The Educated Brain


The educated brain is not only a tool for enabling us to interact with and adapt to our external environment, it is also a tool by which we express truth, which is part of our
external environment. Truth is, or should be, something external to us. It should be, like an educated external force, something introduced to us (by analogy into our educated brain), which we adapt and create an adjustment in our thinking Unfortunately, we have bought into the lie that “our truth” is as good as anyone else’s “truth.” It is not your truth or my truth that is important; it is TRUTH that is important. The Thirty-three Principles are not important because they were B.J.’s principles or because they come from a Green Book. The Thirty-three Principles existed before he discovered them and before Stephenson put them into written form. True, we owe them an eternal debt of gratitude for putting pen to paper and building a profession around them but B.J. did not create them. They have always
existed. That is why we call them “principles.” We can and should internalize principles or laws but remember that they come from outside us. That is the difference between that
which is “objective” (based upon a standard outside each of us) and “subjective” (based upon what we educatedly want, or worse yet, “feel”). We have a perfect example in the establishing of a standard, that is, the principle of “normal” for the body. It is not based upon what we have educatedly established for everyone or even for ourselves. That is the major difference between the ADIO world and life viewpoint and the OIBU viewpoint. We seem to miss the fact that the innate intelligence, the law of life, establishes that standard objectively, not us, not our finite thinking, or use of medical tools. Our educated brain often establishes standards subjectively. Who cares what you think or what I think or even what BJ thought. The 33 principles were not his thinking, only that which he recognized and passed on to us. Let’s look at another example. There are 10 laws or standards that have been established outside of ourselves. They are called “The Ten Commandments” or “The Law.” They are not called “The Ten Suggestions” or the truth of the Jews or the Christians. They are believed to be the laws of God. They were originally created for everyone regardless of their religious beliefs. More important, after nearly 4000 years they still form the basis for almost every civilized society’s laws. Murder and stealing are still crimes. That is why we are so horrified when, in a society that claims to live by strict laws, the murder of innocent women and children is not outwardly condemned. Lying is still considered unacceptable (except among some politicians).Every society sets up rules or standards. Our country maintains that whatever inequalities we have, we are all equal under the law. There is no place for subjectivity. Justice is blind and entirely objective (hence the blindfold). There is nothing wrong with the educated brain. It is a fine organ with a valid purpose. There is nothing wrong with emotions or how we feel. They have their place. It is just that they are not good criteria for establishing a standard because they do change from time to time. Principles do not change. Search “Normal and Average” for more thoughts on this subject.

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  1. Steve 10/07/2014, 1:07 pm:

    I am trying to remember something Claude said…There is no truth, only pointers to the truth???? Help me out Sir Claudius, does this sound familiar and could it be expanded upon. How do we reconcile these two concepts? Or am I completely off base???

    • Claude Lessard 10/07/2014, 6:20 pm:


      There is definitely truth!

      What I said was that: “In order to listen you don’t have to agree with what i’m saying. That wouldn’t be listening and it really doesn’t matter whether you agree with what I’m saying or you don’t. Agreements and disagreements have to do with words and concepts and theories. It doesn’t have anything to do with truth. Truth is never expressed in words. Truth is sighted suddenly, as a result of an attitude… and you may be disagreeing with me and you might sight the truth. But it has to be with an attitude of openness, of WILLingness to discover something NEW and that’s what’s important, not your agreeing or disagreeing with me. After all, most of what we are posting on COTB are theories. No theory adequately covers reality. –

      – Now, all I can tell you is not the truth, but the obstacle to the truth. Those I can describe (like VS is an obstacle to principle #32, the Principle of Coordination). I cannot describe the truth. No one can. All I can do is give you a description of your falsehoods, so that you can drop them. All I can do for you, and everyone else for that matter, is to challenge your understanding, to point out your errors. All I can do for you is help you to unlearn. –

      – The definition of principle according to Webster-Miriam is: “Basic truth”. Therefore, the universal principle that we call the major premise, was ALWAYS present, as Joseph mentioned in his opening post, and it was SIGHTED by B.J., WHO along with RWS chose to APPROPRIATE this universal principle as the start point of chiropractic. It is from this place, with deductive reasoning, that they put into written form the other principles. We must remember that the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science are made of words and concepts that are POINTING to the truth of the law of organization (universal intelligence) and the law of ACTIVE organization (innate intelligence). Nobody ever saw, touched, felt, smelled or heard universal intelligence and innate intelligence. We merely express them within ourselves. It’s the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science (from the outside) that are made of words and concepts (from educated brain inside) that are POINTING to the truth. It is very important to understand that! –

      – Furthermore, according to Professor Janus Hans of Wake Forrest University of Salem, N.C., rational authority is based on reason pertaining to the relationship between aesthetic and truth. That is WHY since a principle is a “basic truth”, it can be concluded beyond any doubts that the 33 principles comprise the foundation of chiropractic’s basic science and that they are the AUTHORITY of chiropractic. –

      – It is by the AUTHORITY of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science that it is we WHO can choose to apply those principles to guide us with regard to HOW we do WHAT we do in our practice and HOW we do our research. After all, it is the principles of the science of a profession, which are its driving FORCE (instructive information) that is the device-driver, the function of which is to translate those principles into action, is it not? (see pri.8,10,13,14,15).

