Philosophical Hindrances


The greatest hindrance to understanding and applying chiropractic philosophy is the refusal to disregard previous ideas, paradigms, and thinking and failure to look at the world in light of the ADIO viewpoint.

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  1. Steve 08/11/2014, 9:52 pm:

    If I remember correctly, BJ said he could make a man a chiropractor in 3 months, unless he’d been to college, then it would take a year.
    Unlearning is the hardest thing.

  2. Tom 08/12/2014, 8:23 pm:

    LOL, Reggie used to say the same thing in Spinology Steve. He said he could make someone a Spinologist in 1 year, but it would take 2 years if they were a Chiropractor!

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