Selfless vs Selfish Cells


A “selfless” cell (without interference to mental impulses) expresses 100% the innate intelligence of the body and 0% the innate intelligence of the cell, just as a an airplane in flight expresses 100% the law of aerodynamics and 0% the law of gravity. Those two laws (aerodynamics and gravity) are still in existence just not expressed at the same time because one, under certain circumstances, is taking precedence over the other.
A “selfish” cell is expressing 0% the innate intelligence of the body and 100% the innate intelligence of the cell unless and until it dies, in which case it no longer expresses innate intelligence at all but only universal intelligence. However, in the selfish state, the cell is “dead” as far as the body is concerned (no longer expressing the innate intelligence of the body). “Active organization” refers to the coordinated function of the body whether that body is made up of all selfless cells or just some selfless cells. A selfish cell (expressing only the innate intelligence of the cell) is a “body” like an amoeba or a cancer cell, the epitome of” cellfishness.”

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  1. David Suskin 09/17/2014, 4:16 pm:

    I do have problems with this concept in a reality situation.
    I’ve mentioned it before, example >> the kidney transplant scenerio.
    All the nerves are cut, yet the transplanted organ functions within the body, which means it’s responding to hormones and body chemistries. It filters, it adjusts blood pressure (water reabsorbtion, plus whatever organ responsibilities is required. With this transplanted organ, a person Lives (perhaps not optimally). Without this transplanted organ, a person Dies.
    How does that integrate into a a group of selfish cells (an organ), and survive (with non-active organization) and allow body survival? Of course this is an inductive observation.

    • Joe Strauss 09/18/2014, 3:58 pm:

      David, all the hormones and body chemistry are controlled by glands and organs which are (hopefully) still under the control of the nerve system , so the ii of the body is still affecting that aspect of kidney function. The “adjust(ing of) blood pressure (water reabsorption….?”) don’t know where the end parentheses belongs, may be carried out by chemistry indirectly through the nerves going to the glands and organs. Remember the maintenance of blood pressure, water absorption, etc. is done, not by the kidney, but by the ii of the body using the kidney (we think). That part of kidney function through the nerve system is no longer there (all of this assumes the hypothetical situation you have described is anatomically, physiologically and surgically correct, which I have no reason to doubt). The kidney still has the innate intelligence of the organ. It will still perform its organ function although “not optimally”. I assume it will need medical assistance to keep the organ alive. The organ is functioning organ selfish, the kidney cells under the control of the ii of the organ. Apparently that is sufficient to keep the person alive as long as the organ can adapt to its environment which is what the drugs and the ii of the body are doing. The latter by providing the needed chemicals. The former by whatever the medical doctor deems is necessary to maintain organ intelligence , much the same as the playmate that maintains the environment for a soon to be transplanted heart.

      • David Suskin 09/18/2014, 4:15 pm:

        Thank you Joe
        I wonder if Claude is going to put a PERIOD in there somewhere 😉

  2. Steve 09/17/2014, 5:01 pm:

    Ok lets take the example first. An airplane is constantly being pulled down by gravity, whether it is flying or on the ground. As long as it is within the atmosphere. Only in space is gravity no longer effective. It is the combination of lift and gravity that allows flight. Without gravity the plane would continue to rise indefinitely.
    Now the cell. If there is such a thing as innate intelligence of the cell it is always there. The functions of the cell are determined by the structure of the cell. Innate intelligence of the body is for organizing and harmonizing all the cells to work together as a unit. Like a boss telling his employees how to work together, the employees still do their work individually. If you’re going to use pri. 20 to justify ii of the cell, you can’t be selective, laws are laws, always.

  3. Steve 09/17/2014, 5:04 pm:

    One law can modify another, I don’t think in can be negated or it wouldn’t be a law. If gravity is present inside the plane it is present outside as well.

    • Claude Lessard 09/17/2014, 5:40 pm:


      Very good analogy! 🙂

    • Joe Strauss 09/18/2014, 4:36 pm:

      Steve, Laws cannot be negated. But they can be overcome/their expression superseded. The forces of the law of organization (ui) are always trying to bring matter to its most stable state. P. 11. The law of innate intelligence P. 20,21,23 superseded P. 11.

      • David Suskin 09/18/2014, 7:39 pm:

        In the Observation of Chiropractic Laws of Existence(organization) and Life(active organization), since ii is always perfect p27, and force is always 100% p9, In the case of These Laws (ui,ii) I suggest that it is LOM p24, which determines overcoming or superseding these Laws. If it BE ALIVE and there is NO LOM (non-reality, perhaps metaphysical), It Lives, FOREVER. thus p11 is superceeded. If LOM p24 is present (reality), with enough UF, it allows p11 to supersede p21-23 and What Lived DIES

        • Joe Strauss 09/19/2014, 1:17 pm:

          David, that sounds correct to me. Perhaps Claude would like to weigh in on your comment. I am getting ready to Skype with a group of students at Palmer (Davenport) so my head is not exactly into this thread. But offhand, I cannot find anything wrong with what you are saying, if I am reading it correctly.

