Somatopsychic Conditions


Everyone has heard of psychosomatic, the mind causing physical problems, real not imagined problems, real medical conditions in the body. It is an accepted medical phenomena and its effects are treated medically. Often, however, the psychiatrist attempts to treat what he considers the cause, a problem in the psyche or in the mind. Here is the problem from a chiropractic viewpoint. There is an innate intelligence but it cannot create a problem in the mind or even in the body. It cannot be in, or cause a state of DIS-EASE. It is perfect. There is an educated intelligence but it is merely a reflection of the perfect innate forces and the genetic and learned aspects of the matter, the educated brain and its limitations, as a result of physical changes in the matter by virtue of what is programmed into it at conception, by all aspects of education and by injury (trauma). These changes are in the mind but they are physical, just as much as the information in the computer has a physical aspect to it(the hard drive). So “psychosomatic problems” from an ADIO viewpoint (medical conditions are not the purview of the chiropractor) are either purely physical or somatopsychic.

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  1. David Suskin 09/22/2014, 6:15 pm:

    While Educated intelligence encompasses the psyche, the phenomenon of Consciousness (required for psyche) is not addressed by Chiropractic Principles. The brain might be, the soma might be, the learning-education functions might be, BUT Consciousness?, Awareness?
    Not addressed. It’s a phenomenon that I suggest is beyond the physical, matter realm.
    if the Major Premise is based on common sense observation of the presence of organization in the universe, then the concept or reality of Consciousness, by at least my common sense observation I take as something else besides Matter, beyond matter. I don’t think I am alone.

    Somatopsychic might be an ADIO viewpoint, but I suggest that Consciousness (Psyche) is much more, much much more.
    Matter having LIFE that is in a state of Awareness of Itself.
    That’s amazing. I suggest ADIO MUST encompass this Unaddressed aspect of Educated Intelligence.
    I would not but Matter first (Somato) on this one.
    LOM limits the expression of innate intelligence. II comes first
    LOM limits the expression of consciousness. Consciousness comes first – I believe

  2. Steve 09/22/2014, 7:44 pm:

    (1) “Dad Chiro”says the causes (of subluxation) are traumatic, toxic, or auto-suggestive. 1910.
    Wouldn’t auto-suggestion be a psychosomatic cause of subluxation?
    (2) BJ wrote of subluxations between the innate brain and the educated brain causing dysfunction in the educated mind.

    • Claude Lessard 09/23/2014, 12:03 pm:


      WHY do you think “Dad Chiro” said that in 1910? Also, WHY would “BJ wrote of subluxations between innate brain and the educated brain causing dysfunction in the educated mind.”?

  3. Steve 09/23/2014, 1:38 pm:

    Why ask why?
    When Joe writes something I don’t understand my first response is to compare it to things I do understand. DD wrote that the mind could influence the physical and BJ wrote that the physical influenced the mind. Both seem logical to me, from a traditional standpoint. I need clarification as to how OC is looking at this differently and WHY.

    • Joe Strauss 09/23/2014, 4:02 pm:

      Steve, hopefully some clarification: Let’s start with what we understand,
      A. Mind =activity in the educated brain (RWS)
      B. Activity in the educated brain= innate forces and educated brain matter, just like activity in the liver or pancreas depends upon innate forces and liver or pancreatic tissue (matter) (RWS).
      C. Mind can affect the physical, example: holding your breath under water can cause the lungs to stop inhaling for awhile (deduction from D.D.)
      D. The physical matter of the educated brain affects the mind (BJ)
      Conclusion: OC is not saying anything new, just hopefully clarifying what RWS and D.D. and B.J. stated (the latter 2 referenced by you). The only difference is that OC may say that the physical matter (the state) of the educated brain perhaps is as important as the physical nerve interference between the innate intelligence of the body and the educated brain. Does that help and what are the ramifications of the OC conclusion?

  4. Steve 09/23/2014, 5:29 pm:

    Because OC does not deal with causes or effects, then it matters not. No matter how the Sux. got there or what tissue has decreased LOM, psychosomatic or somatopsychic is irrelevant, no?

