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Why is it that some people have, or claim to have, an ADIO viewpoint but don’t live it? I believe that one reason may be that the concept of separation of church and state (a legitimate concept) has taught us to be inconsistent or double minded. We are also taught that there is nothing wrong with having strong religious beliefs but they should not dictate every aspect of  our lives.  Some beliefs may involve what some think is incorrect behavior, i.e. Jehovah’s Witnesses opposing transfusions; Mormons ignoring polygamy laws; chiropractic practice members opposing vaccinations. The point is being made that if your belief system is outside scientific/acceptable thinking, you are foolish or worse yet, deemed dangerous.

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  1. David Suskin 05/23/2014, 4:24 pm:

    I think that most people don’t know HOW to live it. From the moment we are born, the paradigm of good and bad start getting taught. Punishment and Reward and Competitiveness. The child always wants to please, to survive. This social and family tactics, past on from previous upbringings, previous subconscious needs perpetuate it. This completely distorts Educated Intelligence. People do not know who or what they are, never taught to look inside or guided to look inside. ADIO is not our culture and hasn’t been, for a very very long time.

    As you know, I’m grappling with it. OI makes use of the fears, anxieties and egos of people very very successfully.
    Power runs on it, Governments run on it, Social acceptance run on it, religion runs on it, the rat race runs on it.

    There is a place for good and bad, but only with thinking autonomous Adults, not children, and we all were children

    I suggest, being that you consolidate your thoughts so wonderfully in the excellent and much needed books that you right, that you write a book on and only on Living an ADIO life. Dissect it, Analyze it. Whatever you suggest, I suggest that IT AIN’T EASY, unless you learn from a wise individual, maybe many wise individuals.

    Those are my thoughts

  2. Bill 06/04/2014, 4:25 am:

    Joe, the culture is outside in below up (oibu) with regards to health care. Perhaps this is what you mean by separating doctrines of faith (church) and doctrines of science (state). In essence the former falls in vitalism and the latter mechanism. I don’t think the majority of the public today has been given the practical tools and mindset of adio to see and understand that it is congruent with their overarching worldview.

    • Joe Strauss 06/04/2014, 4:50 pm:

      Good point Bill. Perhaps we need to teach a course ADIO World. and Life Viewpoint 101. If people have an ADIO W&L viewpoint, they should more easily understand the Philosophy of chiropractic. Without it, its like trying to teach an automobile mechanic his trade who doesn’t understand the combustion engine. His understanding is lacking and he will probably be an okay mechanic up to a point (change a flat, repair a broken radiator hose, work at Jiffy Lube). Some chiropractors are okay mechanists. But if they understand and accept the ADIO W&L viewpoint, they will be q more complete chiropractor and desire to do more than change flats and repair radiators (treat bad backs and stiff necks).

      • Claude Lessard 06/05/2014, 1:50 pm:

        Can someone give me an example of OUTSIDE-IN-BELOW-UP, that does not have its counterpart of ABOVE-DOWN-INSIDE-OUT, in order to add positive survival values and not negative survival values. In other words, that OIBU would be WHO you would choose to BE in a situation instead of ADIO?

        • David Suskin 06/05/2014, 3:21 pm:


          • Claude Lessard 06/05/2014, 4:22 pm:


            Thank you. Could you give me a concrete example please?

  3. David Suskin 06/05/2014, 5:09 pm:

    LOM’s? Some are known. Some are unknown
    Amputee getting a new prosthesis.
    In most cases Dental caries Who loves the dentist
    Heart stopped. Time for CPR or the paddles.
    Falling of a high wire. Luckily caught by the net or. Good bye innate
    Parachute doesn’t open and you miss the bail of hay
    The thriller in manilla
    Any more. Zillions.
    But but the unknown. Innate free to express. And you never know. You never know the LOM’s sometimes.

  4. claude 06/05/2014, 7:21 pm:


    In all the examples you gave, were they precluded by poor choices or elegant choices? In other words, walking on a high wire or jumping out of an airplane is a choice that leads to risks… In your opinion were those choices ADIO or OIBU?

