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According to Bruce Lipton, PhD, Newtonian Physics maintains that force and matter are not the same. Quantum Physics, on the other hand, maintains that energy and matter are two aspects of the same entity, just in different forms. Newton’s model separated matter, force, and intelligence. Some in chiropractic seem to be embracing the new physics (Quantum model). Part of the reason that they followed this line of thinking is because they have allowed “force” to be manifested or expressed and viewed as a physical entity, energy, rather than a metaphysical phenomenon, which is how the chiropractic Triune of Life sees it. While it is true that information may be manifested as a physical entity, (electrical or electro-chemical), it is not merely a physical entity any more than the town newspaper is merely ink and paper delivered to your doorstep every morning. The physical (paper and ink) aspect of it is not what you are looking for unless you only want it in order to line your birdcage or wrap your garbage. It is the news aspect of it that is important, that is, the information that it carries. In that sense the Newtonian model is more descriptive of the true character of force as information than is the quantum model which just views it as the transmission of physical ions rather than the transmission of information. The quantum model may satisfy our mechanistic/scientific desires but it leads us away from our philosophical and practical application which is the important aspect of it. You may use your newspaper to wrap the garbage or line Chipper’s cage but only after you have used it for its true purpose, the acquiring of information, after the news aspect of it is no longer valuable or useful. I don’t know exactly who it was who gave us the Quantum model or whether they were truly coming from a mechanistic mindset but in a sense it has taken us backward rather than forward, from where Newtonian physics had taken us. It has drawn us away from the vitalistic (ADIO) perspective. Somehow we have bought the lie that if we talk in “science-speak” we will be more acceptable to our medical brethren but in doing that we are drawn away from our chiropractic model. Is Quantum physics bad or evil? Of course not, but it is only one aspect of the whole picture and not really the important one unless you see the paper component more important than the news component. Those who would like to ignore or have us forget our vitalistic heritage would like us to focus on Quantum Physics and forget Newtonian Physics, in other words, focus on wrapping our garbage rather than gaining information. We only wrap the garbage in it because news is of no value the next day. It is not news anymore. The force/information is only valuable the moment it is needed. One second later it is not even an innate force, it is a universal force. But that’s a different story for another time.

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  1. David Suskin 08/13/2014, 2:33 pm:

    Hmmm… I’m glad you brought this up Joe,
    I’ve been seduced by “The Quantum” in my Search…
    Maybe you can enlighten me, illuminated me, remove the sub from my Lux 😉
    I have understood Quantum as 1st relating to the wave And particle nature of the photon (matter with no mass), but more so, to the non predictable nature of the electron Location (particle location), meaning, that Matter was really a field, a STATISTICAL field, meaning, that what we see, and handle and manipulate and say is, eg. a Bird Cage, IS really an AVERAGE, but the location of the actual electron, or partcle(s) CANNOT be determined.
    FOR ME, I THEN THOUGHT THAT — since In reality, THINGS do seem to EXIST in predictable ways (eg. bird cage), can be manipulated (eg. lined with newspaper (ink on paper), cleaned, made into a home for Tweety), THAT PREDICTABLE ASPECT, enforcing the apparent organization WAS – Intelligence or perhaps Intelligence>>Force>> NEWTONISING THE QUANTUM… Yes? No? Not Chiropractic? Duh?

    • Joe Strauss 08/13/2014, 5:25 pm:

      David, my point was whether e/matter is physical; matter or energy, it is not force.

      • David Suskin 08/13/2014, 5:56 pm:

        I think we are really getting into semantics and definitions.
        as said on wikipedia:
        Relative to Conservative Forces like gravity, the electromagnetic force, and the spring force:

        The FORCE, therefore, is related directly to the difference in potential ENERGY between two different locations in space

        It would seem that force is energy from one spacial place to another. A DEFINITION!

        When we speak of Force – We’re speaking of a transmission of mental impulse, not nerve impulse (physical).

        I think that The Chiropractic Definition of Force as it applies within the 33 principles is NOT Newtonian, NOT Quantum. e/Matter contains properties and actions. We separate those states to be induced thru the conveyance of intelligence linking with Matter, thru force. PHYSICS, quantum or newton, I think implies matter to have within it’s component, force (definition-whoever) or energy(defintion-whoever).
        Newton observes and defines down to the atomic level. Quantum observes INTO the atomic level identifying energy = matter, I THINK.

        Force?? There’s the Chiropractic definition – link between Intelligence (not within newton or quantum definitions), and the New/Quant definition-Analysis of Matter and the forces/energies that constitute it in theory and factually. I THINK

  2. Steve 08/13/2014, 4:41 pm:

    {Newton’s model separated matter, force, and intelligence.} Did Newton really discuss intelligence?
    I have heard some say DD discussed “Quantum” in 1914.