    • Claude Lessard 09/23/2014, 10:05 pm:


      OC deals with principle #17 indeed. The major premise asserts that universal intelligence creates universal forces (pri.8) which is the CAUSE of maintaining ALL e/matter in existence (pri.1). We also know that ALL e/matter has motion (pri.14) due to the application of force by intelligence (pri.15). This motion of ALL e/matter, living and non-living is CAUSED by universal intelligence on the atomic level (pri.1). It is the application of force by intelligence that CAUSES the effect of MOTION in e/matter (pri.15) and is consistent with Newton’s first law of motion which states that: “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” When an external invasive FORCE overcomes and internal resistive FORCE, it is the CAUSE of VS which interferes with innate forces (pri.29 and 31). Hence, the chiropractic objective is the LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD. –

      – It is first universal intelligence that is CAUSE of universal forces and keeps the cells of the living body in existence (pri.1). Then it is innate intelligence that adapts universal forces and e/matter which is the CAUSE of their use in the body (pri.23). The overall effects are that living things are maintained in active organization (pri.21). If there are no interference with innate forces (pri.29), then there will be also coordination of actions of all the parts of the body (pri.23 and 32). –

      – Indeed, OC does DEAL with causes or effects. It’s just that OCs acknowledge that it is the law of ACTIVE organization that is CAUSE and NOT our educated intelligence. That is one of the reasons WHY the opening post of Joseph stated that: (medical conditions are not the purview of the chiropractor). Innate intelligence knows HOW to run the body… educated intelligence DOES NOT!

      • Claude 09/23/2014, 10:21 pm:

        … in other words, the fact that OC puts a PERIOD at the end of the chiropractic objective (since it is the innate intelligence of the body that produces a vertebral adjustment in adapting the educated universal force of the adjustic thrust), and leaves the “results” to innate intelligence, this fact does NOT constitute reasons for saying that OC does not deal with causes and effects. I hope it clarifies.

    • Joe Strauss 09/25/2014, 1:28 pm:

      Correct, except in the case that the cause of the subluxation may be in part or wholly, another vertebral subluxation (a nerve interference causing “misalignment”). Is that not the theory/philosophy/thinking behind upper cervical /HIO technique?

  5. Steve 09/24/2014, 1:18 pm:

    Would you have preferred I said, OC does not deal with the cause of the cause or the effect of the effect??????

    • Claude Lessard 09/24/2014, 3:09 pm:


      I know YOU understand that it is the innate intelligence of the body that corrects VS. You mentioned yesterday WHY ask WHY? Answer: OCs do not deal with RESULTS as it is the domain of the law of ACTIVE organization. Since this is true, chiropractic is therefore non-therapeutic. There is a chasm between the intent of LACVS to get sick people well and/or keeping the well people well AND — the intent of LACVS because it is the right thing to do. –

      – In my humble opinion, ONLY the AUTHORITY of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science can demonstrate that chiropractic is non-therapeutic.

      • Steve 09/24/2014, 8:45 pm:

        Or it could be said… the AUTHORITY of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science can ONLY demonstrate that chiropractic is non-therapeutic.

    • Joe Strauss 09/24/2014, 7:04 pm:

      Steve, (Pardon me for interrupting your conversation with Claude). It seems to me that TC and OC both address VS as the cause of DIS-EASE. The difference is that TC sees DIS-EASE as the cause of (all, many, most, some?) diseases and OC makes no such assertion, maintaining that DIS-EASE, results in partial death (lack of expression of intelligence through matter), lack of active organization, or lack of coordinated activity. TC address the cause of many results. OC addresses the cause of one result.

      • Steve 09/24/2014, 8:58 pm:

        Yes Joe I understand that. My original response to you related auto suggestion to psychosomatic subluxations. How does mental stress (modern term) qualify as an overcoming external invading force?

        • Joe Strauss 09/25/2014, 1:37 pm:

          Steve, I guess I would say that the same way activity producing too much lactic acid (more than the ii of the body can handle due to LOM) would cause an “overcoming external invading force”.

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