          • Claude Lessard 09/19/2014, 4:11 pm:

            Not quite David. There are ALWAYS enough UF. ALWAYS 100% to be exact (pri.9). Reconstruct your last sentence. 😉

        • David Suskin 09/19/2014, 5:17 pm:

          Let me stand corrected. Without condemnation
          Since p24 The Limits of Adaptation – Innate Intelligence adapts forces and matter for the body as long as it can do so without breaking a universal law, or Innate Intelligence is limited by the limitations of matter.
          If LOM exists, which I Observe, that at this time
          will always be true, (Eventually at some time in the future there might be unlimited Matter available?? Am I dreaming? Who Knows??
          That is:
          Principles >> p6. The Principle of Time – There is no process that does not require time. P1 (Universal Intelligence and Matter) and
          p11. The Character of Universal Forces – The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested by physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work. This includes the Laws of Gravity and Thermodynamics, Friction, etc. and and p17. Cause and Effect – Every effect has a cause and every cause has effects. and
          p5 The Perfection of the Triune – In order to have 100% Life, there must be 100% Intelligence, 100% Force, 100% Matter.
          So since Matter will always be less than 100%
          EIF’s (universal forces) will always eventually exceed IRF (internal resistive forces – innate forces) which allows p11 to supersede p21-23 and What Lived DIES

          Hodge Podge >> but something there.
          Can there be No LOM? LOM always exists in relation to Innate Intelligence adapting to it. So I could assume that it might be possible to have 100% adaptation and/or endless matter available??
          OR WRONG DAVID 😉 be kind

          • Claude Lessard 09/19/2014, 6:15 pm:

            Principle 5 deals with existence. Again, according to Newton’s law of conservation of e/matter, there is ALWAYS 100% e/matter since e/matter can NEVER be destroyed and NEVER be created. Together without condemnation, we conclude that e/matter is continuously maintained in existence by universal intelligence and is ALWAYS 100%. In other words, the universe is complete. –

            – Let me ask a question to EVERYONE. What is the purpose of a universal law that is mentioned in principle #24?

        • Joe Strauss 09/20/2014, 4:09 pm:

          David, the problem with the body is always limitations of matter. The only limitation we chiropractors address is the inability of the nerve tissue to carry sufficient mental impulses because of vertebral subluxation.

          • David Suskin 09/20/2014, 4:49 pm:

            As far as Claude’s question: – Let me ask a question to EVERYONE. What is the purpose of a universal law that is mentioned in principle #24?
            Do YOU have a response to that and what may that be?
            As an aside. It’s perplexing. With the mental impulse being unverifiable, invisible, and only known thru the authority of the 33 principles and philosophical rationalism, some days I’m overwhelmed by its presence and other days I just assume it almost to the degree of non belief, slipping, if unchecked, to a mechanistic boredom and mire. The mental impulse sounds so good but the fact that I can’t touch it accept thru an ADIO viewpoint, for me, takes continual re-reading what I have read before, continually having a fresh and greater understanding (epignosis), with more experiences and observations of living with the philosophy at hand. It takes work. I’m sitting here in my car, on 2nd avenue NYC, with gazillions of innate intelligences passing by, all sizes, shapes, etc. waiting for my wife and daughter to get back from returning something at a store.
            What’s my point? The work is paying off into a perspective where I educatedly see the mental impulse more and more because I educatedly know the mental impulse thru my efforts and daily living.
            Slipping and checking. ADIO carrying on

          • Joe Strauss 09/21/2014, 11:10 am:

            Universal law, (ui’s) purpose is the major premise. It, by its forces causes matter to exist in its most stable (atomic) state.