    • Joe Strauss 08/13/2014, 5:22 pm:

      Steve, Newton was a Christian, so while he did not address specifically the concept of universal intelligence, he did recognize God to satisfy the Traditional chiropractors(who say ui is God) and the law of gravity (when the apple hit him)) satisfying the NTOSCs.

      • Steve 08/13/2014, 7:08 pm:

        Do you think he blamed god for the bruise?

      • David Suskin 08/15/2014, 3:54 am:

        Sometimes one understands and then conflict, or other (I’ll say it) FORCES get in the way. They can be confusions, physical distractions, forgetfulness, whatever.
        Point is like I said forces are influences that cause change. Forces can be physical like a punch in the face, or metaphysical like innate forces transmitting innate intelligence wishes, expressing itself in matter maintaining organization of e/matter or active organization and coordination of innate matter.
        That’s chiropractic. That’s what we’re all talking about. THOSE Metaphysical forces.
        I think it was universal forces as it’s expressed in the 33 principles that was throwing me. Those are the metaphysical forces expressing universal intelligence that maintains matter in existence by continually giving to it all it’s actions and properties, and revealing itself, organized and thru universal laws.
        The they? Yes. We Chiros are our own worst enemies. Hopefully this seed, myself, is being maintained, nurtured, and growing into a strongly principled, congruent, Adio, NTOSC.
        Thank you for your continued input, clarifications, heart and commitment.
        Dave 😉

        • David Suskin 08/15/2014, 12:31 pm:

          Forces can be physical like a punch in the face, or metaphysical like innate forces transmitting innate intelligence wishes, expressing itself in matter maintaining active organization and coordination of innate matter or in the case of e/matter, universal forces maintaining organization

  3. David Suskin 08/13/2014, 7:21 pm:

    I’ve looked into Quantum, as used in healing. It’s called collapsing the wave with a soft measurement. It’s based on Schrödinger’s cat experiment, on Quantum Physics, on Sheldrakes Morphic Resonance, on the Field. It’s all very interesting. BUT IT
    SITS AT THE CRUX OF ALL OF THIS. And you have spoken about this

    Does Man co-Create(Educated)-mechanistic or is it ADIO(Innate 1st)-vitalistic, or is it both??

    This organization we see. Is it perceptual (we create it), is it actual-33 principles, is it both?

    Where is this innate intelligence? Is it in the space (invisible), is it outside of time and dimension, is it in another dimension, is it a theoretical implication that has to be therefore it is, but nowhere to be found? Is Where is this innate intelligence the wrong Question?

    • Claude 08/13/2014, 9:30 pm:


      Look up principle 1, 18, 20 and 23 of Chiropractic’s Basic Science for the answer to your question. If you stick to the 33 principles of Chiropractic’s Basic Science, you will see that it is plenty sufficient to practice the chiropractic objective. 😉

  4. David Suskin 08/13/2014, 10:19 pm:

    I have posed questions. You’re saying that by the authority of the 33 principles, through its deductions, innate intelligence MUST exist, which is the WHY, so even if the where and the how may be unanswered, objective of NTOSC can be successfully accomplished if one LACVS Period. I get that!

    Do you Claude agree with joe with regards to his usage of the word force, in the context of both Chiropractic and Newtonian/quantum physics?

    • Claude Lessard 08/13/2014, 11:52 pm:


      If you read past blogs, you will notice that I refer to force from the 33 principles of Chiropractic’s Basic Science as INSTRUCTIVE INFORMATION… which is strictly METAPHYSICAL. The function of METAPHYSICAL intelligence is to create METAPHYSICAL force (pri.8) which is instructive information. Since E=MC2, e/matter is physical. When Joseph states: “they have allowed “force” to be manifested or expressed and viewed as a physical entity, energy, rather than a metaphysical phenomenon, which is how the chiropractic Triune of Life sees it”, I agree with him. With the exception of objective chiropractors, everyone else looks at the second component of the triune, FORCE, as being energy which is physical. It is NOT true. FORCE is METAPHYSICAL as it is created by METAPHYSICAL intelligence (pri.8). –

      – It’s is not only semantic. It is as Joseph’s book titled: TOWARD A GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF CHIROPRACTIC PHILOSOPHY. Time has come for us to let go, WITHOUT CONDEMNATION, of the faulty reasoning of the past due to lack of information. The past, was an ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY step to go through to get to where we are now. September 18, 1895 set in MOTION a movement called CHIROPRACTIC that has the power to TRANSFORM the world by empowering and enabling people to fully express the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body. –

      – It is me, WHO chooses to be grateful for the profound privilege of participating in my own transformation, the transformation of others, and the transformation of life itself. The great late Joseph Flesia called that: THE DANCE OF MORE!!!