    • David Suskin 06/05/2014, 7:58 pm:

      Hard to say
      the amputee was from a improvised explosive device (IED) injury to a soldier who fights to defend freedom and protect his country from threatening universal forces and educated intelligence screw ups

      the high wire, trapeze artist came from a circus family – and was living within a great family tradition in Bulgaria >> I guess OIBU >> Guess he should have abandoned his family ways (OI upbringing) and come to America. Become a Dead Head or a Hari Krishna or a Televangelist. Common sense? I don’t think so. OK OI

      the parachutist was military seal >> took all the precautions, but just wasn’t his day (human error or mechanical error) >> Hard to say

      the dental problem >> OK – a sugar fiend! >> bad choice >> educated >> not common sense, but the sugar was sweet

      thriller in manilla >> hey, only one muhammad ali and he was the greatest >> he choose to go to jail for his principles >> that sounds pretty adio

      What’s your point Claude?
      Are you saying that anytime Man is faced with LOM it’s because of OIBU living?

      Are we back to WHO people (children included) choose to BE, or choose to DO >> cause and effect >> reap the reward or pay the piper? Life’s a crapshoot? What?

      Are people so in control of their environments that their choices always fulfill their dreams or someone elses dreams whatever they may be?

      Besides common sense, How does one avoid LOM choices?
      There is always cause and effect, yes? Accidents do happen, and choices sometimes are limited to the best of 2 or more poor options.

      Again. What is YOUR point?
      Me 🙂

      • claude 06/05/2014, 9:01 pm:


        Of course accidents happen. What does it mean to have an ADIO world and life view point, if not for guidance as to WHO you choose to BE for the transfomation of your life (including your children)? Also to have the immense priviledge to participate in the transformation of people and the transformation of life itself?

  5. David Suskin 06/05/2014, 9:40 pm:

    I get that Claude. The choice with transformation to guide you.
    Why don’t you give me an example of an adio choice and a oidu choice.
    Joe has referred to adio as common sense. Steve has referred to it as congruency. What you say. Or should i say what more YOU say?

    • Claude Lessard 06/05/2014, 11:28 pm:


      I call that discernment. To paraphrase my mentor, it is me WHO “choose what is right, not expedient and wash my mind of all compromise”. Let there be more ADIO world and life view point on earth… and let it begin with me. –

      – With regards to chiropractic, practice the chiropractic objective, tell the story over and over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable AND lead by walking the story. –

      – Common sense means that I understand that the innate intelligence of the body is far superior in running my body than is my educated intelligence. Congruency means that I invite people to trust their innate intelligence the same way I do. Walking the story means that I get my spine checked every week. 😉

      • Claude Lessard 06/06/2014, 11:40 am:

        … WHEN a person WHO makes a choice OIBU… HOW would it be possible, at all, for that person to have an ADIO experience? Make no mistake, as far as human beings are concerned, it is ALWAYS about the WHO, (and that includes those WHO are dependent on them), they choose to BE at any given moment of their lives. It’s the AMAZING power of WHO we can choose to BE in the moment. ADIO choices have a certain experience that is different than OIBU choices and being free of VS is a “BIG THING” in the life of that ONE person… in BJ’s epigram titled “The truth”. Don’t you think? 😉

  6. David Suskin 06/06/2014, 1:14 pm:

    1. You made reference to your mentor. Who would that be?
    2. This EST’ee, WHO, CHOOSE, BE – This is your ‘Speak’. What or who’s life paradigm are you living your credo by. Curious
    3. I acknowledge the ‘Setting the example’ for PM”s to follow as a congruent and successful way to practice and live.
    4. Sometimes, I for one, was living an ADIO experience, but HAD to make an OIDU choice. We all do at times. If you want to survive, or don’t choose to suffer. yes/no – There is a time and a place, but how does one make that choice, or distinction when to stay in your ADIO principle and when not to. It can be very challenging
    5. Thank You Claude for your contributions

  7. Claude 06/06/2014, 8:19 pm:


    – I understand that those two questions are personal. I don’t MIX personal beliefs with chiropractic philosophy in conversation about chiropractic. 😉 –


    – 1. “Make your decision for what is right, not expedient and wash your mind of all compromise” Reginald R. Gold, D.C., PhC. (1925-2012). –


    – 2. I know nothing of EST. –


    – If necessity is the “mother” of invention, what is curiosity? 😉

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