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A chiropractor asked the following question:” If a flame (force) is placed under a pot of water (matter) and enough energy/force is supplied by the flame a change in the organization of the matter which composes the water will occur (boiling). If however the water does not boil, is the water the limiting factor where boiling is concerned, or is it the flame?”
The first point that needs to be made is that the flame is not force. It is as Claude says energy/mtter, matter that was a gas and now is turned into energy. So the reason why water does not boil is a limitation of matter, either not enough gas (matter) to bring the temperature up to 100 degrees C, or too much water (matter). You cannot bring the ocean to a boil by throwing lit matches into it. Or perhaps, it is a limitation of time. The gas in the form of e/matter, a flame was not applied to the water for a long enough period of time. Principle: energy and force are not synonymous. Energy and matter are different forms of the same aspect of the Triune. You can change matter into energy but you cannot change matter into force.

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