      • Steve 10/07/2014, 6:42 pm:

        Thanx Joe and Claude. Again my hat is off to both of you.

  2. David Suskin 10/07/2014, 10:31 pm:

    An educated observation:
    Laws create organization. Universal intelligence is the major premise. We observe organization in the universe and therefore inductively reason there is intelligence. But Even more experientially powerful, where it all fits, where I literally see the evidence of universal intelligence all around me, is Universal intelligence, through its continually giving matter it’s properties and actions, not only creates existence but creates LAWS. IS LAW. It’s those laws (eg. Gravity, inertia, thermodynamics, etc. ), which by their constancy, their reliable, non solicitude nature, create organized substances, matter, with all of its infinite perhaps, variations and behaviors. In Essence Law Organizes. And from there, Life as represented by the triune, takes shape, as evidence by the signs of life, as the LAW of Life, the LAW of Active Organization, the expression of intelligence thru matter that adapts LAW, universal organization, into life organization, active organization.
    Amazing it is!
    Have I deified universal intelligence or personified it to much?
    I’m suggesting that universal intelligence’s mission, like innate intelligence has a mission, is to create Law, thru force expressing properties and actions in matter. Without law, there is nothing, randomness, non existence, non metaphysical, non physical.
    Law IS Truth

    • Steve 10/08/2014, 2:33 pm:

      Hey David,
      Universal Intelligence IS law. Law can not create law. Indeed we have discussed previously, creation is outside our philosophy as we start with UI (law) and leave creation to the individual for interpretation or belief. This is why Chiro. Philo. is available to all regardless.
      Innate intelligence is a part of yet separate from UI, therefore it organizes Force and Matte it does not create.
      This is my understanding of intelligence vs. creation/

  3. David Suskin 10/08/2014, 3:29 pm:

    My point is that it’s THE LAW in Universal Intelligence that establishes ORGANIZATION. That’s what Laws do. It’s not the content of UI so much as that It is a LAW or a LAW that reveals many other laws (eg. gravity, newtons 1,2,3 laws, etc.)

    That reveals the concept of LAW organizing society. Why we live with educated laws too inorder to create organization in mankind living amongst itself.

    Anyway, Am I making sense?

    • Steve 10/08/2014, 3:48 pm:

      I’m not sure. Joe made a good point a while age when he differentiated between The Law and The Law Giver. UI is The Law, gravity is an expression of Ui,The Law Of Life (I&F&M). The “Law Giver” again is beyond our philosophy.

  4. David Suskin 10/08/2014, 4:43 pm:

    That may be. But by virtue of ui being A Law, I suggest that IT organizes.
    All other aspects (eg. Continually gives matter it’s properties and actions) does not offer the organization state or at least is on par with the fact that it is The Major LAW.
    Laws Organize. That’s why every where you look and analyze you will see organization. Because LAWS are in effect. That’s what I’m suggesting.

  5. David Suskin 10/08/2014, 6:27 pm:

    So when you put Existence (Major Premise) and LAW together, THAT’S what creates Organization. I’m dwelling on this. Why? Because in order for me, ME and perhaps you, YOU, and our fellow man, our PM’s, to GET IT, they need to SEE it. to experience it. You can’t walk around thinking your way thru life. Thought is there, to be used to make choices, to determine realities, but Experience! that’s what Drives the moment to moment.
    The connection between LAW and Organization is I’m suggesting, Profound. Why? because LAW suggests consistency, predictability, rules, regulations, reasons that actions and properties take place. And we see the establishment of LAW AND Organization as INTELLIGENCE. We Stop at red lights, go at green lights, and go faster :), at yellow lights (slower). All of that can take place at almost subconsious levels evoking controlled and existent behavior. You SEE it and you Organize your behavior, without Thinking. Cars moving, stopping, wind blowing, people walking, sun shining, engines roaring, sounds, existences behaving, on and on and on. ALL LAWS. So much easier to process and See Universal Intelligence at work, then to SEE organization First, then Intelligence. Get It?
    We talk about archimedes principle of displacement. Look at the impact that that principle (LAW) effects. It even organizes our thoughts to thinking intelligently about the unseen (reference to Joe’s analogy).
    OK, I’l;l be quiet now, listen for crickets. that’s ok, silence is golden

  6. David Suskin 10/09/2014, 1:01 am:

    P11. The Character of Universal Forces – The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested by physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work.