      • David Suskin 08/14/2014, 2:07 am:

        I will comment more. I always want to answer, or be in the discussion, immediately. It’s a need I have, to stay plugged in. To be in conversation. I appreciate your passion and directed answers.
        We all learned that
        F=MA (mass x acceleration) or MG(gravity acceleration 9.8m/sec/sec)
        That’s baby physics
        Are you saying that
        since p10 then it’s really
        Intelligence + force=mass x acc meaning
        Once there is a force(metaphysical) to unite intelligence and mass (quantity of matter) to express the force in an accelerated state IS the
        Accurate action of matter as a representation of p1
        F=ma since it’s a measurement it’s physical so it means MA
        Or is the formula really energy=ma ?

        Explain f=ma in terms of 33 principles.

        • Claude Lessard 08/14/2014, 2:31 am:


          I am NOT saying that at all. Your allusion to equation is false reasoning. The uniting of META PHYSICAL intelligence and PHYSICAL e/matter is done through METAPHYSICAL instructive information. In other words, METAPHYSICAl intelligence + METAPHYSICAL instructive information UNITE the METAPHYSICAL intelligence with PHYSICAL e/matter. It’s NOT an “equal or difference” equation. It cannot be. It about METAPHYSICAL interfacing with PHYSICAL There is NO equality at all. There is complémentalité.

          • David Suskin 08/14/2014, 10:45 am:

            These are lexicon issues
            Physics has its own
            Chiropractic has ITS own.
            Force as defined in one has a different meaning in the other.
            Do you agree with that?
            When Joe says “they have allowed “force” to be manifested or expressed and viewed as a physical entity, energy, rather than a metaphysical phenomenon, ”
   they? The scientific community yes?
            High school physics. F=ma. It’s a formula that as defined represents NEWTONS! Are you saying that Newtons are units of metaphysical data? Or are you saying that the time has come to change the WORD
            FORCE in the physics lexicon into another WORD?
            Apples and oranges?

          • Joe Strauss 08/14/2014, 9:29 pm:

            David, you wrote When Joe says “they have allowed “force” to be manifested or expressed and viewed as a physical entity, energy, rather than a metaphysical phenomenon” they? The scientific community yes? We have as Claude says a unique lexicon. We do not accept the medical definition of subluxation nor adopt the scientific definition of force for chiropractic.

          • Joe Strauss 08/14/2014, 11:50 pm:

            David, the “they” are members of our own profession.

  5. David Suskin 08/14/2014, 2:30 am:

    If the time has come! as you say! to let go of faulty reasoning, then FORCE, which is a term used in many many places in the physics lexicon, must a new term, perhaps energy, whatever, must be used in place of it.
    Chiropractic must be taken to the world as an intelligent expression of that transformation of the world.
    But The Numbers Must Add Up

  6. David Suskin 08/14/2014, 3:09 am:

    How bout this
    In physics, a force is any influence which tends to change the motion of an object.

    The Influence IS The Package of INTELLIGENCE
    Which will convert to energy which will effect
    The Object which IS The MATTER

    • Claude Lessard 08/14/2014, 1:01 pm:


      Chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING else (that includes physics) and is INCLUSIVE of EVERYBODY (that includes physicists). Chiropractic has its own lexicon that is being refined as the years go by and NEW information become available. Most of the times words are selected to used to best express that which is. With the advent of data processing, NEW information with NEW vocabulary came on the scene. We now can express the notion of force as “coded” instructive information regarding the second component of the triune. We do not have to change the words of the principles at all, as long as we understand that force is as you quoted: “… a force is any INFLUENCE which tends to change the MOTION of an object.” –

      – We also have the information that E = MC2 which means that energy and matter are physical phenomena. This information was NOT understood before Einstein. Since the triune is comprised of two metaphysical components (intelligence & force) and one physical (matter), we can now see that metaphysical force CANNOT be physical energy. Once again, we do not have to change the words of the principles at all, as long as we understand that matter is interchangeable with energy and is physical. –

      – Whenever a NEW system or a NEW movement emerges, it often employs terms already in use to describe itself. For example: (for Don) 😉 When Berners-Lee and Belgian computer scientist Robert Cailliau proposed in 1990 to use hypertext “to link and access information of various kinds as a web of nodes in which the user can browse at will”, the WWW (world wide web) emerged. That was NEW. The word, space, already existed, yet nobody had ever heard of the word cyberspace before. New terms like internet, wifi, i-phone, i-pad, etc., did not even exist. Chiropractic is going through the same process of discovery of NEW information that will INFLUENCE and further clarify our understanding of its concepts which in turn will refine its philosophy. –

      – According to IMPACT INFORMATION Plain Language Services: “experts recommend writing documents intended for the general public at the 9th-grade level, health and safety information at the 5th-grade level.” So, it seems that the yardstick of the effective communication of chiropractic is simplicity. When you posted: “But The Numbers Must Add Up”, you are correct. “The Numbers Must Add Up” in ME first, so that these “Numbers” RESONATE within me and INSPIRE me to MOVE with PASSION, to tell the story over and over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable. –

      – Carry on. ADIO.

      • David Suskin 08/14/2014, 3:04 pm:

        What can I say?
        Thank You. I need you guys. 😉

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