Did Archimedes Prove Chiropractic (once and for all)?


The only form of chiropractic that can be accepted based upon clinical/rational results is objective straight chiropractic, in part,  because of the limitations of its claims. If just one person in all of history got well with or without chiropractic care, that proves the basic tenet of objective chiropractic (that the innate intelligence of the body does the healing). If correcting a vertebral subluxation contributes to one person with one condition (even a backache) improving one little bit then chiropractic (as OSC explains it) works for all people, under all circumstances, all of the time, by virtue of the brick in the bathtub/ocean principle.

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  1. Steve 08/01/2014, 2:19 pm:

    What “clinical” results make OSC acceptable?

  2. Claude Lessard 08/02/2014, 11:54 am:


    Once we accept the major premise belonging to the universe and use it as the start point of chiropractic enunciated by principle #2, the rational logic deductive reasoning RESULT in revealing the chiropractic objective which can be practice by chiropractors WHO choose to practice the chiropractic objective within their “clinical” settings. In other words, the chiropractic objective IS the “clinical” result that makes OSC acceptable. –

    – What “clinical” results make Traditional Chiropractic acceptable? –

    – What “clinical” results make Spinology acceptable?

  3. Steve 08/04/2014, 2:44 pm:

    Clinically acceptable implies observable physical results. This does not seem to fit with OC. Rationally or logically acceptable I can understand.
    Clinical acceptance does however go nicely with TC due to the associations with health and wellness.
    How it would work with Sinology I do not know, how do you measure “potential”?

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