  4. David Suskin 09/17/2014, 5:35 pm:

    With regards to selfish and selfless, I’ve interpreted, like you Steve, all laws acting simultaneously, with their function(s) within their laws, sometimes superseding other function(s) in other laws.
    Here’s the point. I’ve mentioned intelligent design numerous times. No one picks up that ball. BUT What I really am referencing is the physiological functions of body systems, which I observe as Intelligently Designed, structurally and functionally, down to the n’th chemical reaction.
    The nerve impulse, the kidney function(s), I referred to before, ALL body functions have a matter, mechanistic component.
    If the cells, like in my kidney transplant example, are acting selfishly, the functionality, the homeostatic mechanisms, hormonal control, filtration mechanism, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone MECHANISM, WORKS, and allows survival, BUT – there is NO Active Organization at the body level of this organ(eg. kidney). However, the organ (eg. kidney), has an organ intelligence, and the cells individually have their own active organization. It is possible that they can adapt to the environment in which they exist, the body, and STILL PERFORM their overall kidney function, BUT, not coordinated by the nervous system, at the level of the nerve. We must not forget that all endocrine organs, as stimulated by the pituitary, which is stimulated and controlled by THE BRAIN, the nervous system! SO, Innate Intelligence does have some access to adapting the universal forces within the chemistries of the body into innate forces, modifying their destructive behavior into a more constructive behavior, PLUS The body, thru it’s adaptive measures can adapt to perhaps this transplanted kidney, depending on LOM, etc.
    We are really a body of cells communicating to each other, all for one, one for all, in my estimation.
    Selfish and Selfless LIVE together, with Selfless reigning and doing the best it can to ADAPT. Sometimes it can and function because the basic functions are built into the matter (eg. kidney function – renin-angiotensin-aldosterone axis, or adrenal-thyroid-pituitary axis, etc.) BUT LIFE, ACTIVE ORGANIZATION, the maintaining of the body in active organization thru coordination, MUST be accomplished by innate intelligence, if these mechanisms as built into the cells and the body, are to maintain their structure, BY LIVING opposite the Universal thermodynamic process of deConstruction which leads to dis-coordination, disorganization, elemental stability, and non existence of Living Matter

  5. David Suskin 09/21/2014, 12:31 pm:

    In the question,
    – Let me ask a question to EVERYONE. What is the purpose of a universal law that is mentioned in principle #24?>>
    Is ‘a universal law’ the same as universal law? So in your
    Answer defining universal law(ui) in it’s most stable state (p24), does that mean innate intelligence is NOT ‘a universal law’?
    I hope you understand my implication

  6. David Suskin 09/21/2014, 6:30 pm:

    I misread.
    Your answer was IS the answer to Claude’s question.
    Claude’s answer to me was in my suggesting that by matter being less than 100%, that unavailability would inevitably cause a LOM that would lead to p11 superseding p21-23 which inevitably leads to Death.
    So yes I was wrong. Matter is always 100%. The universe is complete with regards to matter.
    You completed the lets say mission of p24, in your statement ‘forces cause matter to exist in its most stable state (atomic).
    There is something I’m trying to express but not being successful at it.
    I think I’m alluding to how the quality of educated universal forces as generated thru the adjustment impacts more or less innate forces as determined by the availability of matter, time all of which one might define as LEARNiG. And this learning might take place over the course of time (accumulation of adjustments) , and this impacts successful adaptation, the sustaining of active organization, the movement towards a more fully expressed innate intelligence, in a life, over time, and fulfilling a more complete Adio lifestyle and viewpoint, which can lead to innate Transformation of body and mind, the Adio objective.

    • David Suskin 09/21/2014, 7:02 pm:

      That’s LEARNING.not LEARNIG.
      and Ii doesn’t have to learn. Innate matter as being available + adaptive strategy + time = Learning
      Selfish >> Selfless = Learning (conflicts clarify)

    • Claude Lessard 09/22/2014, 12:37 am:


      It’s the other way around! First transformation of body and mind occurs… in time. Then it is the “transformed” you WHO choose to embrace an ADIO world view. You were born into an OIBU world view. Before your transformation, OIBU was your default thinking process. That’s is WHY i do say that you cannot think yourself into a NEW way of practicing. You can ONLY practice yourself into a NEW way of thinking. In other words… ACT AS IF!!!! –

      – You bring up a very good question! What IS the ADIO objective?

      • David Suskin 09/22/2014, 11:12 am:

        Hi Claude,
        That’s the ole Scientology Be Do Have formula.
        You’re saying
        Transformation of body and mind occur by acting As If (Be) and the rest follows. In time!
        1. How much time? A lifetime? LOM +’ p6 = Not Enough Time
        2. Act As If? Great on paper. Sounds like day1 of Consultant Management brouhaham. Shoud work, can work, for most people, myself included, doesn’t work unless time is Unlimited, which it’s not, and your Educated Intelligence works so well for you that you don’t even need a method, just Charisma. Thus mixer Chiros 95% OSC Chiros 5%. Slipping slipping slipping.
        I Be. Walking the walk and talking the talk takes a perspective or a drive or something that I just don’t have at this time.
        Subconscious (educated intelligence ),
        Can’t solve a problem without stepping outside it. That takes thought and bravery and chance. I’m only human. Tough to do without a Constant Shot In The Arm
        3. So now what? All I have is Chiro philosophy to read over and over, to tell the story over and over until my subconscious has flipped from OIBU to ADIO. Or I don’t know. I just don’t know.
        Amazing. Isn’t it!
        Monday Morning Selfishness. ARGH!!!! Time marches on
        4. Join the pity party 😉

        • Claude Lessard 09/22/2014, 11:22 am:


          I don’t think so. 😉

          Carry on. ADIO.

