:

    … in other words BOTH, education and practicing the chiropractic objective are necessary to get it right1 šŸ˜‰

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