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The greats of previous generations are quickly passing from the scene at an alarming rate and not that many are being produced to replace them. How can we expect to replace them? The schools are graduating relatively few with their understanding and as a result without that potential. Its not just the BJ’s, Reggie’s, Crowder’s, Price’s, Sigafoose’s, and Stucky’s. It’s the unnamed, unknown chiropractors who day by day did their chiropractic thing, walked the walk, and explained the Big Idea. Any ideas how we can solve that problem?

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  1. cervicalguru 10/02/2014, 6:14 pm:

    End all the regulation in the profession, the bureaucratic red tape, the testing that does not examine real chiropractic skills, remove the government from healthcare, eliminate the medical monopoly, expose allopathy for what it is, end the practice of government lobbyists , bring back the true Republic, make continuing education optional, give freedom and control back to the individual chiropractor and this profession will grow like never seen before.

    • Glenn Allen 10/06/2014, 5:40 pm:

      In an ideal world, sure, all that you mentioned would be great! But, in the meantime, realistically and with common sense, seeing as we cannot waste the time that we do have while hoping for that ideal world to materialize, what actual changes can we make NOW?!!!!! Soap boxing about things that are so ingrained in the Chiropractic world (outside of ours), serves no purpose,(as admireable as the things you said are). In order to change the things that you suggest, and believe me, I could not agree with you more, we would have to end the profession completely, and start again. Since that will NOT happen, let’s use the time and space that we each occupy, and do what little we can so that perhaps, eventually, we can collectively make a noticeable dent!

  2. Steve 10/03/2014, 3:23 pm:

    Idea # 1. Got COTB to every chiro on the planet.

  3. Glenn Allen 10/06/2014, 6:28 pm:

    As for making any lasting changes in the educational system, that avenue is closed, unless enough Chiropractors get together again and become NEW PIONEERS with a new and refreshing and eye opening approach to sharing what YOU all have to share, in an all new, non C.C.E. setting with whatever name you choose to give it. The greats of past generations, are now the new generation!! The new generation is you!! You have what no-one else in this crazy, upside down profession has. They actually want it, but have been so polluted in their education and thinking, they have erected a wall that until you share it with them, nothing other than what they have been taught, will be allowed over the top. Your message is so right, the word left has no place in it!!
    If you cannot share it in an institutional setting, the only thing left, is to do what all the greats have been doing all along. Get out there beyond your small circle of existance, and tell the public in ways that perhaps you never saw yourself doing before. Go out there and give community talks beyond the comfortable confines of your office, not as a way of getting new practice members, but simply to share!! The rest will take care of itself. Start the stone rolling where you are. As B.J. said, a rolling stone gathers no moss, but it sure gets a damn fine shine! A truth cannot be killed off, no matter how hard THEY may try. As long as YOU do not give in nor compromise, THIS Chiropractic, YOUR Chiropractic, will NEVER die. That, is power, and you have IT!! Just share IT, and IT will build IT’S own army!! You are an army of one, but together we are an unmovable force. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT! B.J.PALMER.

    • Claude 10/07/2014, 9:12 pm:


      – Thank you.

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