We must keep in mind that in chiropractic we are dealing with two kinds of life, universal life (existence, Principles #1,2) and innate life (biological life, Principle #20). Theology addresses more, such as soul life although B.J. apparently (mis)used that theological term and applied it to biological life(when he wrote “the subtle substance of the soul…”. Theology also addresses eternal existence and eternal life as D.D. seemed to allude to in his 1914 (unauthorized and posthumously published) text.

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  1. David Suskin 08/06/2014, 3:58 am:

    The OSC has defined the chiropractic objective from the 33 principles. In the same way that the presence of living matter necessitated another principle, p20, which deduces from the major premise p1, it is possible, by deduction and implication to perhaps continue with the deductions into other new principles that could deduce eternal life, eternal existence, but then the chiropractic objective LACVS would have to change to include perhaps other Adio directions that could or would lead, as discussed before, into conflicting terrains, and estrange the profession even more.

    We certainly don’t need any more wagging the dog by its tail.
    Eg. Conscious intelligence (mind) >> conscious force (heart-love) >> conscious matter (I Am) >>>> Eternal Life (I have always existed and will exist forever) Another Triune
    Say Goodnight, Gracie – Goodnight Gracie! 😉

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