Measuring the Mental Impulse


Some have suggested that the” footprint” of the mental impulse can be measured, However they are not measuring the footprint but the shoeprint. They are measuring a partial “physical representation” of the foot. The foot is inside the shoe. It may be helpful in giving us an idea of the length and width of the foot providing the owner of the foot is wearing the correct size shoes and we are measuring the shoeprint correctly. But it also gives us a skewed image of the foot, really only an image of a shoe rather than a foot. It tells us nothing about the number or length of the toes, the shape or the true size of the foot or its true footprint. I have a “true footprint” on my original birth certificate. I have no idea whether my present “true footprint” resembles it. I do know the size is much different. (I had the cutest little feet the day I was born. They’re pretty ugly now from, among other things, hitting foul balls off them and walking into things in the dark.)
What in fact does the shoeprint tell us about the foot? That it has a pattern of grooves and a Nike emblem on the bottom of it? That it wears in a certain manner? Anyone looking at a shoeprint is only looking at a shoeprint. Anyone who thinks they are measuring a mental impulse is only measuring at best, the electro-chemical container (the shoe) of the mental impulse which may give us more non-data than data concerning the mental impulse.

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  1. Steve 09/03/2014, 5:25 pm:

    What is preventing this?
    a. lack of intelligence (ours)
    b. lack of instrumentation
    c. inability to quantify/qualify metaphysical properties
    d. all the above

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