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The problem always is that there is not enough life!

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  1. Steve 07/14/2014, 10:04 pm:

    Not enough life is the reality, the problem then becomes, how to get more.

    P.S. Saw your Position Paper #1 in the Chiropractic Trust newsletter, good to see the word is spreading.

    • Joe Strauss 07/15/2014, 9:46 pm:

      Need more life? Get more expression of intelligence through matter, more forces of ii being expressed.

  2. David Suskin 07/14/2014, 10:45 pm:

    If what you mean is
    The problem is always less than 100% manifestation of The Triune
    5. The Perfection of the Triune ā€“ In order to have 100% Life, there must be 100% Intelligence, 100% Force, 100% Matter. Since there is always 100% intelligence and force, it must be less than 100% available matter either in quantity, quality, type OR EIF(universal forces) are to great >> then I Agree

    The problem is always p24 either from mental LOM(eg. educated, etc. ), Physical LOM (eg. Sux, genetics, injury, etc), chemical LOM(poison, etc.) or poor educated choices and/or poor physical, chemical, mental circumstances

    The word ‘Enough’ I understand to mean a condition which is individualistically or personally relative and perceptual (glass half full/glass half empty)(mental LOM) so what you mean by ‘The Problem’ …not Enough Life, is a bit vague and unclear

    Without condemnation

    • Claude Lessard 07/15/2014, 4:25 pm:


      Principle #4 is about UNIVERSAL life (i.e. existence). Remember that the law of conservation of e/matter states that e/matter can neither be created nor destroyed ONLY transformed from one form to another… since E=MC2. Therefore, together without condemnation, we can conclude that the universe ALWAYS contains 100% e/matter and that the triune is ALWAYS perfect WITHIN the universe. Principle #5 is the rational and logical deduction of principle #4. –

      – The problem arises, as Joseph mentioned in his clever remark, at the “living” level (pri. 16, 18, 19 and 20). At this “living” level, the universal cycle of “living things” is carried on by universal forces, which are deconstructive toward STRUCTURAL e/matter AND innate forces, which
      are constructive toward STRUCTURAL e/matter (pri.26). It is at this STRUCTURAL level of “living things” that there is ALWAYS limitation of e/matter (less than 100%). Therefore with Joseph, together without condemnation, we conclude that “The problem always is that there is not enough life!” That is REALLY the ONLY problem of “ALL “living things” due to principle #24 is it not? Yet, to get more life, as Steve asked, the objective chiropractor practices the chiropractic objective! šŸ˜‰

      • David Suskin 07/15/2014, 5:50 pm:

        Steve poses the problem is HOW to get more. To get more life the chiropractic objective is what we as chiropractors practice, true.

        Steve’s HOW is a big HOW, a big QUESTION. Yes, as Chiropractors, our Objective has a big Period at the end.
        Within the realm of ADIO, as Human Beings, besides LOM (permanent), the realm of Educated CONTAINS the LOM-Problems (perspective, habit, emotions, relationships, communication, bias, personality, subconscious, etc. etc.). Yes I know, I’m talking not Chiropractic terminologies or THE OBJECTIVE, but the question WAS posed. I look for a solution within complete ADIO options.
        You have spoken about FREEDOM to CHOOSE. If PEOPLE are their own worst enemy, or claim everyone else is (OI), Freeing Oneself from Oneself’s LOM (Educated induced) – is a big challenge.
        inductive Observation – People Don’t Change That Readily

        • Claude Lessard 07/15/2014, 6:25 pm:


          Since COTB is a chiropractic blog, for the purpose of Joseph’s comment and Steve’s question, WHEN it is you WHO will choose to practice the chiropractic objective, “the rest will (SURELY) follow”… even your educated brain… if it is you WHO choose get your spine checked regularly as well. šŸ˜‰ –

          – I agree with you that it is a CONSTANT challenge and struggle!

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