    Without condemnation I learn slowly, and experience p11. In part.
    In our experience what comes first (p17),
    The observation of organization or
    The observation of law.
    I suggest, without condemnation, that this might be individually perceptually varied but logically equivalent, as I suggest that there
    Is NO Law that inherently does not create at some level organization, whether constructive or deconstructive.

    • Claude Lessard 10/09/2014, 11:56 am:

      When the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science are used, with rational logic, individually and collectively, experiences are unitive regardless of perception. The reason is that the WHOLE universe shares the triune (pri.4) according to the major premise (pri.1). –

      – In other words, reasoning is a valid method of perception, as is authority and intuition.

  7. David Suskin 10/09/2014, 1:50 pm:

    As you say:
    The reason is that the WHOLE universe shares the triune (pri.4) according to the major premise (pri.1).
    Doesn’t the WHOLE universe share the FACT of the existence of
    LAW(s) and does not LAW translate thru cause and effect (p17) into the existence of Organization? Are you relegating that FACT to a, as you say, an ‘individually and collectively, experience which are unitive regardless of perception.
    What comes first, LAW or Organization?

  8. David Suskin 10/09/2014, 2:50 pm:

    or are you saying that:
    The using of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, with rational logic, are unitive, because The WHOLE universe shares the triune (pri.4) according to the major premise (pri.1).
    meaning that thru
    P4. The Triune of Life – Life is a triunity having three necessary united factors, namely: Intelligence, Force and Matter,
    >> there is unification all life, all matter, all intelligence, all perception, all thought, all intuition, all authority, etc.?
    and that the ‘CHICKEN OR THE EGG’ questioning is not relevant, as long as YOU, without condemnation, take the 33 Principles as THE AUTHORITY!

    • Claude Lessard 10/09/2014, 5:11 pm:

      It is me WHO chooses the latter! Regardless of WHAT we say, from an ADIO world view, ALL of us are better off without VS! Are we not?

    • Claude Lessard 10/09/2014, 9:41 pm:


      The latter! It’s really predicated to what you posted before: “You can’t walk around thinking your way thru life.” I agree! Therefore, since EVERYBODY is better off without VS, let’s check spines! Shall we? 😉

      • David Suskin 10/09/2014, 9:50 pm:

        What comes first
        Law or Organization?

        • Claude Lessard 10/10/2014, 11:47 am:


          Universal intelligence IS the LAW of ORGANIZATION! 😉

          • Claude Lessard 10/10/2014, 11:49 am:

            … In other words, beyond the major premise is OUTSIDE chiropractic.

  9. David Suskin 10/10/2014, 12:44 pm:

    Do Laws organize, always?

    • Claude Lessard 10/10/2014, 2:30 pm:


      Universal intelligence CONTINUOUSLY (always) configures (organizes) electrons, protons, neutrons and their velocities (properties and actions) to maintain e/matter in existence. (Pri.1). In other words, as Steve mentioned before, universal intelligence IS the law of organization. Perhaps if you were to read past posts, it would clarify.

      • David Suskin 10/10/2014, 3:03 pm:

        Oh, I read…
        But you haven’t answered my question Prof.
        Can you think of any law, man-made, or universal, physical, or moral that DOES NOT ORGANIZE.
        Therefore I contend, that the Major Premise could be called
        the Law of Existence. The result is Organization, as in any Law, but it’s intelligence creates force(s) to express in universal matter, thru All the physical forces (eg. gravity, atomic forces, newtons 3 laws, etc. )
        The result is the appearance of Organization in the Universe, but that would be the implicit result of LAW in general.

        The manifestation of all the elements, all the planetary movements, how our universe formed, and resulted in galaxies, etc. >> perhaps out cropping Life (thru the Innate Intelligence Laws). but in truth
        once again, without condemnation, if i may be so bold to say that ALL LAWS ORGANIZE. What is unique to the Major Premise is that it establishes existence, and in the execution of it’s Law, as in every Law, establishes Organization

  10. David Suskin 12/28/2017, 6:57 pm:

    What comes first, the properties and actions, The existence of the Entity “Law”, or the properties and actions of “Organization”? ALL Laws Organize matter (entities), but not all Organized Entities are Laws. So my question still remains. Isn’t the Law of Organization (P1), in actuality THE 1st LAW? (Which is a law that applies to the entire Universe within all its matter that continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence?)

    • Claude Lessard 01/03/2018, 10:32 pm:


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