          • Claude Lessard 09/22/2014, 11:33 am:

            … in other words, it is me WHO chooses to let go of the pity party for those WHO choose to follow Puddles. 😉

  7. David Suskin 09/22/2014, 12:28 pm:

    You seem SO In Control of YOUR Environment and Yourself.
    WHO is the WHO, WHO chooses WHO to choose, and after YOU choose, What will the consequences BE

    • Claude 09/22/2014, 1:11 pm:


      It is you WHO choose to follow WHO you choose to follow and to believe WHAT you choose to believe. I am fine with that. It is me WHO chooses to accept you the way you choose to BE at this moment. The consequences of choosing are ALWAYS part of the choice. They are built into it, the same as the consequences of not choosing are built into it. Again I ask you: What IS the ADIO objective?

  8. David Suskin 09/22/2014, 1:58 pm:

    Live an Innate Life, meaning
    Live a Life that is directed by Innate Intelligence. (Knowing that (Sensing it) is a metaphysical experience that one must Trust)
    Intelligence >> Force >> Matter >> Motion (Action) is the pathway for Living.
    Live Innately (intelligence) 1st
    Educated Intelligence 2nd, Using Your Free Will to make good Adaptive Choices for Oneself, Ones Family, Ones Community, Ones Nation, Ones World.
    Live Thru Innate Intelligence 1st, but how to tap into that, I’m not sure.
    Tell me Claude

    PS When one chooses, are they consciously choosing or subconsciously choosing. I maintain Both, and if the Subconscious is not Explored and Handled, perhaps Innately, IT WILL CONTROL YOU. Look around. It controls EVERYONE. People in general, are completely dominated by their subconscious mind. That’s What I Observe

  9. Claude Lessard 09/22/2014, 3:03 pm:


    You can’t tap into universal LAWS. It is you WHO can either choose to consciously live your life with universal LAWS or not! It requires a whole lot of work and letting go of educated. Look at Joe Strauss! He’s been 50 years into chiropractic and he is currently WRITING another book. Ask him how much it hurts to be burned at the stake several times? Yet, it is Joseph WHO chooses to consciously and CONTINUOUSLY give freely of himself to chiropractic. I am forever grateful to Joseph for that! As I posted many times before, it is ALWAYS about the WHO one chooses to BE.

  10. David Suskin 09/22/2014, 8:11 pm:

    hmmmm Claude, hmmmmmm!!!!!
    Tough Stuff my friend, Tough Stuff.
    You certainly know your way around the Chiro Universe than I do, and
    your statement about Joe, I’d presume many of the Chiro Crusaders.
    How about that.
    My hat is off TO YOU DR. JOE STRAUSS.
    It’s really an INTELLECTUAL PROCESS, arriving at a point, where even in the face of emotional pulling, ‘slip-fog’, or whatever else are your own inner most demons, let’s say, YOU CHOOSE TO STAY THE COURSE! based on Your Philosophy.
    This Philosophy. Chiropractic Philosophy. etc.
    Tough! I give you credit Joe, Claude (If you’ve been burned at the stake as you say).
    How did you do it Joe, as a Young Man. So principled, so headstrong that you would fend off the wolves and keep going with such a strong connection to the ADIO way. Very Impressive.
    Now, I could say there are subconscious reasons why people endure, or succeed, or carry on, but that doesn’t take away the fortitude, the credit, the sacrifice.
    I applaud you Joseph. And whom ever else. I have met the wolf, and I’ve coward’d.
    Choosing inspite! How about that. Well I need to study more, and spread my wings more and Fight a bit more, I guess.
    Thank you Claude, for that heart felt reply.

    • Joe Strauss 09/25/2014, 2:22 pm:

      David, Claude and I sometimes jokingly talk about being burned at the stake, especially when we challenge the ideas of one/those regarded by many as THE AUTHORITY of chiropractic. Perhaps we are being flippant and dishonoring those who, down through history, were literally burned at the stake, martyred for their beliefs. Being castigated on Facebook cannot compare to literal flames. But we can identify with them, in considering it an honor and privilege to be “chastened” for our thinking. It means we have clearly communicated our message and while it may be perceived as heresy by some, not worthy of anything more than a verbal attack and scorn, it is making others think and perhaps reassess aspects of their chiropractic philosophy and their world and life viewpoint. That makes the verbal flames easier to endure and people like you are an encouragement to us. Thank you.

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