Species Intelligence? Q&A #49


Some have suggested that there appears to be species or behavior intelligence. It is not universal intelligence because universal intelligence acts the same on all matter. It is not innate intelligence because , whatever it is , it often causes matter to act in a manner contrary to its own best interest and innate intelligence is always centered on what is best for that specific organism. The responses, however, are as much a factor of the matter’s quality as they are the intelligence, hence the reason that it acts differently. There is too much variation in the manifestation of the intelligence, hence the matter must be a factor. Universal intelligence can always be counted on to act in a certain way. Innate intelligence likewise. Remember, Prin. #24, innate intelligence cannot break universal laws. It cannot change the limitations of the genetic aspect of the matter. That is why Canadian geese will die in vain trying to protect their eggs, turtles abandon their eggs and guppies eat their young. It’s in their genes(their matter). What do you think?

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  1. David Suskin 09/02/2014, 10:24 pm:

    The less the educated intelligence in the organism, the more what is best for the organism, has to do with survival only and innate intelligence only. The greater the educated intelligence in the organism (eg. homosapien), the less what is best for the organism has to do with survival and the more innate intelligence had to do with potential.
    Innate matter is created, perhaps intelligently for purposes ranging from optimal survival of an organism to optimal survival of a species to reasons unknown, all within the realm of allowing and limiting innate intelligence, as within the scope of the 33 principles. Period.

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